Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 4


Chapter 4 – A shocking world
The winters on the Jiangbei region would always be extremely cold.  The northern winds howled by, depositing fluttering snowflakes that covered the entire land, with the thousand over miles of whiteness appeared exceedingly vast and wide.

Naturally, the Jiang Family mountain villa was exceedingly lively today. Other than the great sacrificial ceremony that was about to start, the eldest son of their all-important 2nd master has entered the world. Therefore, the villa lord had given the order for a great birthday celebration to be held.

Within the main hall of the mountain villa, there were a group of high ranking figures enjoying merry talk as they drank wine. As for Jiang Han, he was being carried by his mother, who sat by his father’s side.

“Grandfather’s the villa lord of this mountain villa, while father is grandfather’s 2nd son.” after a day, Jiang Han was already able to gain some understanding from a few basic pieces of information. “However, father’s position is very high, and had extraordinary status within the villa.

Jiang Han was able to gain some clues from the respectful gazes sent out from each and every one of the people sending his father toasts. These people were likely to be the higher-ups by the side of the villa lord, yet had all revered his father.


“Han’er this is specially prepared for you.” carrying her son, a gaze filled with love and tenderness was present in Qin Wei’s eyes as she looked at her son in her bosom, appeared to have basically not given those toasters even a look.

“Wa Wa!” having been wrapped like a large dumpling, Jiang Han called out in response. Nonetheless, this body was his was still too young to be able to form words.

“Hahaha! Brother Zheng, Han’er’s already able to cry out.” hugging her child with one hand, Qin Wei used her other hand to play and tug and Jiang Han’s hand.

“Oh? Let me see!” replied Jiang Zheng with a smile, before lowering his head to look at Jiang Han.

“Haha, let me see how our Jiang Family’s 6th young master is doing?” a tall and sturdy man chuckled heartily as he extended his head over for a look. “This little one’s gaze truly is bright.”

“Elder brother, he’s still can’t match up to your Zhanhu. That little guy’s much bigger than Han’er!” replied Jiang Han with a laugh as he raised his cup to drink alongside the large man.

Jiang Han’s little eyes rotated around to look at the giant-like tall and sturdy man standing in the distance as he thought. “With father being the 2nd master, could this large man be father’s elder brother? However, why is there such a big difference in appearance?”

Although that big man and his father had some similarities in their appearances, the former appeared to be of over 40 years in age. Compared to him, his father seemed way too young.

In a day’s time, Jiang Han had already discovered that his parents appeared way too young, to the point of it being unnatural. His father still had the appearance of a 24 to 25-year-old man, while his mother was even close to that of a youthful girl.

“Perhaps, this is due to them having a deep realm of cultivation!” thought Jiang Han quietly in his heart.

Ever since his birth, everyone that had come to see him were all high-level figures within the villa, with all of them possessing extraordinary demeanours radiating from their beings. Although Jiang Han wasn’t able to see through and identify their cultivation realms, it was clear that none of them had low cultivation realms.

Jiang Han was clear that the world of where the Jiang Family mountain villa, that he had been born into, existed in, has a cultivation culture that has already developed to an extremely high realm.

“2nd master, since you’ve returned from Jun City, we’ll be able to go hunt even more demon beasts in the northern mountain range next year! Haha!” a large bald-headed male chuckled heartily as he spoke out with glee. Clearly, he had been drinking to his heart’s content.

“Exactly! With 2nd master’s reputation shaking up Jiangbei, it will be very easy for him to kill one or 2 great demon beasts.” some people chimed into the conversation.

“Demons? I wonder if that demon is the same as the mountain spirits and monsters from the earth in my previous life.” thought Jiang Han as he continued to hear the conversations going on.

Being one of the extremely few cultivations on earth during his previous life, Jiang Han had come to know quite a few of those so-called “demons”. However, due to the limited environment, the strength of those “demons” was all average, with them just being slightly stronger than ordinary animals.

“It’s best to not enter into the core of the mountain range to kill great demon beasts. If not, it would be a catastrophe if we anger the demon kings living in the depths of the mountain range.”

“That sounds right. The Demon Kings living in the Northern Mountain Ranges aren’t good to provoke. Although there have not been any wars erupting over the past few years, it’s still best to be careful.” said the others as they nodded their heads in agreement.

“Demon King? Wars?” astonishment appeared in Jiang Han’s heart.

From what he could tell, the so-called “demon kings”, that were able to cause all those powerful experts like his uncle to feel vigilant, must be extremely powerful. Clearly, this world was much more mysterious and powerful than the Earth in his previous life.

“Bang! Bang!”

A tall and broad soldier dressed in heavy armour while carrying a spear in his hand walked into the giant hall: “Villa lord, 2nd master, I’m here to report that the Bamboo Mountain garrison has sent a message over. At this moment,  300 horse riders from the northern army have already gone around the 2nd slope, and will reach the villa at around 15 minutes from now.”

“Withdraw!” replied the villa lord Jiang Yangshan as he stood up.

After the soldier withdrew from the giant hall, a noisy din immediately appeared within.

