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Chapter 181 Foresight

The eighth young lord Shangguan Nu had built a special reception room, separated by a wooden wall with lattices, for his wife; the host would be on one side while the guest was on the other.

There were really three killers waiting in the room, but they didn’t come with any special messages. They simply asked Servant Huan to faithfully and attentively serve Tenth Gongzi. Gu Shenwei accepted all their requests while thinking that the eighth young lord had become a fat lamb in Madam Meng’s eyes, and, that the best way he could serve Tenth Gongzi was to butcher that lamb.


The killers quickly left, leaving Servant Huan to face Miss Luo Ningcha behind the wooden wall.

Luo Ningcha had been silent the whole time. As soon as the killers left, Gu Shenwei heard the sound of shattered porcelain, followed by the painful ho-ho sound of maidservant Tsui Nü.

As usual, the Miss was angry again.

“Dog slave, stinky kid, you’ve suggested another stupid idea and caused me trouble again. You want to run away and hide from me?”

Gu Shenwei no longer held any contempt for anyone after Shangguan Fei’s sudden rise to power. He even felt that Luo Ningcha might be able to do something impressive one day. Although it was not probably, she was worth an investment, so he patiently explained, “Miss, all this while I’ve been loyal in working for you.”

Huh, that’s really touching. Shall I reward you by sending this blind maidservant to you? Tell me what you’ve done for me, let me hear it.”

“Has Miss not heard? The two gongzis of the inner chamber had a brutal fight in Southern Jade City, causing the Madam to be very sad.”

“This is your contribution?”

“I do not dare to take all the credit, but I did make some efforts.”

What Gu Shenwei said was not a complete lie, but no matter how much effort he had put into that fight, it had nothing to do with Luo Ningcha.

There was a moment of silence behind the wooden wall. Luo Ningcha was obviously thinking about the trustworthiness of Servant Huan. “Well, let’s say that you’ve done some work. But why didn’t you report it to me? It is only worth it if I can mention it a lot in front of that bitch.”

‘Bitch’ was Madam Meng’s new nickname. Luo Ningcha couldn’t help nag when she mentioned her mother-in-law. In a sense, it was all about how she felt unjustly accused and treated. Her anger gradually came back as she said, “It was entirely your idea for me to save that worthless Shangguan Hong. Now I’m put in an awkward situation. The Yang hates my guts now. She no longer says anything to me, and everyday she lies at the bitch’s feet waiting for a chance to lick her feet.”

“Miss, as far as I can see, Mrs Yang is grateful towards you, not hateful.”

“So what? She’s the bitch’s dog and no good to me anymore.”

Gu Shenwei thought for a while and decided to give the Miss something difficult to do so that she would stop pestering him. “The more loyal a person seems on the surface, the higher the chance of betrayal. No matter how much Mrs. Yang tries, she won’t get Madam’s forgiveness. Mrs. Yang doesn’t dare to do anything now, but as long as soon she gets a chance, she would drop stones once the Madam falls into a well.”

“Right, that’s what I want to ask you. How can I make that bitch ‘fall into a well’? Everyone knows how to ‘drop stones.’ I’m not worried about that.”

Hmm, you can make use of the sixth young mistress.”

Huh, you’re confused. The sixth young mistress is also surnamed Meng. She’s the bitch’s right-hand woman. They’re like the one and the same.”

“Not necessarily.”

The Miss seemed to have understood something. She said ‘wait’ and busied about inside for a while before saying, “I’ve blocked the maidservant’s ears. What do you know? Say it.”

“It hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll do my best to make it happen if it makes Miss happy.”

“I’ll be happy as long as it can make the bitch sad.”

“Well, the twins had a fight in Southern Jade City. The ninth young lord won and Tenth Gongzi lost miserably, so she desperately needs a chance to rise up again. I’ll encourage her to take over the sixth young lord’s territory after I go back down the mountain. I believe this will stir up the relationship between the sixth young lord and Madam.”

“You can do this?” Luo Ningcha wasn’t too stupid. She was a little suspicious about Servant Huan’s words.


“I’ve gained the trust of Tenth Gongzi, so she’ll listen to me.”

“Great!” Luo Ningcha suddenly raised her voice, which startled Gu Shenwei a bit, “Go do it now. I want to see if the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are a monolithic block or not.”

Uh, it’s a bit of a hassle, though. I need some help from Miss.”

“Tell me, what do you want. Money? People?”

“We can’t do this too conspicuously. It wouldn’t be good if the Madam guesses that it’s Miss playing secretly. So my plan is to let Tenth Gongzi mainly focus on robbing the sixth young lord, with the remaining effort on robbing the eighth young lord. I used to be the eighth young lord’s man, but I don’t know what the eighth young lord will think if I do this.”

“Easy, I’ll ask Big Head God to pay my husband no matter how much gold and silver he loses in Southern Jade City. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

This was what Gu Shenwei was waiting for. Next, he would instigate the Miss for one last action. He took a breath, opened his mouth, but suddenly fainted before he said anything.

He fell into Qi deviation again after a few months.

Gu Shenwei hadn’t fainted since he had mastered the Balanced Power through the shortcut at Left Mountainside Vihara. The Desolate Finger Energy in his Baihui and Xuanji acupoints still existed, but they were not strong enough to suppress the internal Qi in his Dantian. He had thought that the hidden trouble had been restrained and was like an unimportant wart on the skin.

Without a sign, the teenager’s optimism was ruthlessly broken apart. The danger of Qi deviation hadn’t gone away, and it had suddenly appeared and announced its existence.

