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Chapter 134 Busy


As he stood by the window, Gu Shenwei felt surrounded by a pile of troubles both upstairs and downstairs, all of which demanded his immediate attention.  


Some people’s abilities were hidden so deeply that not only was it hard for outsiders to notice them, but the owners themselves were also unaware of them. Only in specific situations could someone’s potential ability erupted instantly. So a reticent person might suddenly become a gregarious talker; a weak and useless person might speak up and help someone out. Faced with a sudden crisis, the prominent leaders might turn out to be mediocre cowards, and the ones holding up the wooden beam to save a child might be weak women.       

Gu Shenwei was neither a mediocre commoner nor was he a weak woman, but he still needed to be cornered to force out a sudden flash of inspiration. His inspiration towards a path out of his situation came when he was pondering the many hidden truths of the world.

The way to save himself was just an idea in his mind, but it was like the daughter of an eminent family, who always hid in a pavilion and only after a thousand entreaties would she appear.

Shangguan Yushi took out the evidence that proved that the opposite prostitute was a disciple of Waning Moon Hall, which was several black clothes embroidered with a waning moon and ten sharp steel thorns. All of them were just found and that prostitute obviously knew kung fu when they performed the assassination.    

Of course, Meng Fifth Gongzi would not accept it and claimed that the so-called evidence was planted by Yu Gongzi. As for why Liu Yin’er knew kung fu, she was already dead, and Shangguan Yushi could say whatever she wanted.

Guo Xiansheng and Meng Fifth Gongzi were very close friends but they pretended not to know each other. Guo Xiansheng questioned Shangguan Yushi about why she had left the southeast area of Southern Jade City and ran to the retention alley to kill someone without permission.   

Shangguan Yushi’s status had gradually improved and she was not as afraid of Guo Xiansheng as she used to be. She argued that this clue had been found in the southeast area and she just naturally followed it here.

Gu Shenwei knew what Yu Gongzi’s real purpose was, so he ‘satisfied’ her expectations by standing on Meng Fifth Gongzi’s side. He interrupted that no matter whether Liu Yin’er was Waning Moon Hall’s disciple or not, it had nothing to do with the Meng family. Since the Meng family and Golden Roc Castle were related by marriage and had shared interests, it seemed that the small flag battalion should have notified the Meng Family first before assassinating Liu Yin’er, or let the Meng family solve this issue by themselves. In this way, they might have found even more disciples of Waning Moon Hall.  

Meng Fifth Gongzi thought this was a sign of Servant Huan admitting to his own fault, so he accepted this statement without hesitation and even used this to argue with Shangguan Yushi. Guo Xiansheng wanted to give him a hint, but it was too late.  

Shangguan Yushi was very angry. She threw more than half of her accusations at Servant Huan and angrily stormed out of the house after shouting ‘traitors’ dozens of times. Even the Commanding Lord Guo Xiansheng couldn’t stop her.  

It was not until the next morning that Meng Fifth Gongzi finally learned from the parasite that he had been tricked. On the surface Servant Huan was speaking for him, but in fact, he had made it a fact that Liu Yin’er was a spy of the Waning Moon Hall, so the Meng family would not even have a chance to refute this part. Because of this, he hated Servant Huan’s guts and the banquet organized by Tie Hanfeng was totally wasted.

After Shangguan Yushi left, Gu Shenwei immediately asked for a private talk with Guo Xiansheng. After being refused as expected, he said to Guo Xiansheng in a low voice that he had obtained some information that the Great Desolate Sect would indeed climb the mountain and those iron spikes were part of the evidence.

As was expected, Guo Xiansheng, who had already been dissatisfied with Servant Huan, turned a deaf ear to his old plot and rebuked him in front of the crowd.

People of different parties left one after another, many bitter hatreds left to be settled in the future.

Tie Hanfeng was very dissatisfied with how his disciple had responded in a stupor and didn’t understand why he wanted to attract everyone’s ire onto himself. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to just obediently stand to the side?

Gu Shenwei didn’t have time to quarrel with his Master and hurried downstairs on the pretense of meeting with the eminent monks of the Four Noble Truths Temple. He had already asked Xu Xiaoyi to invite Masters Lian Hua and Lian Ye to the bedroom downstairs.

