MCIF Chapter 8.3


Chapter 8.3 – True Sun Knife

The Ice God’s Tower.

“Did the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone’s qi disappear again? How many years has it been?  For it to once again reappear, this time, I won’t let you get away from my grasp. No matter who has the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone, that person has already offended the Ice Snow Goddess’s honor, and there can only be one outcome for such person, death!”

For the grand Ice Snow Goddess’s sacrificials, the Ice Snow Goddess divine descendant departed from the Ice God’s Tower alone as one person ventured on a journey in search for the Ice Snow Goddess’ stone.



By casting Blizzard once, Nian Bing had greatly cut down his travel time. As he had his foot firmly planted on the ground, his sorrowful mood had already lessened a little in that ice-cold magic. Faraway, the tall city walls of Ice Snow City were in view. Once every year for these past years, he came here to buy things. Yet apart from the first time when he visited the Blacksmith God Hua Tian, every other instance, he and his master only went around near the north gate. Where, after purchasing all of the goods they needed, they would immediately return to the Peach Blossom Forest.

This time was different. The road back no longer existed for him anymore. He took a deep breath, and resolutely, step by step, walked towards the Ice Snow City.

Entering the city was as easy as it was before. On both sides of the street, it was the same scenery as before. Only a few stores had changed their owners. ‘Master said I should go find senior Hua Tian. Since it was Master’s order, that will be the first place I go.’ The newly obtained True Sun knife was a fire attribute knife, so maybe his Flame God’s stone could still be inlaid in it. If that was the case, he would be in possession of two exceptional God knives. In the future, when cooking, the effects could also be utilized quite a bit.

Deep in thought, Nian Bing relied on his memories to go to Shui Huo Metal Tools shop. Last time he came, the confusing alleys were already shrouded in darkness.

Suddenly, something stirred in his heart. He recalled the last time he came; he had seen a very big weapon shop that seemed to be called something like Precious Tool Pavillon. If he could find that place, maybe he could find Shui Huo Metal’s signboard. Perhaps, no one can recognized Shui Huo Metal’s signboard, but someone should know that big weapon shop Precious Tool Pavillon. With these thoughts, he promptly put it in action. As he had expected, after inquiring with several people, he finally found the exact location of the weapon shop. From there, his brain clearly remembered the directions to Shui Huo Metal shop. He accelerated his pace, and after seven turns and eight detours later, he finally arrived at his destination.

The doors were as dilapidated as it was seven years earlier and without many changes. That signboard was still up there and was more dusty than ever. When Nian Bing recalled his first encounter with Hua Tian, he couldn’t help smiling slightly. He moved to the door and knocked several times, as he said clearly, “Senior Hua Tian, are you there?”

There was no sound coming from inside. Nian Bing waited for a moment, then once more he called out for Hua Tian. Just when he thought there was no one inside, the ruined door unexpectedly opened. From behind the doors, a charming face appeared. “You, you’re looking for my master?”

Nian Bing could swear that from the time he was born, he had never heard a voice so beautiful. The girl appeared to be not much older than him. As for her appearance, pink long hair drifted down, and a pair of big blue eyes revealed three parts astonishment and seven parts bashfulness. When looking at him, she seemed somewhat afraid.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    I’m wondering, but is this series connected to “Child of Light” or “Douluo Dalu”?

    I’m guessing this is for a different dimension than Douluo Dalu (since “Child of Light” and its counter parts just take place on different continents and what not) and because of the specific goddess….

    Or is this it’s own and unconnected to any of his other works (which I doubt)?

      1. Really? I thought Child of Light and Douluo Dalu were in separate worlds/stories.

        I know there is another story that connect to Child of Light (Mad God) and that Heavenly Jewel Change is connected to Douluo Dalu…

        But I thought CoL wasn’t a Xianxia and was a part of another separate series…

        So they’re connected 😛

        Cool, thanks XD

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