“The northern army? 300 horse riders? Why have they come here for?” someone asked with a frown.

“According to the time, it’s about time for this year’s taxes.” said someone after calmly pondering about his issue.

“Other than paying taxes to the 3 great families of Flood City every year, there’s also the northern mountain stronghold.” the large bald-headed man stood up fiercely before roaring out, “2nd master, since you’re back, we should just not pay any taxes to them!”

“5 to 6 thousand Yuan stones per year is indeed a somewhat of a large amount.”

Right after the large bald-headed man opened his mouth, people immediately started commenting about it.
Jiang Zheng slowly stood up and gently waved his hands, causing the entire giant hall to quieten down. With a faint smile appearing on his face, he proceeded to say. “Let’s slowly deal with that the issue about Flood City. With me here, the 3 families and the Northern Mountain Stronghold should naturally know what to do.”

Upon saying those words, no one within the giant villa continued to have any other differentiating comments.

Being hugged by his mother within her bosom, shock filled Jiang Han’s heart as he looked towards his father, with his white robes fluttered about. With a single statement, no one dared to retort. Within this villa, his father’s might was indeed extremely frightening.

“300 northern troops, huh. Looks like they do treat my Jiang Family with importance. So what if they come! We cannot be afraid!” Jiang Yangshan spoke out, “Tong’er, go and order the guards of the villa to wear their armour, mount the horses and set up the formation!”

“Yes, father!” the giant man seated down immediately stood up, before turning around and leaving.

“All the rest, let’s go out and take a look!” said Villa Lord Jiang Yangshan as he waved his hand.

Without any hesitation, the near 20 high ranking members within the mountain villa proceeded to walk out of the hall under Jiang Yangshan’s lead.

Contrary to everyone, Jiang Zheng gave a faint smile towards Qin Wei before saying “Wei’er, it’s snowing heavily outside. Bring Han’er back!”

Before his mother, Qin Wei could respond, Jiang Hao could not bear it anymore.

This would be the first large scale battle he was about to see upon coming to this world, and he was not going to be absent from it. Immediately, he started to cry and struggle, and could not be calmed down by his mother.

“Alright. Looks like Han’er’s looking forward to enjoying the liveliness. Come along then!.” said Jiang Zhen with a smile.

“But!” a slight frown appeared on Qin Wei’s forehead, as she did not wish to put her child into a dangerous situation.

“Look at that little fellow! He stopped crying the instant I allow him to out.” replied Jiang Zheng with a smile. “It’s just 300 northern troops. Even if Jue Chen personally comes here, he might not dare to cross hands with me.”

“You really know how to show off, huh. Let’s go then!” said Qin Wei in a teasing manner.
Just like that, the family of 3 walked out of the giant hall into the spacious martial arts training grounds.

Through his mother’s hands, Jiang Han could see that there was already a few hundred people present information in the martial arts training grounds. All of them had tall and large physiques, war spears in wielded in their hands as they rode on large horses.
What shocked Jiang Hao the most in this spectacle was that those horse riders were clad in full body armour, and so do the horses. Only through the seams of the armour plates was he able to distinguish the fiery red colour of the horse’s pelts.

“Heavy armoured horse riders. Just how many are there in our Jiang Family to be able to nurture a couple hundred heavy armoured horse riders?” thought Jiang Han in shock.

They were all soldiers, and clearly had cultivated too. Not a sliver of movement could be detected from their armour plates, with their war spears raised into the air appearing exceedingly cold and austere within the falling snow.

The couple hundred horses were also unreasonably big, exceedingly all of the warhorses that Jiang Han had seen in his previous life. Other than the sound of house shoes striking the ground, there was not an additional sliver of sound present within the entire martial arts training grounds,

“How unified this army is, with their armour as polished as glass, when met in a head-on confrontation, they would be invincible!” such phrases subconsciously appeared in Jiang Han’s heart.

If this army were placed in the ancient era of Earth in his previous life, they would absolutely be the most elite armed forces under the heavens. It would be challenging to contest this army in a head-on confrontation. How long has it been since the order was given for them to gather in this training grounds? What’s more, they were still able to radiate such an aura while remaining still.

“However, I don’t know exactly what kind of spectacle that northern army that made this entire mountain villa so vigilant would be?” this question burned within Jiang Han’s heart.

The appearance of such a heavy-armoured horse rider unit caused greater anticipation to burn within his heart.

Despite stepping on the path of cultivation in his previous life, his talent was just average. What’s more, he had only trained his Spiritual Soul during the tens of thousands of years he had spent in the Nether Realm. Although he had seen a few showdowns between top-class experts, he was still an amateur towards the true path of cultivation.

This had resulted in greater anticipation to form within his heart.

Very quickly, carried by his mother, Jiang Han arrived at the top fort walls that protected the mountain villa, which overlooked the vast mountain pass that connected the mountains.

Across the earth, a flood of horse riders dressed in full sets of blood-red armour was currently galloping towards the mountain villa. Even though they were still a couple of kilometres away, Jiang Han was still able to feel the frightening murderous intent rushing over

This was an even more frightening armoured horse rider flood!

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