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Chapter 209 Asking for Admittance

Shangguan Ru’s threat to teach the father and son of the Wei family a lesson was just one of her snappy comebacks. Although the Governor was an insignificant figure, the Central Plains he represented was a colossus. Tenth Gongzi wasn’t that ignorant.

She would have put up with it if what Wei Lingmiao did next wasn’t that outrageous.


The womaniser Wei Lingmiao had come all the way to Jade City from thousands of miles away, but he didn’t fancy any prostitutes in Southern Jade City. Instead, his mind was preoccupied with the Tenth Gongzi of the Shangguan family, who had not yet grown up. He kept sending gifts everyday, just hoping to see her. Somehow the story leaked and soon spread throughout the whole city.

“The tenth gongzi of the castle? The leader of the Kun Society? The little devil who kills without blinking her eyes? The overlord of half of the merchants at Southern Jade City? Come on, no kidding.”

That was the first reaction that everyone had.

“That can’t be wrong. You can go to the Kun Society’s gate to have a look yourself. Boxes of gifts, all treasures from the Central Plains, are moved in everyday. He’s spending money like water. Do you hear me? He’s spending money like water! Even all the famous bitches of Southern Jade City putting together wouldn’t be worth this price.”

The person who said this had his tongue cut out the next day. From then on, no one dared to compare Tenth Gongzi to a bitch.

On the day Wei Lingmiao came to visit Tenth Gongzi at Southern Jade City, the onlookers almost blocked the whole street. People gasped with admiration that Wei Lingmiao was indeed the greatest true lover under heaven, who was daring and passionate with a unique flair, and who even fell in love with a female killer, a killer lord.

The crowd still had an impression about the last person who had fallen in love with a female killer. Meng Fifth Gongzi’s experience, however, wasn’t worthy of envy as not only did the woman he love die, but the big sum of money he had was also all spent in vain. He had confusedly helped fulfil the twins’ dream.

Besides, Wei Gongzi’s appearance and manners were several notches higher than Meng Mingshi’s. So when he appeared on horseback, there was an uproar of applause, even as groups of guards in front and behind tried their best to divide the dense crowd and open a narrow passage.

Wei Lingmiao didn’t care about the crowd’s gaze and pointing. He had a thoughtful smile and seemed like he was walking in his own yard. His movements while dismounting his horse were natural and smooth, causing yet another uproar of compliment.

A close servant went inside to send the visiting card.

The cutters guarding the gate were all awed by Wei Gongzi’s posture, and embarrassedly looked at each other, trying to refrain from laughing.

Soon, the close servant came out, or rather he was thrown out.

The servant flew directly at Wei Lingmiao, but a guard pushed the humanoid hidden weapon to the side and immediately retreated after the servant landed safely.

Wei Lingmiao sighed and patted his palm with his fan before he exclaimed, “Tenth Gongzi, your old friend is here, why not come out and meet me?”

Shangguan Ru, with a sabre in her hand and a gloomy face, was ready to run out and kill people but was stopped by Lotus. This Wei Gongzi was really a rascal. He didn’t even let her know before he came so blatantly, as if she had been waiting for him to fancy her.

Gu Shenwei walked out of the Kun Society and ordered the cutters to drive the onlookers out of the alley before he persuaded Wei Lingmiao to leave. “Tenth Gongzi won’t see any guests today. Thank you for your understanding, Wei Gongzi.”

This little setback couldn’t defeat Wei Gongzi. “Please tell Tenth Gongzi that I’ll come back tomorrow and the next, every day.” Then he winked at the killer as if there were some tacit secret between the two.

Although Wei Gongzi had left, Shangguan Ru’s anger still wasn’t extinguished. She had finally made up her mind to punish this lecherous man.

On the next day, Wei Lingmiao did come again. This time the gate of the Kun Society was closed and not even the servants were allowed to enter.

Wei Lingmiao sighed repeatedly, left the gifts at the gate, and took his people away.

For five days in a row, Wei Gongzi really came every day. The people watching for fun decreased as the days went by, but his courage mounted as he continuously failed. Even the gifts he sent were becoming more and more peculiar. One evening, he even asked someone to shoot off fireworks. Even the people of Golden Roc Castle on top of the mountain could see it.

On the sixth day, Wei Gongzi still didn’t show any traces of being down-hearted, but he felt that life was too bland and needed some changes.

What were other women in Southern Jade City worth Wei Lingmiao’s personal visit except for Tenth Gongzi?

Only one.

The best whore in Southern Jade City wouldn’t be summoned as casually as Xu Yanwei.

The Retention Alley had never actually kept people from leaving. Countless prostitutes came and left, became famous and then forgotten. Only Xiao Fengchai, who had been famous for so long, had stood still for so many years and became the cock of the walk amongst all whores of Jade City.

Those who weren’t able to see Xiao Fengchai always said the same thing, “That bitch was actually average, and she isn’t young now. If the Meng family hasn’t been supporting her with a significant amount of money, who would line up to fuck her? Her fame is actually greater than she deserves.”

When people who had seen Xiao Fengchai heard such talks, they would always hum with a sense of superiority and then leave with their head held high, leaving the other side blushing and feeling ashamed of their lack of experience.

Wei Lingmiao had met Xiao Fengchai before. The last time he had come to Jade City, he had stayed in Xiao Fengchai’s house for ten days and became the man who stayed there the longest. As was well known, Xiao Fengchai was picky about her guests. If she didn’t like the guest, then no matter how rich the guest was, he could only drink tea and have a chat. And one also had to have a good fortune to stay overnight.

Wei Lingmiao, therefore, felt that he would be comforted here.

So, when the maidservant on the first floor asked this noble guest to wait for a moment, he was a bit upset.