It was a short-lived coma. Gu Shenwei could still hear the Miss’s astonished inquiry after he woke up. “… Get up, I command you to get up. Do not scare me.”

“Yes.” Gu Shenwei rose to his feet again, his heart racing and his bloodthirst reaching its peak point.

“You … What tricks are you playing?” The Miss asked panickedly. She wasn’t afraid of Servant Huan dying, but she was afraid of the ‘evil spirit’ infecting her.

“It’s not a big problem. I just had a little Qi deviation.”

The Miss didn’t know kung fu, so she wasn’t sure if Servant Huan was telling the truth. She was relieved that Servant Huan seemed back to normal, saying, “I see. Control yourself, and do not make such a scene in front of me. Quickly go to a doctor and fix your problem. Do not delay what I have told you to do.”

Gu Shenwei held back his anger and thanked the Miss for her concern. Then he thought of something he hadn’t said, “Miss should try to buy over the three killers under the eighth young lord.”

“Why? Do I have to please my husband? I hate him. He had left me alone at home and hasn’t come back for months. He’s as ungrateful as Big Head God and doesn’t treat me well.”

Luo Ningcha was about to lose her temper again. Gu Shenwei had no choice but to repeat the sayings that a woman’s power came from her father and husband. The Miss interrupted him before he finished, saying, “No more nagging. I know all that now. Just tell me why I have to buy over the three killers?”

“Big Head God had once revealed that he intended to establish a permanent encampment beyond the boundary of Jade City. But this needs the support of Golden Roc Castle and I think that it wouldn’t be good for Big Head God to make such a request. These three killers are the eighth young lord’s confidants, so why not ask them to pass on the words to the eighth young lord? Wouldn’t it be doing a big favour to Big Head God if the eighth young lord made this suggestion to the Unique King? If Big Head God could stay at the border forever, it would also be a great support to Miss.”

“Big Head God even has this kind of idea? Let me think about it carefully.”


Gu Shenwei wasn’t worried anymore because the Miss would definitely follow Servant Huan’s suggestion. Regarding the purpose of Big Head God, it was only an analysis from a counsellor. If the three killers really mentioned it in front of the eighth young lord, they would definitely cause some serious trouble.

Gu Shenwei must do something to the three killers because two of them had lost one of their palms.

When the Golden Roc Castle had slaughtered the Gu family from the Central Plains, they had missed a kid which in turn resulted in one of Shangguan Nu’s hands being cut off by his father. In order to release his anger, he punished several of his killers who had taken part in that mission by cutting off one of their hands.

A broken hand was the symbol of the Gu family’s enemy.

Gu Shenwei knew of their existence all this time, but he still felt different after seeing them with his own eyes. He must make them suffer.

If Gu Shenwei’s guess was right, Golden Roc Castle would never want to be the neighbour of Big Head God of the Iron Mountain.

Most of the killers were avaricious and indifferent to the situation in the Western Regions, but Gu Shenwei believed that these three killers would be persuaded by Luo Ningcha. The Miss wasn’t eloquent, but she made up for it in gold and silver.

Gu Shenwei had never expected that his casual words would cause an all-powerful storm in the future whose currents would catch him and many others.

The third one who found Servant Huan was a steward called Servant Qing.  There were over a hundred stewards in the castle, and Servant Qing was one of the stewards with a low status. He used to be the footman for several young lords when they were young, and he had also followed Shangguan Ru to the Iron Mountain camp and subsequently suffered a lot. But overall, he didn’t make any special contributions.

Servant Qing had thought hard and consulted many seniors before he finally understood what he had done wrong. Although he was a footman, he had never really ‘played’ with the lords. In the little lords’ heart, he was just a common flunkey who was always in charge and restricted the lords’ freedom.

Servant Qing had awakened. He used all his connections and finally got permission to leave the castle and serve the ninth young lord Shangguan Fei. What he regretted most was that he hadn’t figured it out sooner, as by the time he left the mountain, the ninth young lord had already risen to the top. He had lost the chance to make a big contribution.

In Servant Qing’s eyes, Servant Huan was no longer that annoying fighting partner and little footman, but an experienced expert in pleasing the lords. Both of them were servants, and Servant Huan’s status was even lower than him at the beginning, but it was now much higher than his and he could even work independently. He had to learn from Servant Huan.

So, something Gu Shenwei had never expected happened.  He surprisedly enjoyed Servant Qing’s flattering smile and deliberate flattery, which honestly made him a bit uncomfortable.

Gu Shenwei first introduced the situation in Southern Jade City and problems that needed Servant Qing’s attention, then pretended to hesitate while about to say something. Although Servant Qing wasn’t clever, he had sharp eyes.  He immediately took out five hundred taels of silver he had prepared and gave them to Servant Huan while ‘spilling tears and gritting teeth’.

Gu Shenwei took away the silver forcefully. He naturally didn’t care about the money, but only in this way could he make Servant Qing take his words seriously. “The ninth young lord is an adult now. Don’t try to use the trick of coaxing a child to deal with him. The Southern Jade City is the most prosperous place in the Western Regions. The streets are crowded and the alleys are deep; the young lord needs a guide.”

Servant Qing suddenly came to understand and thanked Servant Huan profusely. Gu Shenwei casually said Xu Yanwei’s name and left the rest to be guessed by Servant Qing.

Gu Shenwei spent less than three days in total at the castle. But when he returned to Jade City, he foresaw, before anyone else, that the recently restored calm was about to break.


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