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Chapter 223 Saving People

From Shangguan Yun’s point of view, he had already made it clear, so he was very surprised at the killer’s proposed conditions.

“I told you, don’t practise the Daoless Divine Power. I like my little sister and don’t want her to die young.”

Gu Shenwei had hundreds of reasons with which to persuade Shangguan Yun, but Shangguan Ru hastily called out before he could say anything. “No, third brother, I’ll find a way to send Yingwu down the mountain, so you don’t have to teach me the Daoless Divine Power.”


Gu Shenwei took a glance at Tenth Gongzi, who was still thinking that the killer had made the request for her sake and was unaware that she was being used. He needed the Daoless Scroll so much that he couldn’t let this opportunity slip through his fingers. “Does the Daoless Divine Power have any other hidden troubles besides causing the practitioner to lose their internal energy and becoming weak regularly?”

“No, but this hidden trouble is fatal.”

“Wouldn’t it be all right if one is well protected?”

“No no, it’s not as simple as you think. Anyone who has practised the Daoless Divine Power will use it to realize their their potential, and the result is that one will kill countless people and make numerous enemies. No matter how well protected one is, there will be accidents.”

“The Unique King is fine,” Gu Shenwei said after a moment of silence. He hadn’t meant to say it because it would be risky for him once other people knew that he had discovered the King Lord’s weakness.  



Shangguan Yun also became silent. Obviously, the news wasn’t completely out of his expectation. “Finally, his day has come.”

Mm, I just saw him.”

“Mother said that father is practising some divine power, so is that what he’s doing?” As the Unique King’s daughter, Shangguan Ru was a bit surprised that she didn’t know as much as Servant Huan.

Shangguan Yun’s eyes turned to his younger sister. “He has been practising it for many years, as the Daoless Divine Power is the exclusive privilege of the Unique King, because only the Unique King can have the strongest protection. So, it’s up to you.”

Shangguan Ru was a little uncertain, and she made a quick glance at Servant Huan’s face before making up her mind. “I’ll help Yingwu leave, unconditionally, but I also want to learn the Daoless Divine Power.”

Shangguan Yun smiled bitterly while shaking his head, “Ok, I’ll pass it to you, but you have to swear that you won’t pass the Divine Power to anyone else, especially the killers around you.”

Shangguan Ru nodded, “I swear.”

Gu Shenwei was too anxious and had been seen through. But instead of defending himself, he thought of another question and asked, “Since the Daoless Divine Power is the Unique King’s exclusive skill, how did you learn it?”

Shangguan Yun slightly raised his head and, for the first time, showed off the condescending manner of a lord. “I didn’t say that I knew the Daoless Divine Power, and you, as a qualified killer, had better turn around and not ask anything; do not even think about it.”

Gu Shenwei followed the order to face the door of the prison.

A rustling sound came behind him, which was slightly harsh as if something was sweeping across the stone wall. Shangguan Yun wouldn’t carve out the entire Daoless Scroll on the stone, would he? Gu Shenwei thought. If he does, he probably won’t be able to finish it in one evening and Shangguan Ru also won’t be able to memorize all the characters.

But the sound soon disappeared after enough time to write a dozen or so characters. Then Shangguan Yun’s voice came, “Have you memorized it?”


Following Shangguan Ru’s voice came the sound of and rubbing and wiping. Shangguan Yun finally urged his little sister, “Beware of this killer. He is not simple.”

Shangguan Ru knocked on the door, and Gu Shenwei turned around to stare at Shangguan Yun. This third young lord had grown up with the killer, but looked down upon the killer, which made Gu Shenwei furious.

“Promise me that Yingwu will be all right,” Shangguan Yun said softly, his expression serious. At this moment, he seemed like the Unique King at his peak.

Gu Shenwei was stunned, then he understood. The third young lord clearly knew in the heart that he couldn’t solely rely on his little sister to save people, and the one he believed in was still the killer.

“She’ll be all right,” Gu Shenwei calmly replied. “But I can’t promise anything.”

Shangguan Ru, who had been brooding the whole way, asked as soon as they returned to the eighth young lord’s courtyard, “Do you have any ideas?”

“Not yet.”

Shangguan Ru’s tight face gradually softened and revealed a smile. “You must have a plan.”

“I have to think about it.”

“Do I really have to make it clear? I learned the Daoless Divine Power for you. Regardless of what third brother said, I will certainly pass it on to you. After all, you are my ‘disciple’.”

It had been a long time since the two had called each other Master and disciple. Gu Shenwei knew Shangguan Ru’s temperament, so he also smiled. “Honestly, I really need the Daoless Divine Power, as the Desolate Finger Energy is still residing in my body and there’s not much time until its final outbreak.”

“The Divine Power can cure your illness?”

“Yes,” Gu Shenwei said with curt finality, although he wasn’t actually so sure. It was only a guess of his and Lotus’s and might be inaccurate.

“Just like I guessed. That book … Anyway, it’s no use saying it now. I’ll tell you in a few days.”

Lotus knocked on the door while the two were still talking inside. “Tenth Gongzi, Miss asks for you to go back and rest.”

Shangguan Ru playfully stuck out her tongue and said, “Eighth sister-in-law is really strict; I’m off. Find a way to get people out quickly. That’s the most important thing.”  

