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Chapter 19  Invite

Servant Yao stared at Servant Huan in confusion for a while, as if he didn’t know Servant Huan. It was either that, or he had just turned a blind eye to Servant Huan. His gaze seemingly pierced straight through Servant Huan when suddenly, his face flushed red and he tightly grabbed Servant Huan’s arm.

“What’s wrong with me? It was you! You can save my life, right?”


“I can save you.” Gu Shenwei stuck his hands out. “Give me the white silk first.”

“White silk, white silk……”

Servant Yao muttered the words as if he had never heard them before. His flush faded as his chest heaved and his two arms swung violently. The brick bed was knocked so hard that it banged loudly. He laughed hoarsely again.

Gu Shenwei hastily pressed on Servant Yao’s tianchi acupoint again while sending some internal yin Qi into his body. However, Gu Shenwei’s internal Qi was too weak and couldn’t suppress the raging, flood-like yang power in Servant Yao’s body. Gu Shenwei was already exhausted, but Servant Yao continued to laugh.

Only a kung fu master like Xue Niang could forcefully suppress deviated Qi.

Gu Shenwei gave up trying to rescue Servant Yao. He searched Servant Yao’s body again while trying to avoid his swinging arms. He had even searched Servant Yao’s secretive areas, but still couldn’t find it. Servant Yao must have hidden the white silk somewhere else.

After struggling for almost an hour, Servant Yao finally exhausted his strength and calmed down. His two arms still twitched occasionally while he made heh heh noises, causing him to sound like a drowning man desperately struggling to save himself.

 “White silk! white silk!”

Gu Shenwei shook Servant Yao’s body hard, trying to shake out one last breath of life.

Servant Yao fell unconscious. The flush on his face came and went, disappearing and appearing again. When he was able to accumulate a little bit of strength, he wasted it on chatter.

He couldn’t recognize Servant Huan, and had not even realized that someone was nearby. What he said was full of nonsense; he would boast for a while, then curse, and then be begging the next moment, as if he was in a one-man show where he played all the roles.

Gu Shenwei was totally disappointed. Heaven’s will only helped him finish half of the plan, Servant Yao was dying, and the white silk which had the shortcut manual written on it was still missing.

Servant Yao’s condition fluctuated between two extremities. He struggled from morning until night, but no doctors came to treat him. Xue Niang also didn’t come. In everyone else’s eyes, it was just a trivial matter and unworthy of paying attention to.

Gu Shenwei sat on the ground, his head leaning against the edge of the brick bed. Servant Yao breathed intermittently, randomly bursting out to babble a few words. It was impossible for Gu Shenwei to find any clues from listening to what Servant Yao was saying. Servant Yao had completely forgotten about the white silk; he even forgot about Golden Roc Castle. The things and people he mentioned were from his past.

From Servant Yao’s nonsensical babble, Gu Shenwei had concluded that Servant Yao’s former lord had been a despicable man. That was probably the reason why Servant Yao was full of resentment towards the world.

What was strange was that Gu Shenwei was not afraid at all to sit near a dying person. His whole mind was focused on his future plans. Compared to the dying Servant Yao, his life was not certain at all. Perhaps after one or two days, he would also follow in Servant Yao’s footsteps.

How was he going to explain this to Servant Yao when they met in hell?

“Hey, I caused you to have a Qi deviation, but you are also going to get me killed by hiding the white silk, so we’re even.”

What would Servant Yao’s response be? Perhaps he would have already found a new backer in hell, so he wouldn’t care about being a ghost. If he still had any indecent thoughts, however, Gu Shenwei was determined to kill him again in hell.

“Servant Huan.”

Servant Yao suddenly called out his name in a calm voice, as if he was all right. Although Gu Shenwei had not been afraid, his heart suddenly missed a beat. He looked back at the dying teenager on the brick bed.

Servant Yao’s eyes were scarily bright The sunlight outside was fading, but his eyes burned brightly, gleaming with a light that one had when they momentarily recover their consciousness just before death.

“You can’t escape, I’ll wait for you in hell.”

Those were the last words of Servant Yao. He appeared to have an ability that allowed him to read people’s hearts. He had read Servant Huan’s thoughts and voiced the sentence which seemed to be both threatening and expecting. As his words faded, he let out a sigh and tilted his head to the side.

Gu Shenwei’s heart missed a beat again. He extended his hand to check Servant Yao’s breath and realized that he was dead.

He didn’t call anyone to help. Gu Shenwei lifted the corpse onto his back and carried it out of the west door before dropping it off below Groaning Ghost Cliff. Even though his body felt much lighter, his heart was weighed down by a large stone that he could not drop. Perhaps he may never be able to drop it.

Returning to the bedroom, the other teenagers carefully hid away from him. When he jumped onto the brick bed, even the one closest to him kept a distance of one meter. They were afraid of being possessed by Servant Yao’s evil spirit that was on Gu Shenwei.

Gu Shenwei didn’t care at all. He was too tired, so he closed his eyes and slept soundly. He didn’t even have the strength to consider how to deal with the returning Han Shiqi.

Things didn’t work out as he expected. The next morning, Servant Ji hit the edge of the brick bed with his red stick to wake up the teenagers. He declared loudly that they didn’t have to go to the eighth young lord’s yard to bow to the Miss, because the eighth mistress suspected that the group of teenagers all had evil Qi. They had to spend the whole day cleaning Ji Xin Yuan because ‘third brother’ had returned and would stay there tonight.

