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Chapter 139 Balanced


Kang Wenhui had proposed a competition of comparing their internal energy in the teenager’s body. Gu Shenwei was still swayed by his possible gains and losses, while Lian Hua had already made up his mind. “Young benefactor, you’ll have to follow the agreement and respect me as your Master.”


His words meant that he agreed with the kung fu competition and believed that his junior brother would win.

Lian Ye had long become impatient, so he jumped out and said, “Who tries first?”

“Let’s do it at the same time. Can’t we tell the difference between our own internal energies?” Kang Wenhui came closer and said.

“Wait, wait.” Since his own body would be the war field, Gu Shenwei had to be careful. “You two are experts in internal energy and much stronger than me. What if you make a mistake and kill me?”

“Right, right. This monk hasn’t thought of this. It’s better to cancel the competition.” Master Lian Hua immediately changed his mind.

“Well, since we’re experts, we won’t make mistakes. If someone kills you, then they’ll lose.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Kang Wenhui started patting the teenager. Lian Ye couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. He pretended to have not heard his senior brother’s words and grabbed Gu Shenwei’s wrist with his left hand to transfer his internal energy while his right hand kept twitching to lead his internal energy to move forward.

Now, the three of them were riding the tiger with no way off. Unless one of them admitted defeat, no one could stop them.

The so-called removing of the Desolate Finger Energy was a total lie. The two experts actually wanted to have a real fight with each other to see who was more powerful. Kang Wenhui didn’t point it out, but Monk Lian Ye knew this at heart too. Only Master Lian Hua thought that this was a kill-free, rescue kung fu competition.   

As soon as the two strands of Qi, one hot and one cool, entered his body, Gu Shenwei knew that this was not an effort to save his life, but torturing him.

The hot Qi came from Kang Wenhui. It stirred the hidden finger energy at the Baihui and Xuanji acupoint to attack the cool Qi instilled by Lian Ye. Although the cool Qi was single, it was not weak. The monk’s internal energy was so powerful that even though it was one versus three, it still held the upper hand. This actually exceeded his opponent’s expectation.  

Gu Shenwei, whose body had become the war field, however, was suffering a lot. The hot Qi and cold Qi each took a side of his body and attacked face to face like the Chu–Han Contention. The hot and cool Qi rampaged through his meridians like thousands of men and horses galloping across the land. His own internal energy in his Dantian was so weak that it wasn’t even enough to protect his heart meridian, not to even mention joining the fight. His meridians would break if either side divided away any internal energy to attack them. 1   

Two experts stood there, one patting and beating, and the other flicking his middle finger. Gu Shenwei was like a puppet whose strings were being pulled by others or a small boat encountering terrifying waves as he had lost any ability to control his own body. If he could open his mouth, the first thing he would do would be to ask Master Lian Hua to stop this kung fu competition.  

Master Lian Huan didn’t know the teenager was suffering. All he could tell was that the teenager looked tired, so he started chanting the Essay of Severing Obsession.

Reciting the Essay of Severing Obsession could help reduce one’s murderous heart, but it didn’t have any effect on any listeners. Kang Wenhui and Lian Ye had both suddenly met a strong opponent and were completely focused on competing with each other. Only Gu Shenwei, who couldn’t speak, heard more clearly than usual. Every character Master Lian Hua chanted drilled into his brain, forcing him to recite it.  

“Stop chanting!” Gu Shenwei yelled in his heart, but his mouth still couldn’t utter a sound. What he needed right now was fully protect himself, not reduce his murderous heart and become indecisive.

The more he wanted to forget it, the firmer he remembered it. The one thousand characters long Death Sutra and four thousand characters long Essay of Severing Obsession kept swaying in front Gu Shenwei’s eyes like swarms of buzzing flies and mosquitoes and couldn’t be driven away, which almost caused his mind to explode.  

Gu Shenwei didn’t know whose internal Qi had run in the wrong direction and rushed towards his Dantian. His mind was fully occupied with characters and didn’t realize it until his internal energy was swept away like a mob fighting against heavenly soldiers.

