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Beware of spoilers


融念冰 – Rong Nian Bing – I bet you forgot Nian Bing had a surname. He’s the main character btw.

融天 – Rong Tian – Nian Bing’s Father – [His name was turned into ‘merged with the Heavenly Flame God’s stone’ in chapter 1.2]

鬼厨查极 – Demon Chef Zha Ji – Nian Bing’s Master


风队 – Captain Feng – Captain of the Silver Feather Knight Regiment

晨晨 – Chen Chen – daughter of a beautiful woman

玉如烟 – Yu Ru Yan – the beautiful woman

神铸师华天 – Blacksmith God Hua Tian – Zha Ji’s friend and Feng Nu’s master

小破刀 – Little Broken Knife – Zha Ji’s nickname for Hua Tian

凤女 – Feng Nu – Hua Tian’s disciple. A pretty lady with a mysterious ruined clan background. 

廖三掌柜 – Third Manager Liao – one of the managers at the Grand Paviliion

雪静 – Xue Jing – Daughter of the owner of Pure Wind House. Also known as 狂女, or “Wild Girl.” Has a thing for Nian Bing. 

龙灵儿 – Long Ling’er – A genius mage, daughter of the president of the Mage Association. Also known as 魔女, or “Magic Girl”. Often described as gentle and got rejected hard by Nian Bing.

小四 – Little Four – a servant at the Pure Wind House.

李叔 – Uncle Li – as servant at the Pure Wind House.

师九 – Shi Jiu – an advanced mage in the Ice Moon Empire’s mage association. Bit of a creep, in love with Ling’er.

里锝 – Li De – A water magic scholar who tested Nian Bing.

魔杀使 – Magic Reaper – Nian Bing’s alias when he’s going around killing people 

明元 – Ming Yuan – Pure Wind House’s Head Chef

龙智 – Long Zhi – President of the Mage Association Headquarter, Long Ling’er’s father, Wind Magic Scholar

金浩 – Jin Hao – Grand Pavilion’s owner

雪羽 – Xue Yu – Pure Wind House’s owner and Xue Jing’s father

瓦伦 – Wa Lun – Ice Magic Scholar, Fourth Elder of the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association

冰静 – Bing Jing – Ice Magic Scholar of the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association

美亚  – Mei Ya – Seems to be a cougar as of now

李叔叔 – Uncle Li – a badass butler

燕峰 – Yan Feng – Xue Jing’s crush and Nian Bing’s male love interest

伯爵洛豪 – Earl Luo Hao – The minister of finance in Ice Snow City and Luo Rou’s father

洛柔 – Luo Rou – Long Ling and Xue Jing’s friend, Luo Hao’s only daughter. Known as 智女, or “Wise Girl.”

噬血灭魂雪魄 – Devourer of Blood and Exterminator of Soul, Xue Po – Xue Jing’s uncle, one of three great marshals in the Ice Moon Empire

厨中仙令师 – The Kitchen Immortal, Master Ling – Ming Yuan’s master and someone indebted to Zha Ji

五大厨神 – The Five Great Chef Gods

鬼厨神 – Demon (Zha Ji)

妙厨神 – Mysterious

驼厨神 – Camel

灵厨神 – Spirit

烈厨神 – Strong


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