This was the first time Xu Xiaoyi had seen monks from the Four Noble Truths Temple, and he was both fearful and curious. It was rare for a white-faced monk to not show any grandeur as an eminent monk. He didn’t care about the teenager’s status and told him many Buddhist theories, and even taught him several paragraphs from the Essay of Severing Obsession.

Xu Xiaoyi studied very carefully, but by the time Gu Shenwei grabbed and threw him out of the bedroom, he had forgotten almost all of the words.

Gu Shenwei bowed respectfully to the two monks for his rudeness the night before.

Master Lian Hua hadn’t come out of the Four Noble Truths Temple for many years, but the first place he visited after he came out was the brothel. His purpose was still to persuade the two teenagers to become Buddhists and learn the whole book of Essay of Severing Obsession to completely purify their murderous hearts.

Although the monk was somewhat pedantic, he had sharp eyes and saw that the teenager had an ulterior motive. He didn’t expose it; he just took advantage of the situation and guided the teenager by talking about life, death, and the vagaries of the world.

Gu Shenwei listened patiently for a while before he started asking questions. He was very concerned about the history of the clay tablet that Master Tiger Monk had.

Master Lian Hua didn’t remember much about it, he only knew that it was related to the agreement that Golden Roc Castle and Waning Moon Hall made at the Four Noble Truths Temple.  

Gu Shenwei asked a few more questions but didn’t get any accurate answers. Master Lian Ye, who was standing on one side and watching, opened his mouth, “Senior brother, this kid’s very ill and only has a few days to live, why do you even bother to talk with him?”    

Master Lian Hua didn’t know kung fu. He was taken aback upon hearing this and anxiously asked what was the matter.

Gu Shenwei was also startled. He didn’t expect that this rash monk was good at internal energy. The monk could see his internal Qi had a problem without even touching his meridians. Thinking that the monk might be capable of removing the Desolate Finger Energy, he knelt heavily, “What Master Lian Ye said was right. Although disciple has the intention to forever drop the butcher’s knife from his hands, disciple is afraid that the butcher’s knife will drop upon disciple’s neck first.

Gu Shenwei knew that Master Lian Ye didn’t have a good impression about him, so he only begged Master Lian Hua.

Master Lian Hua was indeed moved and asked about his illness. Then he turned to Lian Ye, “Junior brother, have a look at this young benefactor.”

Lian Ye was full of anger, but he dared not to disobey his senior brother, so he clasped his hands and said yes. Then he turned to the West and chanted the Buddha’s name and said several times that saving a life was better than building a seven-storied Buddha before he finally calmed down. Then he grabbed the teenager’s wrist with his left hand and instilled a strand of cool and gentle internal Qi; his right hand kept flickering and shot out strands of Qi to help smoothly guide the strand of cool and gentle internal Qi as it passes through Gu Shenwei’s meridians.        

Gu Shenwei immediately felt the hot Qi in his Baihui, Xuanji, and Yongquan acupoints beginning to stir. They were like small beasts being threatened, trembling with fear but also ready to fight to the death.

The hot Qi and cool Qi soon clashed. The latter seemed to be much weaker but didn’t disappear. With the assistance of the internal Qi the monk shot inside, it surprisingly moved step by step and gradually forced the hot Qi out of Gu Shenwei’s body.   

Gu Shenwei was pleasantly surprised, but he was having a hard time staying conscious. His Eight Extraordinary Meridians had become a war field and the pain was even worse than Qi deviation.

Master Lian Ye finally stopped after almost one hour and was sweating profusely. Weak and soft, Gu Shenwei collapsed onto the ground as soon as the monk let go of his hand.

Tie Hanfeng went to check several times and saw that the eminent monk of the Four Noble Truths Temple was healing his disciple. He didn’t dare to talk, and also asked the siblings of the Xu family not to come and disturb them.

“How is it?” Master Lian Hua asked with concern. The Essay of Severing Obsession was the fruit of the brothers’ years of hard work and he certainly didn’t want their first trial target to have an accident.

