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Chapter 140 Bloody Body


Each punch had the strength to break a mountain and crack the stone. Gu Shenwei clung to his enemy and punched without the slightest pity or hesitation.


Kang Wenhui kept twisting and turning but still couldn’t avoid the teenager’s fists, so she used her full strength to grasp at the teenager’s vital area with her blood-red fingers.  

Gu Shenwei’s clothes were torn apart, his scarred skin received countless new bloody marks, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care about it at all, as if it wasn’t his body being wounded. With a taut face, he simply punched relentlessly, regardless of whether the opponent was male or female, old or young.    

Kang Wenhui’s facial color changed, then her features changed too. Her head and face were covered with blood, which were even redder than her figure. She had never faced such a fighting style before, her opponent entangled her like a brawler, The fist technique had no patterns or routines, but the strength was so great that it could beat a cow to death.      

The Master Commander of the Great Desolate Sect was punched to death, her skull smashed and one of her eyeballs flew out.

Gu Shenwei gasped for breath, but he wasn’t tired at all. On the contrary, he felt energetic enough to smash even a mountain into rubble.   

The three disciples of the Great Desolate Sect had been watching in amazement and weren’t able to help their Master in time. Now, they exchanged a glance and tried to encircle the teenager in three directions, with Nie Qing’s sister as the leader.  

They were unscrupulous killers, but they would never run away. Besides, they had been instilled with the Desolate Finger Energy by Kang Wenhui, if they couldn’t avenge their Master, they would still die when they returned to the Great Desolate Sect.  

Gu Shenwei ducked slightly and darted out like a leopard rushing to its prey, each of his steps was about seven or eight times that of an ordinary person’s. He went to the enemy on his left in two steps and tackled her to the ground, rolling several times.  

The woman was already dead when the teenager stood up, all of her ribs had been broken.

Then, he rushed towards the nearest enemy and knocked her down with a single blow, not caring about the several wounds her sharp claws added to his body. Next, he knelt over her and punched until he couldn’t distinguish between her flesh from the earth and grass.  

The last disciple of the Great Desolate Sect swooped down on the teenager and inserted her ten fingers into the teenager’s shoulders. But the fingers only went within one inch before it was stuck there and couldn’t be pulled out.

Gu Shenwei reached behind and grabbed the woman’s wrists, he jumped up and fell heavily on his back, only to feel his neck become warm, and the strength in his enemy’s arms disappear. The woman had vomited blood and died.

Gu Shenwei pulled the ten fingers from his shoulders and stood up. Blood streamed down his naked upper body. His fists, clenched, and his muscles, taut like iron.  

Stupefied, the two monks watched the brutal and cold-blooded killings and even forgot to dissuade him. They were convinced in their mind that this teenager was the reincarnation of the devil king.  

“A…Amitabha.” Master Lian Hua was finally able to speak.

The movement of his internal Qi slowed down after reaching its peak, but Gu Shenwei’s murderous heart was still vigorous. The monks are also human beings, what’s the use of keeping them alive? So he walked over.

“This is … Why doesn’t the mantra work?” Lian Hua hadn’t noticed the approaching danger and asked, confusedly.

Gu Shenwei was taken aback. Right, he had been tricked by Master Tiger Monk to learn the several thousand characters long mantra, the Essay of Severing Obsession, and his murderous heart had been weakened by a lot. But now his murderous heart was more intense than ever and he wasn’t hesitant at all.

Gu Shenwei regained his composure instantly. This monk couldn’t die, he still had important questions which he needed this monk’s help to answer.

Perhaps it’s related to the Death Sutra, Gu Shenwei guessed. Most of the pronunciations of the Essay of Severing Obsession were based on the Death Sutra, the Death Sutra itself doesn’t have any effect on diminishing the murderous heart. As the old saying went: water could keep a boat afloat, but it could also sink it. He had just broken through the barrier of his internal energy, which was also a psychological breakthrough, so his murderous heart increased instead of decreasing.

