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Chapter 21  Under the Bed

Gu Shenwei tried to hold back his sneeze, though it was not loud, he was almost exposed because of it. Fortunately, someone outside shouted at the same time as his sneeze.

“Boss, will third brother come tonight for sure?”


It was Servant Ji who was on the bed, Gu Shenwei felt so lucky that it was not the killer. If it was Han Shiqi, he would have noticed someone was hiding under the bed, even if someone outside the room spoke at the same time.

Servant Ji pulled himself up and impatiently said, “I’ve told you, I don’t know. I will let you know when he comes, now go back to your own room!”

The one who spoke from outside was Servant Qi. He deliberately raised his voice to remind Servant Huan, who was hiding inside, that, that man probably won’t come today.

Servant Qi followed the order and left, Servant Ji lay down again and muttered, “Ambitious little bastard, you were still sobbing two days ago, but now you behave like an anxious monkey. I have to be careful, you’re too naive to fight with me.”

Servant Ji talked to himself for a while, and hummed a tuneless song. He kept rolling around the bed that it took him almost an hour before he got out of bed and blew out the light to get ready to sleep.

Gu Shenwei was motionless and did not even dare to breath heavily. He put his hand over his nose to prevent himself from breathing in any more dust and waited almost another hour. After the snoring became heavier, Gu Shenwei quietly crawled out from under the bed, crept out of the room, and ran back to his bedroom.

The brothers were waiting for him inside, the other five teenagers were sleeping in a different room, so they were safe here.

That man didn’t come, Servant Qi heard a rumor that the eighth young lord Shangguan Nu’s recent mission did not go smoothly. Although they had successfully killed the target, they lost one killer.

According to Golden Roc Castle’s rules, it was best to kill someone who would not resist, the kill would be considered flawed if any resistance was encountered.

Shangguang Nu was having bad luck; the two tasks he had finished were not at all perfect, lowering his position in his father’s mind. Thusly, he became more and more angry and vented his anger to his underlings who were the killers and sabremen. It was said that someone was hurt once again under the eighth young lord’s sabre.

In this situation, Han Shiqi did not dare come back to fool around right away, for he feared being cut by the young lord for annoying him.

But it was a torment for the three teenagers who were waiting eagerly for their revenge.

For the third time, Gu Shenwei hid under Servant Ji’s bed at night. During the first two times, the only result was him cleaning the dust under the bed and arranging himself in a relatively comfortable position.

Han Shiqi arrived a little bit late, but Servant Ji was still awake. The knock on the door only sounded once, he, like a dog smelling a bone, jumped off the bed, picked up the key from the door’s back and happily opened the front door.

Han Shiqi either didn’t care about the curfew or, since he could freely come to Ji Xin Yuan’s room late at night, was able to hide from the watchman.

“Third brother, I missed you so much, look, I even became thinner.”

Servant Ji’s voice was soft and sweet, it made Gu Shenwei’s hair stand on end. Even though Gu Shenwei already had goosebumps all over his body, it was far from ending. Servant Ji smilingly fawned over Han Shiqi, which was totally different from the overseer who always gripped a red stick.

Gu Shenwei felt so disgusted that he wanted to vomit.

He felt deep sympathy for Servant Qi and Servant Xie and finally understood why they were so persistent about killing a Golden Roc Castle killer.

The two of them lit a candle and sat on the bed together. Gu Shenwei held his breath and hoped that they would not linger too long. He really wanted to make a move now that he knew the accurate position of Han Shiqi.

Han Shiqi didn’t talk much, he came here to enjoy himself, not to talk. After a while, he said, “Where’s the kid who likes fighting? Call him over here.”

Gu Shenwei’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, ‘the kid who likes fighting,’ wasn’t that him?

“Servant Huan? He got infected with evil Qi, don’t call him today, that pair of brothers……”

“What evil Qi?”

“Oh, it was also a kid of this yard, he lost his mind in front of the eighth mistress. Hehe, the people brought by the robber’s daughter are indeed not good. Servant Huan was around that kid when he died so he got the evil Qi, I asked him to stay quietly in his room and told him not to come out.”

“Talk less about the eighth yard’s business, the eighth young lord’s luck was too bad, he had a lot of internal and external problems. Even I am worried everyday. I’m afraid that he will heedlessly punish me if he’s having an unpleasant day in the future.”

“Yes, yes, the eighth mistress’s business is her own problem, it is a pity that our eighth young lord, a fine-looking man, with good martial arts skills……”

“Hey, also talk less about the evil Qi, I have heard about that kid, he obviously had a Qi deviation which has nothing to do with an evil Qi infection. That woman called Xue Niang admitted it was her fault. She taught him internal energy too fast and hence, harmed that kid.”

“Right, right.” Servant Ji said, but he was not convinced. He would rather believe it was evil Qi infection.

Gu Shenwei, who was hiding under the bed, was startled at those words. He taught Servant Yao about internal Qi, moreover, his Qi deviation was intentionally caused by him, then why did Xue Niang confess it was her fault? Is it because she wanted to protect the Miss from the issue of evil Qi?  

Gu Shenwei couldn’t figure out the reason.

“Go call that kid, I will drive his evil Qi away.”