As a concubine of the Unique King, Chen Yingwu lived in the inner chamber. It wouldn’t be easy to get her out. Gu Shenwei still remembered the two servants who had hidden in the casks and escaped from the castle, but were soon caught after.

He was still thinking about the Daoless Scroll. It seemed that Shangguan Yun really hadn’t practised it and that what he told his little sister was just a clue. It would be a great loss to Gu Shenwei if the content of the clue was what he already knew.

Gu Shenwei’s mind ran wild for a while until he finally came up with an idea right before he fell asleep.

Shangguan Ru came to knock on the door early the next morning. She had also thought of a solution, but after listening to Servant Huan’s idea, she gave up her own. “Your idea is more reliable, but a bit more difficult. It’s already a miracle for eighth sister-in-law to take me in, so I don’t think she’d be willing to do it.”

“I’ll try to persuade her while you go and ask Madam Meng for help.”

“I’m sure mother would be willing to help. She’d love to have fewer women in the inner chamber.”

Gu Shenwei didn’t tell her that if what Luo Ningcha said was right, then Madam Meng had sent many women to the inner chamber.”

It really wasn’t easy to convince Luo Ningcha. She was tired of working for Servant Huan and felt that she had paid a lot but gained nothing in return. But except for the unrealistic killing demands, she couldn’t think of anything that Servant Huan could do for her. Gu Shenwei could only conceal the important role that Madam Meng would play in the plan and patiently continue to persuade her. “Miss, think about it, Yingwu is a woman of the inner chamber, and if she goes missing, Madam Meng will naturally lose face …”


Luo Ningcha was tempted, but still felt a bit unhappy. “Servant Huan, how come you’ve been hanging around with so many women? Either sending women to my place or taking women out secretly? Do not forget, you are a killer, and you have sworn your loyalty to me. I haven’t won a single battle yet, so you can’t just think for yourself right now.”

Everytime Luo Ningcha demanded in a condescending manner, Gu Shenwei felt anger flare up in his heart. But he quickly calmed down. This woman had only a few days left on her high horse, which was perhaps even shorter than the three-year deadline of his Qi deviation.

Gu Shenwei casually made several oaths and finally won the Miss’s support.

“I really want to see what this parrot (Yingwu) looks like that she could make so many men compete for her.”

In contrast, it was much easier to persuade Madam Meng. In Shangguan Ru’s eyes, she was voluntarily helping her third brother and Shangguan Yun had ‘paid’ her in advance. But she concealed all this, and described the matter as a pure deal, easily obtaining her mother’s understanding.

Once they got Madam Meng’s help, Gu Shenwei’s plan became much simpler.

Big Head God had sent many gifts to his daughter, and Luo Ningcha naturally had to send back return gifts. This was the exact ostensible excuse that let Servant Huan and Lotus be summoned back to the castle. So everything was well-reasoned, and ten cartloads of gifts were soon ready. The eighth young mistress didn’t learn the lesson of the last maidservant killed by her father, and prepared four more.

The night before they went down the mountain, a ‘minor accident’ was reported in the inner chamber. One of the King Lord’s concubines had committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. The rule in the castle was that it was better to ask less, so most people didn’t even know the name of the concubine.

Servant Huan and Lotus’s task was done after the gifts were sent outside the east gate of the city. The Kun Society then sent fifty sabremen to escort them to the Iron Mountain camp.

The next day, the people of City View Alley suddenly found that Madman Wu, who used to roam the streets everyday, had disappeared. And no one had seen him for several days afterward. “He died.” Everyone said so, and everyone claimed to have found signs of his death long ago. As for why his corpse was undiscovered, they claimed that this was exactly the style of the mysterious Madman Wu.

Gu Shenwei’s small house in Northern Jade City was occupied again. Xu Xiaoyi and Chu Nanping had moved there. The neighbors only saw two little kids coming and going and no one knew whether there were others living inside.

Of all the participants, only Gu Shenwei had never seen Chen Yingwu from beginning to end. He didn’t show up even when she offered to thank the benefactor. He only hoped that the matter would be over as soon as possible, and that the information provided by Shangguan Yun would be valuable.

Now that he had gone down the mountain, Gu Shenwei intended to settle another matter. The ‘peace talisman’ of the Kun Society should have been handed over by now. The silver would be transferred to his own name later on, which finally motivated him a bit.

Although the Kun Society had developed well, it was not easy to collect 1,150,000 taels of silver. Those hundreds of hired sabremen were a great burden. The account showed that there were only 900,000 taels deposited, which was already the result of the early preparation of several accountants.

Gu Shenwei took away 800,000 taels worth of banknotes, claiming that he could persuade the Governor to accept only this amount.

Gu Shenwei inquired about the situation in the city before he went in to meet the Governor. The death of Wei Lingmiao and Meng Mingxian was still a hot topic on the street. As expected, more and more people began to associate the two things together, but this time everyone thought the connection was not one of friendship but of revenge.

The Meng family remained silent on this matter, but it actually acted more like a confirmation of the public’s conjectures.


Gu Shenwei, therefore, was confident in winning the lord Wei Song’s trust before meeting with him. He didn’t expect that someone unexpected had meddled in this matter and was waiting for the killer to walk right into the trap.

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