Wei Lingmiao was soon relieved, because Xiao Fengchai was after all Xiao Fengchai and worth his wait. Actually, when he first visited her, he wasn’t immediately called to go upstairs, and he had to go through many hurdles in a row.

The first hurdle was money. Xiao Fengchai was picky about the guest but not the money. To see her, one had to prepare at least a thousand taels of silver as gift money. It would be even better if one could attach a few fashionable gadgets with the silver. Wei Lingmiao was well prepared. He had handed over three thousand taels of silver together with a dozen or so gifts that he had chosen from the piles of gifts at the gate of Kun Society which had not been accepted.  

The second hurdle was people. After drinking light tea for a quarter of an hour, Wei Lingmiao was invited to the living room on the second floor, which was lavishly decorated with the carpets of the Western Regions, calligraphy and paintings of the Central Plains, consecrated statues of Buddhas of the Four Noble Truths Temple, and sandalwoods of the overseas. Besides this, a few exquisite beauties would dangle around the guest. If the guest was dazzled by these things as soon as they went upstairs and showed timidness or leered at the girls, they would never see Xiao Fengchai.  

What had Wei Lingmiao not seen before? He only paused a bit at a few famous calligraphy and paintings, and the other things weren’t worthy of his attention. And he knew that, behind a wall, Xiao Fengchai was looking at him.  

The third hurdle was patience. Wei Lingmiao drank tea for another half an hour on the second floor and barely managed to suppress his anger. It was fine to play tricks with the newcomers, but this was already his second visit. How could that bitch forget the affection and tenderness from last time so easily?

Bitches are always bitches, Wei Lingmiao thought. They always play the same trick and never change.

The waiting finally ended. Two extremely beautiful maidservants rolled up the bead curtain, and Wei Lingmiao knew that he could enter now.

The woman sitting at the window was exactly the Xiao Fengchai he remembered. Nearly three years had passed but her appearance had hardly changed. She hadn’t put on any makeup. With just an elegant yellow dress, she was looking out of the window and seemed to haven’t heard anyone coming in.

Inside the room was a refreshing fragrance. Wei Lingmiao’s heart leapt and all his discontent immediately vanished. “Fengchai …”

Bang. Wei Lingmiao suddenly felt a blow on his head and everything went black. Heartless bitch, this was the last thought that went through his mind before he fainted.

It hadn’t been easy to catch Wei Lingmiao. When he came to a place like Southern Jade City, he always brought dozens of guards with him, some of whom were actually experts. So it was impossible to approach this noble gongzi without a bloody fight.

Xiao Fengchai turned her head, her facial expression was hard to read. She had seen too much of the world, and would not be bluffed by three young killers. Even when the fight between the Kun and Qiu Society was in full swing, no one had dared to run wild in her house until today.

“Which one of you is Tenth Gongzi?”

“I am.” Shangguan Ru took one step forward. Since the other side had already guessed her identity, there was no need to hide anymore. She tore off her mask and aggressively said, “Hmm, you are indeed a beautiful woman, so the legends are not all false.”

Xiao Fengchai smiled. “You’re also very pretty. No wonder a person like Xiao Miao’er is obsessed with you.”

“That’s just his wishful thinking,” Shangguan Ru said with hatred.

The other two killers were still masked, but their body shapes gave away that one of them was a woman and the other a man. Xiao Fengchai put away her smile, “I do not allow men to enter here easily.”

The remark, made by a prostitute, was rather ironic and hypocritical, but Xiao Fengchai was telling the truth. She was scared by the three killers sneaking into her house from Xu Yanwei’s house next door, but also felt that it was kind of exciting. Now she wanted to end the game.

Gu Shenwei had heard many stories about Xiao Fengchai from Tie Hanfeng, especially about her helping the rich to hide gold and silver. He couldn’t help but suspect that Wei Lingmiao had come here for other purposes.

“You won’t mind if we snatch the guest from you, will you?” Shangguan Ru had a good impression of this prostitute because the other side was very cooperative and had saved her a lot of trouble.

“Not at all. I really don’t want to see him today. Dealing with an insincere guest is as flavourless as chewing sawdust. He wants me to amuse him while his mind is all on other people, so he’s not my guest. And you’d better not use the word ‘snatch’ at Retention Alley. Other people may misunderstand.”

Xiao Fengchai flashed a naughty smile as if an elder sister was talking to a younger sister. Shangguan Ru surprisingly didn’t get angry but instead smiled back and left with the killer and the captive.   

Xu Yanwei was still in Northern Jade City, so her bedroom was empty. The back window of her bedroom was about a dozen feet from the window of Xiao Fengchai’s house next door, but this, of course, wouldn’t be a problem for the killers of Golden Roc Castle. They used a flying claw to grab the eave, held the rope of the claw, and swung back to the Xu family. The guards on the front street were unaware of it and were still envious of their lord’s good fortune in love affairs.  

Gu Shenwei carried Wei Lingmiao on his shoulder before putting him on the floor. Wei Gongzi hummed twice and was about to wake up.

It was Gu Shenwei’s idea to buy over a footman of Wei Gongzi to inquire about his lord’s preferences. From this, it was soon concluded that Wei Lingmiao would definitely visit Xiao Fengchai.

Shangguan Ru, Lotus, and Servant Huan had stayed three days in the Xu family before they finally got this chance.

“What should we do now,” Gu Shenwei asked while looking at Shangguan Ru with Lotus.

Shangguan Ru was holding a sabre, but she didn’t want to kill, and she couldn’t kill. “This guy is too dirty, he needs a good washing.”

Wei Lingmiao let out a groan on the ground. Just as he was about to open his eyes, he was blinded by a black cloth and his mouth was stuffed with rags. Startled, he wondered, I’ve come to Jade City with a grand plan, how can I die in a brothel for seemingly no reason?  

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