Lian Ye staggered back a few steps and muttered, “You cheat.” His left hand was still holding the teenager’s wrist, and although it didn’t seem like he was using any strength, he also seemed to be unable to let go.

“Who said that we can’t cheat?” Kang Wenhui sneered without stopping her patting. Actually, she started to pat even faster on the teenager’s body.

With his head lowered, Gu Shenwei was like a zombie, his steps uneven and his body swaying. He could barely stand by the pull of the monk and patting of Kang Wenhui.

Master Lian Hua was chanting the sutra with great gusto and didn’t even hear his junior brother speak.

The other three disciples of the Great Desolate Sect slowly approached, their curved fingers growing red. They knew that their Master was going to win the fight.  

Kang Wenhui had cheated. She never believed in promises or gambles. In her mind, only those who were instilled with the Desolate Finger Energy were trustworthy. She had originally manipulated three strands of hot Qi to fight with the monk. All of a sudden, she directed one of them to attack the teenager’s Dantian. The monk Lian Ye didn’t realize her intentions and also manipulated his internal Qi to rush forward, which resulted in another strand of Kang Wenmei’s hot Qi breaking into and settling in his body.

This strand of Desolate Finger Energy wasn’t strong, and Lian Ye could completely remove it if he used all of his internal Qi. But the two were in a fierce fight, so how could he withdraw all of his internal Qi to protect himself?

Lian Ye withdrew part of his internal energy to protect himself, and he immediately lost the upper hand in the fight in the teenager’s body.

Gu Shenwei didn’t know if he had fainted. He just felt that his body was torn up into pieces like thousands of leaves fluttering, and also like thousands of butterflies flying. Familiar scenes kept flashing in his eyes: reuniting happily with his family, playing with his friends, and plotting against his enemies.

Then all the characters and their pronunciations he had memorized jumped up and down in his mind like numerous naughty monkeys. The Death Sutra with two different pronunciations, the profound twenty-nine swords moves, and the Balanced Power that only he knew in the world, had all split into countless fragments and rushed towards him but were soon pushed down by subsequent characters and disappeared.

Master Lian Hua finished reciting the Essay of Severing Obsession, raised his head, and saw the teenager’s face changing between red and white while his junior brother’s eyebrows were tilted up in anger. All of them were struggling to stay afoot, and only the woman in black looked normal. Even if he didn’t know martial arts at all, he could judge who was on the upper hand.     

“Amitabha, the competition is set. Both of you, please stop.”

Kang Wenhui was busy urging her internal energy to force her Desolate Finger Energy into the monk’s body, how could she stop? Lian Ye actually wanted to stop, but it wasn’t his decision to make any more. He could barely protect himself.

Lian Hua didn’t understand the danger, so he put his hands together and bowed before going to drag his junior brother away. His finger touched Lian Ye’s sleeve, and in the next moment he felt like he had bumped into a bulging balloon and flew back with an ‘Ahh’ before falling heavily on the ground. He finally realized that this was no longer a competition for saving people but a life and death fight.

Lian Hua was dumbfounded while the three disciples of the Great Desolate Sect watched on with their eyes smiling.  

In the blink of an eye, Lian Huan turned from dumbfounded into stupefied, and the smile of the disciples of the Great Desolate Sect similarly froze on their face. No one could believe what was happening.  

The surrounders wouldn’t be so surprised no matter if Kang Wenhui won as expected or if Lian Ye snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat. The whole situation was so unexpected that the four helplessly watched the woman and the monk fly back and spit out blood uncontrollably as they landed. And everyone also forgot to come forward to help.  

Only the teenager stood alone there with his face as red as blood, his clothes bulging and his loose hair in disarray, as if he could spit out fire by opening his mouth.   

Gu Shenwei’s internal energy surged forward like the Qiantang River tide, which quickly finished circling through his main meridians. Everytime it completed a full circulation, part of the internal energy filled his Dantian like water quietly flowing into an abyss.  

Gu Shenwei kept his life not by relying on the Death Sutra, but with his family inherited Balanced Power.

