Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 12


Chapter 12 – Meeting


As villa lord Jiang Yangshan waved his hand, the Martial Forefather projection lost its splendor, before the large hole in the ground automatically sealed itself up.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Han turned around, before slowly walking down the sacrificial altar.

“The great sacrificial ceremony, and the blood essence baptism, has come to an end!” Jiang Yan’s voice rang out across the great hall, announcing the end of the ancestral rites.


The dozens of children resting at the bottom of the sacrificial altar stood up, before walking towards their waiting parents, of which Jiang Han also did the same.

“Father, Mother!” Jiang Han looked towards his parents with a faint smile on his face.

“Come here, Han’er!” a sliver of a smile appeared on Qin Wei’s face as she hugged Jiang Han within her embrace. Despite her slightly cold and indifferent character, she truly loved and cherished her son. 

Her son was outstandingly talented, and had an exceedingly bright future! How could she not be happy about it!

On the contrary, a faint smile was present on Jiang Zheng as he looked towards Jiang Han. Being a father, he needed to stay more reserved at such times.

A group of Jiang Family members wore smiles on their faces as they sent their congratulations towards Jiang Han and Jiang Zheng.

They might not be very happy if a member of an external member of the mountain villa possessed a 5th Rank talent, as that would likely lead to the danger of being usurped. However, they were naturally exceedingly excited when a Jiang Family member possessed a 5th Rank talent.

 In this world, although there might be conflicts between members of the same clan and bloodline, it was exceedingly rare for people to get jealous of each other. That was because of the threat of external dangers far outweighed those internal dangers. 

“Ha ha.” walking down the sacrificial altar, Jiang Yangshang walked towards the crowd and spoke out with a big smile. “This is my grandson! Although I’m unable to become a Martial Ancestor, my father’s a Martial Ancestor, my son’s Martial Ancestor. And now, my grandson’s going to be a Martial Ancestor. Ha ha…”

The words said by the mountain lord instantly caused everyone to chuckle heartily once again.

In his mother’s embrace, Jiang Han could not help but smile upon hearing that. It was rare to see his ever so stern grandfather smile and laugh with such happiness.

As the cheers coming from the Jiang Family members ended, the entire mountain villa descended into celebrations. The ancestral rites were set to be the greatest yearly festival in the mountain villa, and thus was treated with very high importance.  

From what Jiang Han could see, the great sacrificial ceremony seemed just like the lunar new year in his past life.

As night fell, the entire mountain villa finally quietened down.

Mountain villa lord Jiang Yangshan, a few Jiang Family elders, as well as high-level figures like Jiang Zheng and Jiang Yan had all gathered in the main hall. Taking their seats, they started their meeting.

“It has been quite a few years since our Jiang Bei region had produced a genius like little Han who steps on the martial path upon awakening!” Jiang Tong was the first one to speak.

“I’ve always felt that little Han’s performance today is greater than a 5th Rank talent. What do you feel, Zheng’er!” a few elders spoke out in a soft voice.

They were the older martial artists within the villa, and had followed and fought by the side of the previous mountain lord. Although they weren’t main members of the Jiang Family, and no longer held any posts of power, they still maintained their high statuses and authority to voice out their opinions. 

Dressed in white robes, Jiang Zheng sat on the left of Jiang Yangshan. Appeared exceedingly tranquil, he looked towards everyone and replied in a soft voice, “All of you should know that I’ve previously cultivated in a powerful sect.”

“Indeed, there are a lot of geniuses within those powerful sects, with some of the people there that were capable of fighting, and even killing demonic beast kings while in their youth. These people are known as extraordinary freaks.” Jiang Zheng spoke in a slow manner. “ Although I do not dare say that Jiang’er’s talent had exceeded them, he is definitely qualified to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Han’er should be of the 4th Rank talent.”  

The group of people around him were stunned, with all of them dumbfounded by what they have heard. Only after a while did they reveal delightful smiles on their faces.

4th Rank talent! That was definitely a rank that is the stuff of legends within Flood City! Even within the Jiang Bei region, such a talent has already been extinct. Perhaps, only those powerful sects and clans in the great regions far far away would have such genius figures within their ranks.”

Jiang Zheng exchanged glanced with his father. In reality, both of them had already discussed this matter. Although concealing Jiang Han’s 4th Rank talent might result in better protection for him, a 5th Rank talent was not sufficient to allocate all of the Jiang Family’s resources onto him, as the high ranking external members would find that a hard decision to comply to.