Han Shiqi’s voice contained some indecency, Servant Ji took the hint and smiled. Gu Shenwei who hid under the bed was filled with apprehension. Their assassination plan seemed to be perfect but they came across a killer who didn’t believe in evil Qi.

 If Servant Huan was not found to be in his room, their plan would be in vain.

Servant Ji grinned whilst he got out of the bed. Gu Shenwei moved the sharp knife’s position slightly; he decided to make a move as soon as Servant Ji had walked far away. The problem was that he didn’t know the exact position of Han Shiqi on the bed, so he could only guess it.

The possibility of stabbing at the crucial part was very low, but he had no choice.

Han Shiqi, who was on the bed, suddenly said, “Who is it acting sneaky?”

Gu Shenwei was once again surprised, just as he was about to make a move a voice came from outside.

“Has third brother come?”

“I told you I would let you know, go away!” Servant Ji shouted, annoyed.

It was Servant Xie outside, Servant Ji had already been wary of the two brothers’ proactiveness and became impatient.

“Yes, boss. Ehh, is it the third brother inside? I will go call my brother.”

“Who said it will be your turn to serve today? Go back to sleep.”

“But boss, you have taught us those tricks during these few days……”

“Little bastard, you have become  more and more bold, you now dare to argue with me.”

Servant Ji patted the red stick in his hand, and decided to teach the disobedient Servant Xie a lesson.

Servant Xie’s appearance seemed to have aroused Han Shiqi’s appetite, “Wait, let the brothers come, I want to see what you have taught them.”

“Hee hee, third bother, you already know my tricks.”

Once Servant Ji went to call Servant Qi, Gu Shenwei’s heart rested again. He quietly moved the sharp knife to its original position; he was already very familiar with this position and could feel it even in darkness.

But now he had another problem. Han Shiqi and Servant Ji had wasted too much time in chatting on the bed, a quarter of an hour had been lost. Gu Shenwei held his breath for so long that he felt suffocated; he desperately needed a deep breath of fresh air.

Servant Qi finally came, he closed the door and Servant Ji didn’t follow. This seemed to be the only part of the whole plan in which no accidents had occurred.

Han Shiqi jumped off the bed. The moment his feet touched the floor, Gu Shenwei took a deep breath.

“You’re more obedient than last time, hmm? Come here, I’m a little bit tired today, I want to see your tricks, don’t let me down, or I will let you learn my techniques again.”

“We’ll satisfy you, master.” Servant Qi said. He still couldn’t speak the two words ‘third brother’ out loud. Gu Shenwei could hear a trace of tension in his words.

“Satisfy……” Han Shiqi repeated ambiguously.

“Third brother, let’s get on the bed.” It was Servant Xie’s voice. Although this kid didn’t talk much usually, he seemed to be more calm than his brother now.

“No hurry.”

Gu Shenwei didn’t understand what happened next. Those voices and moanings were very strange to him, and ugly. It was like dirty things trying to drill his ears, he began to blush and almost couldn’t control his breath. Soon, hatred and anger rose in his heart, he calmed down again, and put his focus on the point 3 chis above his head.

The brothers tried their best, but this time Han Shiqi wanted to stand and was unwilling to get on the bed no matter how hard they tried.

After nearly a quarter of an hour, which was the longest quarter in the three teenagers’ lifetime, Han Shiqi cried out suddenly and softly, followed by a sound of someone getting beaten.

“Little bastard, I knew you to have ill will, you want to plot against my penis, how dare you!!!.”

“Kill me, I came to kill you as revenge.” Servant Qi said.

Gu Shenwei was startled, could it be possible that Servant Qi couldn’t bear the humiliation and made a move in advance? Should he go outside to help, or continue staying under the bed?

PaPaPa, the sound of continuously hitting someone was accompanied by Han Shiqi’s excited yelling:

“Fuck, it is my skills that are more interesting, I will let you taste some new tricks I have not played before.”

“Let go of my brother!” Servant Xie shouted.

The brothers were like weak and feeble sheep at the hands of Han Shiqi’s, screaming and resisting only aroused their opponent’s desire more.

Then, someone jumped on the bed, “Bastard, come get me.”

It was Servant Xie, he had learnt the Central Plains language in less than a month, so the dirty words were the same as what Servant Ji said.

Pang, another man was on the bed. Judging from the sound of the fall, Gu Shenwei speculated it was Servant Qi who was thrown on the bed by Han Shiqi.

He he, you two little birds, uncle will have some fun with you, now that you can understand what I’m saying, it will be more fun to play.”

Gu Shenwei understood the two brothers’ intentions, Han Shiqi liked doing things forcefully, so they took advantage of it and seduced Han Shiqi to get onto the bed.

Gu Shenwei cleansed his mind from all of his thoughts and waited patiently for the signal to make a move.

The bed was tossed upside down and someone continuously yelled, but Gu Shenwei turned a deaf ear to everything.

“Elder brother!”

Finally the signal rang. Gu Shenwei couldn’t even recognize who blurted it out. Blood rose to his head. He wanted to use his full strength, but he had no strength at all; he wanted to see clearly and move swiftly, but his movements were as slow as if he was frozen from the cold.

The knife passed through the plank gap unhindered and moved upwards.

Then it touched a block, a very hard block, and the knife couldn’t move any further.

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