There were two sets of manuals for practising the Balanced Power. The normal manual required the practitioner to practise Yin and Yang energy alternatively, which took a long time but was very powerful once the practitioner reached a higher level. The other manual was a shortcut. As long as the practitioner’s Yin and Yang energy reached the third level, they could be fused and the practitioner’s internal energy would be greatly improved. It was just that it wasn’t as powerful as the internal energy obtained with the normal manual.    

Ever since he was controlled by the Desolate Finger Energy, Gu Shenwei’s internal energy had stagnated and he couldn’t even practice the shortcut manual. It was not until the fierce fight between Kang Wenhui and Lian Ye that he finally broke through the restriction.

In astonishment, Gu Shenwei had used all the methods he knew to drive away the pain. He not only fused his Yin and Yang energy, but also absorbed the internal energy of the two experts. Fortunately, the properties of the two’s internal energy were similar to the Yin and Yang energy of the Gu family’s Balanced Power. Otherwise, Gu Shenwei would hardly be able to subdue these two huge strands of internal Qi.

The Dao of internal energy required the practitioner’s internal Qi to circulate continuously, and even a slight interruption would cause a disaster. Kang Wenhui and Lian Ye were having a life-and-death fight when they suddenly felt their internal Qi disappear like a stone sinking into the sea, immediately being damaged by their own internal Qi. The two were not pushed back by the teenager, but actually had tried to dissolve their own strength and had no choice but to leap backward. Even so, they only dissolved part of it, and still suffered great internal injuries to the extent of spitting out blood.    

However, the onlookers were all bewildered, and even the two involved felt indescribably terrified. Only Gu Shenwei had a rough idea of what had happened, but his head was buzzing at the moment and he couldn’t sort it out in such a short time.  

Lian Hua ran over to lift his junior brother. Lian Ye smiled bitterly, “Senior brother, I lost.”

“It’s good to lose, it’s good to lose. Junior brother removed the murderous heart a long time ago but is still obsessed with winning and losing. Now it’s really good that you have finally let go. Although you lost the kung fu competition, your temperament has been greatly improved.”

Lian Ye was suddenly enlightened and he put his hands together and chanted Amitabha, his face gradually calming.

Kang Wenhui, however, wouldn’t let it go. She pushed away her disciples who tried to lift her up, wiped the blood off her mouth, and pointed at the teenager standing in the center, “Kill him.” She already knew that the whole matter went wrong due to the teenager, but what she didn’t know was that the teenager’s internal energy was no longer what it used to be.

Lian Hua stood before the three disciples of the Great Desolate Sect about to make a move and said, “Wait. No more killing. Junior brother Lian Ye has lost, so the monk will follow the agreement and teach the correct pronunciations of the Death Sutra.”

Death Sutra? I want the Daoless Scroll.” Kang Wenhui cried, as if she had never heard of the book Death Sutra.

Lian Hua was still puzzled, but Gu Shenwei had restored his sanity, “Wait, the monk lost, but the woman also didn’t win. Both of them lost, and only I won. So, Master Lian Hua, I don’t have to respect you as my Master, and you don’t have to teach any scriptures.”

Lian Hua became even more puzzled. Kang Wenhui suddenly jumped towards the teenager, curling her fingers and striking out with a vicious claw at the teenager’s head. Although she had lost part of her internal energy, she was confident that she could still kill someone easily.

Gu Shenwei had only learnt a few sets of basic fist techniques, so his fist and foot techniques were far from Kang Wenhui’s. However, his internal energy had increased several times and he was far more agile than before. Faced with the enemy’s sharp claw, he didn’t dodge, but punched back instead.  

The punch wasn’t something he had learnt from his family or Xue Niang, but an instinctual reaction he had mastered after countless close fights with his Master Tie Hanfeng. He once tried to assassinate Lame Tie and had a fight with his Master every time he failed. The two would fight like street thugs without caring for any rules or patterns.   

Straight and simple, this punch had no patterns at all but Kang Wenhui, who was a kung fu expert, was unexpectedly unable to avoid it and was punched in the nose. Her nose immediately began to bleed profusely.  

Another rule of hooliganism was to never stop once one had the upper hand.

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  1. Wiki: The Chu–Han Contention (206–202 BC) was an interregnum between the Qin dynasty and the Han dynasty in Chinese history.

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