“As long as a 5th Rank talent child grows up, almost all of them will become Martial Ancestors or Innate Realm experts. Now, with Jiang’er having a 4th Rank talent, could it be that our Jiang Family Villa has given birth to a future unrivaled powerhouse?” said the grizzled-hair Jiang Yangchuan in a delighted tone.

Despite not holding any positions of power, being the younger brother of the villa lord, he would still attend matters like this post-ceremony meeting.

A large bald-headed man seated on the other side, Ruan Hai, shook his head why saying, “Those large sects and clans are situated in valuable lands, and have their own paradise regions, numerous experts like clouds in the sky, and god knows how much resources? They definitely will be able to obtain the blood essence of Demonic Beast Kings, and the essence of Spirit Springs for their talented children to use for cultivation. Compared to them, our mountain villa is utterly incapable of providing resources like them. Without the blood essence of Demonic Beast Kings, Jiang Han’s cultivation progress will be restricted, and much slower than them.”

The other people can’t help but sigh softly upon hearing that. In the end, their region was considered as an ordinary one, with their strongest members being at the Martial Ancestor Realm. Before talking about killing those Demonic Beast Kings, they weren’t even able to find Demonic Beasts of that caliber!

It was utterly impossible for them to obtain any essence blood from Demonic Beast Kings, much less of those legendary holy medicines and immortal pills.

“The Demonic Beast blood essence used in this year’s baptism is already the best among the past decades. However, all of you can see that it was still not enough to satisfy little Han’s needs. If not, he should have already stepped into the Martial Master realm in one go.” Jiang Yan gave a soft sigh. 

When one cultivates, the first time would always be the most remarkable. There were some genius freaks mentioned in legends of being able to reach the Master Master realm in a single step.

“Although the autumn hunt has ended, there should still be demonic beasts roaming around in the outer areas of the northern mountainous region. The protector squads can hunt a few of them, before going to Flood City to buy some medicines. We should be able to refine some blood essence that way.” said Jiang Yangshang in a solemn voice. “We need to give our utmost effort in this matter.”

A supreme genius had appeared in their mountain villa. According to reason, this was a matter that was worth celebrating. However, in the end, they discovered that they were utterly incapable of providing the best condition to nurture such a talent. This caused the entire lot of Jiang Family Mountain Villa higher-ups to sigh.

A slight frown appeared on Jiang Tong’s face, before speaking out slowly. “Although resources for cultivation is important, top quality martial and secret arts are even more important. The martial art inheritance our family obtained from the Martial Forefather portrait isn’t inferior to those sects and large families. However, we are far from adequate in secret arts and combat techniques.”

The people in the main hall couldn’t help but to nod their heads in approval. Indeed, this was a more important matter. Rhe cultivation arts they possessed were pretty good for an ordinary mountain villa. However, those powerful secret arts were basically the stuff of the legends.

“Truthfully speaking, I feel it’s best for Han’er to send to join of the best great sects in Yan continent.” Jiang Tong said in a solemn voice. “It’s a pity that the nearest Innate Realm sect to our Flood City is a dozen over thousand miles from here, a distance we can’t cross.”

Everyone shook their heads slowly in regret. Just the 10 over thousand mile journey to those great sects would take a greater half of a year, 1, to even 2 years to cross. It was impossible for one to be safe throughout this journey. Furthermore, with various kinds of bandits and demonic beasts present everywhere, it was extremely difficult for them to make it over there safely.

Therefore, it was not realistic to send Jiang Han over to the great sects. 

“Leave my son to me to teach.” said Jiang Zheng with a faint smile.

Hearing that, everyone exchanged glances, before silently nodding their heads. Jiang Zheng was Jiang Han’s biological father, as well as the number one expert within this mountain villa, and even the entire Flood City. Since he had already opened his mouth, everyone would naturally agree to his decision.

After all, letting a Martial Ancestor teach Jiang Han was better than leaving him to them!

Now, this matter had naturally been settled.

“Everyone, please remember that the matter about Jiang Han having a 4th Rank talent absolutely cannot be exposed.” warned Jian Yangshan in a severe tone. “I will announce to the public that Han’er has a 5th Rank talent, and so will you all. Understood?”

The entire group of higher up figures present here nodded their heads in succession. Their Jiang Family mountain villa had their enemies that would definitely not be winning to see the Jiang Family rise. If their enemies were to know of Jiang Han’s real talent, they might place him as a target for assassination.

After all, the region that the Jiang Family mountain villa was established was cruel and harsh, and did not have much of any restriction from laws and rules.

“Those who dare step forward will all be killed.”said Jiang Zheng while slowly standing up, his eyes now glowing with chilling intent. “I will not mind taking action against any family or influence who dares to move! I will make sure to execute them all!”



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