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Near Martial Saint Light Cavalryman

Seeing the faint gold light from the knife, Nian Bing was shocked. He would never have thought that this rude mercenary in front of him was actually a light attributed cavalryman. Among the numerous mages, very few people cultivated light magic because it required religious offerings or sacrifice. There were even less people that use light qi, even less than dark qi users, not just because light qi was extremely hard to cultivate, but also because there were major restrictions to use it.

To cultivate light qi, you first needed to have a light attributed body. Normally, not one person out of a thousand were born with a light body. And that’s not even if the main issue. Just having a light body means that cultivation of light qi is still extremely difficult. It has about ⅕ the cultivation speed of ordinary qi.

In order to succeed in cultivating light qi, you must gain the approval of the light element.1 Ordinary people could not succeed because you need to have a generous heart and be straightforward and honest in everything you do. If you had the slightest impure thought, you would never gain the approval of the light element.


After fulfilling these two conditions, you may proceed cultivating light qi. However, if darkness appeared in the cultivator’s heart during his cultivation, the light element won’t hesitate to cast him away. Without the support of the light element, light qi was far too weak. Thus, to choose to cultivate the light element, not only do you need god-given talent, you also must have a perfect character.

On the Yangguang Continent, all people who cultivate light qi would be dubbed ‘light cavalrymen.’ They were coveted by all empires because they were just so trustworthy. Once in your employ, they would be your most competent hires. No matter the circumstances, they would never betray or do anything to harm you. Sadly, there were just too few light cavalrymen on the continent, and there were even less who could cultivate to higher realms.

Of course, because light qi is hard to cultivate, if you were truly successful in it, it would be much stronger than other attributed qi’s. It worked best against dark qi. If a light cavalryman ever met an animal with dark qi, he would be able to bring out his optimum strength. Darkness could not hope to match against light qi, unless the gap in strength is huge. Even against other elements, light qi could rattle even the most indomitable of opponents so that they’d only be able to show eighty percent of their strength.

Thus, when Nian Bing found that his opponent actually used light qi, he was extremely shocked. But he had no time for regrets. While he was flying backwards, he put his knives forward. A light flashed, and an Ice and Fire Source spell appeared like before. But this time, the attack hel the amplification effect of the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Sigh and the Flame God’s Roar. The effects were much stronger than they were before, and on top of that, this time Nian Bing used a rank 2 spell.

Nian Bing manipulated the powerful energy of ice and fire splendidly. When it came in contact with the light qi, it created a three-layer explosion. This was a show of Nian Bing’s brilliance; he used his magic power, which just entered the magic scholar realm, to create three layers with his magic, so that even that even when he wasn’t using his chance, he could make his attack stronger. The layered magic required much magic power, but it’s strength was astonishing.

An ear-piercing disharmony and an intense explosion blended together to make a truly horrible sound. A large impact force hit Nian Bing, making him shake. He felt a warmth surge from the impact because of the aura of light. Fortunately, he was able to respond quickly. After he launched that giant explosion at Liu Lang’s knife, the power of the incoming slash decreased greatly. All he had to was jump backwards to dodge the qi-coated knife.

“Good. It really is not easy to cultivate Cold Ice Raging Fire qi. Why would you become a robber? Come and be a mercenary, hahaha.” Liu Lang did not follow-up with another attack. He shouldered his giant machete and looked at Nian Bing.

Nian Bing finally realized why Liu Lang was called Gold-Plated Knife. His knife seemed to sparkle gold when it was covered with light qi. It really did look gold-plated. “Brother Liu Lang, don’t you know that your smile is very ugly; you should brush your teeth.”

His cackling stopped and he shut his mouth, hiding large, yellow incisors. Angrily, he retorted, “I really hate people who talk about my teeth the most. Run away, little bandit. I don’t want to kill anyone.”

Nian Bing pointed both of his magic knives down at the ground and replied calmly, “But I need to steal.” Liu Lang’s strength had already excited his competitive spirit. Right now, even if Salamandhys did not make his request, he would want to have a go against this light cavalryman. “I just don’t understand. You are a magnificent light cavalryman; why are you working as a mercenary?”

“I also don’t understand why someone with impressive Cold Ice Raging Fire Qi would be working as a robber. According to what I know, your family should be quite wealthy.”

Nian Bing did not explain. While mobilizing his magic, he started to chant. With the current distance, he should have enough time to recite a rank 4 spell. He chose a fire spell that would pair well with his snowstorm for an Ice and Fire Source attack. At rank 4, the Ice and Fire Source was quite impressive.

Actually, based on the present situation, Nian Bing would still suffer a loss. After all, he was a mage, not a warrior. When a mage and warrior were facing off, the outcome was terrible for a mage if he didn’t have scrolls because chanting required time.

Nian Bing chanted very quietly so that Liu Lang could only see his lips move. Red streams began to swirl towards True Sun. Nian Bing’s eyes flashed, and two beams of cold light shot out from behind his skeleton mass. He lifted both his hands and mobilized the snowstorm and his fire wall spell. With one above and one below, he charged at Liu Lang.

When Liu Lang saw the incoming attack, his eyes showed faint surprise. Since when did Cold Ice Raging Fire become this versatile? “Boy, you’re pretty good!” He jumped up, and the gold light from his knife spread to cover his whole body like golden fire. At the same time he slashed his knife, just this time, he did it horizontally.