Master Lian Hua almost had the same idea and couldn’t help but sigh with an ashen face. He and Master Tiger Monk had devoted their lives to it, if it was not effective, not only had Master Tiger Monk died in vain, their vow in front of the Buddha had also become an illusion that would never be accomplished.  

“Everything began with the Death Sutra and should also be ended with the Death Sutra. When Master and Tiger Monk invented the Essay of Severing Obsession, you only had part of the Death Sutra. Tiger Monk had read the complete version but has already passed away. I’m willing to rewrite the whole scripture and hand it to Master, hoping Master could modify the Essay of Severing Obsession based on it and realize your dream by clearing up all the murderous hearts in the world.”   

“Really?” Lian Hua turned from sadness to joy, and didn’t even care much about the four corpses on the ground, “Young benefactor’s merits and virtues aren’t small.”

“Fetch the brush pen and paper.”

Although Lian Ye was injured internally, he could still move. He hurried into the cottage and took out a writing brush, ink stick, paper, inkstone, and a low table. Then he spread out the paper, and was about to make the ink before Gu Shenwei grabbed the brush pen and said, “No need.” Then Gu Shenwei dipped the brush pen in his own blood and started writing. When he used up his own blood he used some bloodstain from the corpses nearby.

Gu Shenwei had memorized the Death Sutra, which had over five thousand characters, so fluently that he finished writing it in a short time. Then he dropped the pen, got up, and handed the stack of bloody scripture to Master Lian Hua.  

Master Lian Hua took over the bloody scripture and didn’t know what to say. The use of blood to write scriptures did have a precedent in the Buddhist way, but the ones who wrote the scripture all used their own blood, and they usually took a little every day, and certainly never killed anyone. This scripture, however, was written with the blood of both the living and the dead, which really lived up to its name, Death Sutra.

“But I also have two conditions for Master.

“Go ahead, young benefactor.”

“First, I hope Master could teach me the correct pronunciations of the whole scripture later on and do not substitute the fake for the genuine. Second, I hope Master can decipher the true meaning besides correcting the pronunciation.”

Although Master Lian Hua was somewhat pedantic, he wasn’t silly. Holding the paper, he appeared to be reluctant, “Young benefactor’s murderous heart is already too vigorous, and he still wants to increase it with the sutra?”

“Master can decide for yourself after deciphering it. If the scripture is about martial arts, you might as well not teach me.”

Master Lian Hua then nodded and agreed. He turned to look at the four corpses on the ground and chanted some sutras before he left the mountain with his senior brother Lian Ye. The Left Mountainside Vihara had become a killing place and was no longer suitable for cultivation.

Gu Shenwei took out a dagger and cut off the four heads. He went down the mountain, found his horse and rode back to the city. He was already seventy to eighty percent sure that the true meaning of the Death Sutra wasn’t a secret manual of martial arts, but was somehow related to the Daoless Scroll which the Great Desolate Sect desperately wanted.

It was evening now and nobody was walking on the road. He had almost reached Jade City when he came across some ambushers.

The ambushers walked out one by one. Looking at the bloody Servant Huan, they were all silent.

They were the brown-belted killers of the small flag battalion. Liuhua, whose arrows were already on the string, and Wild Horse, whose narrow sabre were unsheathed, were all there. Shangguan Yushi was the last one to come out. She was a bit surprised and a bit disappointed, “You’re back late.”

When Gu Shenwei had risked his life dealing with the four disciples of the Great Desolate Sect, a great battle had also occurred in Jade City.

Shangguan Ru had persuaded her father Unique King to temporarily replace the spiritual master who was guarding the Liu Sha Temple. That night, Unique King had sent out the most formidable green-faced assassins to guard the exit of the valley and followed the disciples of the Great Desolate Sect back to Jade City. And there was another killer who followed from far behind, Servant Huan.    