Master Lian Ye panted for a while and adjusted his internal Qi before he saluted to Lian Hua, “Forgive me, senior brother. This monk’s internal energy isn’t sufficient enough. The internal Qi in this kid’s body is devious and I can’t control it. Though I can help delay the disease, it’s only for a period of several days.”

“This is cause and effect. There’s no need to apologize, junior brother. We can only say that this young benefactor doesn’t have a blessed affinity for Buddha. Fortunately, there’s also a female benefactor, let’s go and find her.”

Master Lian Xin was resolute. Seeing that Servant Huan couldn’t be cured, he surprisingly decided to leave right away.

Gu Shenwei had asked everything he wanted to know, so he was pleased to get rid of the two monks, “Please go slowly, Masters. That patroness has been hidden by someone, I would be very grateful if you two could find her.”

The whole building finally quieted down. Tie Hanfeng had more questions in mind than his disciple and didn’t know which one to ask first, so he decided to say something important first, “Shangguan Hongye was here. The eighth young mistress asked you to return to the castle immediately. She said it was important.”

This was actually the news Gu Shenwei had been waiting for. It had cost him a large piece of gold to ask Shangguan Hongye to pass the words to the Miss, because he had to find a reasonable excuse to return to the castle.

“I’ll go now.”

Gu Shenwei barely stood up and started walking towards the outside. Tie Hanfeng pulled his disciple and asked, “You know what you’re doing, don’t you?”

Gu Shenwei nodded and said ‘yes’. Actually, he wasn’t as confident as he seemed. He had to solve too many problems at one time and no one knew which part could have been a fatal mistake.

It was already night when he arrived at Golden Roc Castle, but Gu Shenwei still immediately went to see Miss Luo Ningcha. He told her about the feast and how he had pleased the Meng Fifth Gongzi.  

Luo Ningcha originally thought that Servant Huan was anxious to come back to report something important. However, she was a bit disappointed when all he did was talk about trivial matters. “Well, no need to talk anymore. I see, if I knew it was all about these matters, you didn’t have to come back on purpose. But now that you’re here, go attend a lunch for me.”

It turned out that Luo Ningcha had bribed Shangguan Hongye and his mother, and it did have an effect. But she finally became smart, and thus didn’t immediately regard them as confidants, but rather wanted her ‘plotting teacher’ to have a look and make a judgment.

The Waning Moon Hall occupied Gu Shenwei’s mind like a big mountain, so how could he have the time and mood to deal with Shangguan Hongye and his mother? However, he couldn’t easily refuse the Miss’s order. He had no choice but accept it. Then he asked the Miss to do him a favor and pass a message to Shangguan Ru in the inner chamber, to tell her that Servant Huan wanted to meet her.

Luo Ningcha wasn’t willing to help him. She hated Madam Meng, as well as her twins. Gu Shenwei had no choice but to bring out his set of principles of being humble and friendly on the surface but ruthless at heart, and finally barely managed to persuade the Miss to help him. But she insisted that Servant Huan had to tell her the purpose of his meeting with Shangguan Ru.  

“Only she can help me to be a killer now.” Gu Shenwei used the rumors that the twins were going to organize teams of killers.

Luo Ningcha became suspicious, “You are not going to join Madam Meng’s side?”

“How could that be possible. I’ve made a blood oath with eighth young lord and Miss. I dare not betray you no matter how bold I am. Please think about it, Miss. Even eighth young lord has allied Madam Meng and all the other young lords have offered killer candidates for Ninth Gongzi and Tenth Gongzi. If I am left unchosen, wouldn’t it be eighth young lord’s face that has been lost?”

Gu Shenwei tried his best and finally convinced the Miss. Now he had to return to Tie Hanfeng’s living place before the curfew. He took out the Death Sutra and read it all night, hoping to find something useful. It was only when he was too sleepy to read that he took a quick nap before dawn.   

When he woke up, head abuzz, it was already bright outside. The plan he had thought out seemed to suddenly vanish, and then one matter after another started popping up. He had to have lunch with Shangguan Hongye and his mother, meet Shangguan Ru, and hang down a rope at the cliff outside the Adding Wood Yard at midnight.

It would be another busy day.

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