Golden light seemed to split the sky and earth. Nian Bing only had time to make his Ice and Fire Source explode when that golden light came crashing down. There seemed to be a silver line where the golden light met with his own spell. He was shaken; he had no more time to think or even time to turn around. He simply propelled himself backwards as fast he could.

The air seemed to have stilled for an instant. The explosive force of his spell was indeed high, but no matter whether it be the frigid ice or the scorching fire, when they met the silver edge of the golden light it was automatically driven to the sides, like that giant knife was cutting through a piece of firewood. At the same time, the knife light continued forward, instantly chasing after Nian Bing.

What could Nian Bing do now? He had no way of using his magic. He simply had no time to accumlate magic power, even for a rank 1 spell. At the most critical moment, he responded quickly. He swung both of his magic knives simultaneously; one blue and one red arc of light formed in front of them and directly clashed with the incoming knife.

The Ice and Fire Source combined two extreme magics together, so its effective strength could not be matched by a single attribute magic. ALthough Liu Lang’s light qi had smoothly cut apart Nian Bing’s magic, it wasn’t as easy ast it looked. The incoming knife was on its last legs.

Nian Bing’s hands shook; the ice and Snow Goddess’ Sigh and the Flame God’s Roar were forced out of his hands, and the last remnants of the golden light still slashed his chest. He felt a warmth there, and the impact force was enough to send him flying over ten meters away, but no fresh blood spurted out. Nian Bing who was familiar with the special properties of skin was very thankful for Salamandhys right now. If it weren’t for that month of torment, he might have been sliced right open.

The light qi, at the end of its life, was only able to cut open his clothes and leave a very faint mark on his chest portion.

Nian BIng rejoiced, and even that Liu Lang was surprised. He didn’t think that seventy percent of his strength would not be enough to decide the fight. His robust form showed speed incongruent with his figure. In the next moment, he was already right in front of Nian Bing. He pointed his machete at Nian Bing neck.

Nian Bing wanted to resist, but Liu Lang suddenly retreated backwards three steps like he had seen a ghost. For the first time, he was rattled and he showed it. His eyes were fixed on Nian Bing’s chest and his whole body trembled and didn’t attack again.

Nian Bing of course didn’t understand why he stopped, but he wouldn’t let go of such a chance. He clapped his hands together and rapidly attacked with a rank 2 Ice and Fire Source Magic spell.

With danger approaching, Liu Lang almost subconsciously reacted. He waved his machete to produce a gold-silver screen of light, stopping the peculiar spell.

Nian Bing, of course, didn’t hope that his attack would harm him. He just took the chance to crawl back up and run over to where Salamandhys is. “Oh mighty one, he is a martial saint. If you want to eat good food you’ll have to help.”

Salamandhys finally appeared, but he was blocking Nian Bing’s escape route. He knocked on his head. “Idiot, idiot, what are you doing?”

Nian Bing shouted, “Didn’t you see his holy qi? Can I face off against a light cavalryman with holy qi? He definitely is no ordinary mercenary.”

Salamandhys snorted. “Idiot, do you have no confidence in yourself? If you hadn’t spent all your time quibbling and directly used your strongest magic, he might not even be able to contend against a rank 7 Ice and Fire Source spell. Who told you to engage in close combat with him, did you want to die? Don’t unduly undervalue yourself. Although it’s a rank 7 spell, don’t forget that your Ice and Fire Source greatly increases your attack power. You had the chance to suppress your opponent. Now that you threw away that chance who is to blame? I won’t act; I have nothing to do with the squabbles of humans.”

Nian Bing sweatdropped internally. He knew that Salamandhys couldn’t act against humans as he wanted, but what could he do now? When he saw Liu Lang’s qi, it seemed to be almost on the same level as Feng Nu’s, just entered into the martial saint realm. However, he didn’t have a good as a weapon as Feng Nu, and his holy qi was slightly worse than Feng Nu’s. Still, Nian Bing was a mage. Even if what Salamandhys said was not wrong, would Liu Lang give him a chance to chant his spell?

He turned around helplessly after summoning the Universe’s Dawn–Holy Light Knife from his space ring. Right now he could only walk, step by step, while quietly saying the chant for a snowstorm. At least that way he could run away faster. However, the next thing that happened shocked him. Liu Lang did not attack him. He raised his head, and Nian Bing saw a weird expression in his eyes. Suddenly, he turned around and spoke to his companions. “Go get him a hundred purple-gold coins.” Then he got back on his horse.

Nian Bing stared. Did he hear wrong? He was making his servants give him a hundred gold coins; that was much more than his original demand for one thousand gold coins. He obviously held the dominant position, so why would he want to give him money? Could it be that he was shook by Salamandhys? But that was impossible! Salamandhys did not show off his strength.

Nian Bing’s thoughts were a mess. Liu Lang’s companions also didn’t understand. The one on the left asked, “Big Brother, you didn’t do anything wrong, why are you giving him a money? One hundred purple gold coins is no small amount.”

Liu Lang glared at him. “I have manners. Go and get it. It’ll be my own money.”

The subordinate seemed very fearful of him, not daring to speak again. He turned his horse around and raced  back to the caravan.

Liu Lang looked at Nian Bing, surprise in his eyes because he saw the dazzling golden Holy Light Knife in Nian Bing’s hands. At the moment, Nian Bing couldn’t think of why Liu Lang was doing this and picked up his Morning Dew Knife and True Sun Knife.

“Little Brother, you’ve come.” Liu Lang said to Nian Bing warmly.

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