The base of the Golden Roc Castle cliff was surrounded by great rivers. There was only one exit, and everyone had to go in and out from there.

The hideout of the Great Desolate Sect was therefore exposed. There were three of them in total, two in Southern Jade City, one in Northern Jade City.

The assassination mission began in the afternoon. Thirty-one disciples of the Great Desolate Sect were wiped out, all of whom were experts. After this battle, one of Golden Roc Castle’s mortal enemies had lost more than half its strength and wouldn’t have the power to counterattack for many years.

The assassination mission was directed by Unique King himself, and didn’t arouse any attention in Jade City. Even the rumours started spreading only after several days.  

Shangguan Ru remembered her promise and wanted to protect Servant Huan’s life. So she pestered her father to not start the battle before Servant Huan had negotiated with the Great Desolate Sect, and even wanted to protect Servant Huan in person.  

Shangguan Ru had made a big contribution, so Unique King accepted everything she demanded except allowing her to go out of the castle. Shangguan Ru could only entrust the task of protecting Servant Huan to Shangguan Yushi. She sent someone to pass an order to Shangguan Yushi to contact the killer following Servant Huan.

Dozens of brown-belted killers from the small flag battalion moved out. They originally thought that no matter what the outcome of the negotiation was, both Servant Huan and the disciples of the Great Desolate Sect would return to Jade City. They hadn’t expected they would be waiting until evening only to see a bloody Servant Huan carrying four heads.

Actually Shangguan Yushi just wanted to put on a show by coming out with so many people. She wished that Servant Huan would be killed and then she could ambush the disciples of the Great Desolate Sect to ‘avenge’ him, but it didn’t turn out as she’d expected.

Lotus was saved unharmed from the hideout within Northern Jade City.

The loophole in the castle’s defense was also discovered. Hundreds of feet below the clifftop of Groaning Ghost Cliff, at the Adding Wood Yard, was a semi-circular platform, on which dozens of Buddha statues were carved. No one knew when it was created. The Great Desolate Sect had used the iron spikes as ladders to climb to this place and then ascended with the rope they’d forced Servant Huan to lower.

And, it was exactly at the Groaning Ghost Cliff that Golden Roc Castle hadn’t placed any arrow towers.

Since then, there were more arrow towers surrounding the castle. They had dual purposes now: to hunt the roc and to prevent invasion.

Over the next few days, Golden Roc Castle investigated and followed the clues to uncover the remaining disciples of the Great Desolate Sect, killing them one by one. Most people believed that there were no hidden enemies in Jade City and the Great Desolate Sect would become history once the eighth young lord destroyed the remnants hiding in the desert.

The only thing that made Unique King agitated was that the captives were all disciples of the Great Desolate Sect. After a glimpse of the Waning Moon Hall, it seemed to have faded away.

No matter what, this was a huge victory and Unique King was very excited. The biggest contributor was his daughter Shangguan Ru. Rumors even said that Unique King had praised Shangguan Ru as his ‘most proud son’ in front of the big young lord and many others.

The big young lord lost all of his face. He’d personally directed the Commanding Lord Guo Xiansheng to hunt tirelessly in Southern Jade City, but neither of them knew about the final battle. It was only after the battle that they realized the Great Desolate Sect had been destroyed and what was left for them was only the clean up work.

Shangguan Ru seriously accused Guo Xiansheng in front of her father, saying that he was biased and deliberately ignored the information Servant Huan had reported and almost caused a disaster.  

On the surface, Guo Xiansheng wasn’t reprimanded, but was appointed as the Suzerain of the documentation chamber at the White Clothes Yard. He seemed to be still powerful, but was actually kicked out from the core group of Golden Roc Castle.  

Gu Shenwei had dug a huge hole in Guo Xian Sheng’s ‘connection network’, which also deepened the animosity between the two. He would have to find a way to get rid of this counsellor of Golden Roc Castle soon, and therefore, deeply instigated himself in the internal conflicts of the Shangguan family.

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