Gu Shenwei was surprised. He still hadn’t found a way to deal with this danger. It seemed that he had no choice but to find a chance to fight again.

In the end, it was Servant Ji who helped him solve the problem. His eyes were filled with hatred, but this hatred was directed at another person, “Is he dead?”

Gu Shenwei nodded.

“Thrown away?”

Gu Shenwei nodded again.

“Take off your clothes. Let the others burn them, and don’t go out of this door for three days.”

Gu Shenwei’s heart felt a little bit more at peace. He didn’t care about being possessed by the evil Qi; in fact, with this, Han Shiqi probably would not cause him trouble.

He had escaped from his misfortune, but someone else had to suffer in his place. Servant Ji pointed at Servant Qi and Servant Xie. “Come with me.”

The other teenagers hurriedly moved away. No one wanted to stay in the same room with Servant Huan.

Gu Shenwei took off his clothes and threw them outside. In a short time, someone had thrown away the clothes and given him a new set of clothes.

As soon as Gu Shenwei put on his new clothes, he searched every corner of the room again; he even moved the loose stone bricks and inspected them.

There was no white silk to be found. The dead Servant Yao had hidden it in a very secret place. Gu Shenwei even suspected that the white silk might have been destroyed. Servant Yao could have memorized all the characters and drawings so it was unnecessary to keep it anymore.

The other teenagers did not dare to come back to the bedroom. It was the brothers Servant Qi and Servant Xie who came back near noon. They were exempted from labour work, and all they had to do was wait patiently for Han Shiqi’s ‘favor’.

The three of them sat in same room silently. The atmosphere was very awkward.

They had had a chance to be friends, but because of a misunderstanding, they hadn’t talked to each other. Furthermore, the problem was that Gu Shenwei couldn’t explain this misunderstanding to them.

Although the brothers felt extremely humiliated that they were being ‘favoured’, they appeared to be strangely calm at the moment. Even the youngest Servant Xie didn’t cry like he usually did.

After a duration,, Servant Qi came around and said, “you killed Servant Yao.”

Servant Qi’s Central Plains language was not very good, but his tone was obviously positive. Gu Shenwei didn’t know his intentions, so he locked eyes with him and didn’t answer.

“There’s still one more person you need to kill.”

Servant Qi still spoke in an affirmative tone, but Gu Shenwei had already understood that he was asking him for help.


“That man.”

Gu Shenwei knew who he was. He was the only one who knew the name ‘Han Shiqi’ amongst the teenagers. Servant Ji had always called him ‘third brother’, and even Gu Shenwei was not sure if ‘Han Shiqi’ was the killer’s real name.

Gu Shenwei didn’t doubt the brothers’ determination to kill Han Shiqi, but he was still prudent  and didn’t answer immediately. After all, they were not real friends.

“We want to erase our humiliation, and you also don’t want to be humiliated, do you? In that case, do you want to join us?”

Although Servant Qi’s accent was awkward due to his poor language skills, his eyes showed sincerity and perseverance, which was very rare amongst the servants in Golden Roc Castle.

“I’m in.”

Gu Shenwei replied. He had no reason to refuse to help Servant Qi or play tricks on him.

Servant Xie also walked towards them. The three of them held each other’s hands to show their trust. Each of them observed the opposite party quietly for a while, feeling that the other was sincere.

Servant Qi was tall, almost half a head taller than Gu Shenwei. He possessed both wildness and arrogance at the same time, like a wild beast king’s cub who had accidentally roamed into the prosperous human world and was incompatible with his surroundings, looking down upon everything.

The younger brother Servant Xie was like a small child beast. He always followed behind his brother and quiet. He still hadn’t gotten used to his status and life as a servant, appearing to be more like a rich family’s son than Gu Shenwei.

These brothers who had this kind of personalities obviously couldn’t obtain anyone’s favor. Han Shiqi treated them as someone he could play with; Servant Ji treated them as gifts and competitors; Xue Niang thought that they were stubborn and disobedient. In short, they suffered more punishment than any of the other teenagers and Servant Qi took the brunt of it.

Several months’ of a servant’s life had left a clear mark on Servant Qi’s body. The last trace of any tenderness on his face had disappeared, his eyes constantly alert and his lips tightly closed. His looks made it harder for him to appeal to others.

Only Gu Shenwei was an exception. From the brothers, he saw the same anger, hatred, and terror that he saw in himself. The killer from Big Snow Mountain who had tracked them for an extended amount of time also proved that these brothers, similar to Gu Shenwei, had been through a miserable experience.

None of them mentioned their pasts. It was useless to mention their deepest pains; these pains could not be alleviated or vented through talking. Instead, it only revealed more weaknesses and softness of the survivors.

Now, they were experiencing the same hardship, facing the same dangers, and fighting the same enemy. They were determined to get revenge, to fight their enemy and kill him, but it was not easy. Unlike Servant Yao, who knew a little about martial arts, Han Shiqi was a killer of Golden Roc Castle. Although he was not a top level master, he was still far better than the three of them.

“I have a plan.”

Servant Qi said. He had waited a long time for this day to come. In order to kill the bastard who had humiliated himself and his young brother, he would risk everything.

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