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Chapter 234 The Affair

Gu Shenwei was seventeen years old but still a virgin. Although he had seen and heard too much in Southern Jade City, he still did not have a deep understanding of the word ‘lust’. Otherwise, he would have been more confident about his plan.

He had convinced Luo Ningcha, but he himself was feeling less and less confident. He had always felt that there were so many minor details that hadn’t been taken into account. For example, the Unique King might not lay hands on his daughter-in-law for the sake of face. Even if he had heard about Luo Ningcha’s stunning looks, he might wait until his internal energy was restored.  

Gu Shenwei was very clear that he was not Shangguan Fa’s match for the time being, and that he could only carry out an assassination when Shangguan Fa was completely powerless and defenseless.

Xu Yanwei, however, was much more confident than Lord Huan. She didn’t know her lord’s true intentions, but she was still very pleased to be the ‘Master’ and teach all the experience she had accumulated over the years. After seeing the Miss’s real face and training her a little, she said to Gu Shenwei, “Is Miss planning to seduce Buddha? Oh, my God, Xiao Fengchai is a village girl comparing with her.”

Xiao Fengchai was well recognized as the most popular courtesan of Retention Alley, and the fact that Xu Yanwei had used her as a comparison was actually the highest form of praise for the Miss.

In the days before Big Head God’s coffin was brought to Jade City, Luo Ningcha had kept a low profile. She had sent most of the maids and servants to live in the front yard, leaving only a few of her most trusted people in the backyard. Every day she would learn the unique ways to walk, talk, and present herself from Xu Yanwei. She seemed to have been enlightened a lot. “If I had learned this before, Shangguan Nu would not have left me alone in the castle.”

Xu Yanwei’s only problem as a prostitute was that sometimes she might show her true face of a shrewish snob and make the guest feel uncomfortable. But as a teacher, she was qualified. And most of the things she had taught the Miss was about controlling one’s temper. “Men are all the same; they want a woman to admire them, beg them. The more you pretend to be poor, the more generous they become.”

Gu Shenwei and Lotus were responsible for the Miss’s safety, as this was the most dangerous period of time throughout the whole plan. His enemy and Luo Ningcha’s enemy might launch a surprise attack, and just the two couldn’t stop a strong offensive.

At this critical moment, it was the Unique King’s order that ensured their safety. Shangguan Fa smelled the restless killing aura in the castle and sternly commanded, “Whoever kills without permission for any reason, will die!”

As a gathering place of killers, if Golden Roc Castle couldn’t control their own bloodthirsty narrow sabers, the entire foundation of the Unique King would be shaken.   

Shangguan Ru had helped out a lot. She was the most supportive of her father’s ban on killing and had almost run to Luo Ningcha’s place every day, not hating her eighth sister-in-law for her past behavior at all. Gu Shenwei carefully controlled the conversation between the two and prevented them from talking about the board.

Lotus had guessed that Servant Huan and the Miss were forming a plot, but she never asked, and only occasionally persuaded Servant Huan to practice the Daoless Divine Power. “You have an earlier deadline than I do, and I find it helpful to practice the divine power.”

Gu Shenwei actually wanted to get rid of the Desolate Finger Energy in his body as soon as possible. But unlike Lotus, for him to practice the Daoless Divine Power, he had to first disperse all of his internal energy. At this crucial moment, he didn’t want to be powerless. “Wait a bit longer.” That was what he always said, never giving any explanation.  

Gu Shenwei knew very well what a disturbance it would be to assassinate the Unique King. He didn’t want to die with the enemy, so he had made an escape plan and he could only practice the divine power outside the castle.

In this plan, there was no place for Luo Ningcha. Gu Shenwei couldn’t protect her, and nor could he take away Xu Yanwei, for whom he could only point out a way to survive herself. And that was it. It was useless to think too much.

But he wanted to take Lotus away. She was an ideal assistant, one who had an unbelievable tacit understanding with him. They could protect each other’s back and flanks, which was crucial to them.

Gu Shenwei didn’t intend to tell Lotus all this in advance. If the Unique King died in the eighth young lord’s courtyard, all the people living here would be implicated, and Lotus would naturally escape with him by that time.

Gu Shenwei was ready, and now it depended on whether Luo Ningcha’s first show in public would be successful or not.

In fact, it was not an ordinary success; it had created a sensation that spread throughout the whole Jade City. The title of ‘the most beautiful woman under heaven’ had spread to Southern Jade City when Luo Ningcha was still traveling up the mountain. Tens of thousands of people wanted to confirm whether the rumor was true, causing a congestion at the checkpoint. The guards tried to block the crowd with all their might, which almost turned them into a riot.  

The sensation had also spread to the castle. The alley outside of the eighth young lord’s courtyard was full of people, many of whom had come to watch the scene and some whom even had the intention of causing trouble so that they could receive credit from Madam Meng later. But when Luo Ningcha slowly came with the help of the maidservants, the crowd uncontrollably moved aside to give way. No one dared to open their mouth, as they were too shy to say anything. They even felt their breathing was too loud, so over a hundred people held their breath at the same time. It was not until the figure of ‘that woman’ had disappeared into the courtyard that everyone exhaled and felt as if their heart was empty as if something had been dug out of their body.

The purpose of Gu Shenwei and Luo Ningcha’s actions was to attract the Unique King, but the first ones who rushed up were a group of prodigals of the Shangguan family, some still even students in school. Under the banner of being relatives, they came to visit and comfort their eighth sister-in-law, eighth aunt, eighth brother’s wife, or eighth granddaughter-in-law. Shangguan Nu’s family had never been so lively.  

Gu Shenwei stopped all the visitors. It was enough to show up once, and Luo Ningcha had to remain mysterious next. Because of this, he offended many people. Shangguan Hong also muddled over but fled as soon as he saw Servant Huan.

Only Shangguan Ru was able to crowd into the backyard and see her eighth sister-in-law without a veil. After comforting her with a few words, Shangguan Ru came out while shaking her head and clicking her tongue. She smiled at Servant Huan and said, “Now you have a great responsibility. A slight accident and eighth brother will not spare you.”

Gu Shenwei also smiled but didn’t say anything. Shangguan Ru still didn’t understand that Shangguan Nu would never come back to the castle as long as the Unique King was alive.

After the busy day, everyone was exhausted and went to bed early. The panic in Luo Ningcha’s heart, however, had not disappeared. Servant Huan and Lotus had to take turns standing guard in her room. The two were like sabers under the pillow that helped the hostess sleep a little better.  

It was Gu Shenwei’s turn to be on duty today, and it was on this night that the matter between him and the Miss happened. No one was prepared beforehand.

Luo Ningcha had used up all her energy on the road, but she was too excited to sleep in her bed. What had happened during the day kept flashing through her mind. She had been hidden away by her father ever since she was little and didn’t expect that she had such a great charm. She could still remember Shangguan Nu’s infatuation and excitement during the first few months of their marriage, but she couldn’t get over that iron hook, and even now she shuddered to think of it, so she seldom pleased her husband. Perhaps it was for this reason that Shangguan Nu had finally steeled his heart and betrayed the castle.

The bed, which was loose even for two people, now appeared crowded. Luo Ningcha ordered Tsui Nü, who had been sleeping by her feet, to wait outside, on call.

But she still couldn’t fall asleep. She was like a child who had thought about her favorite toy for a year and finally got it and wanted to enjoy and play with it all night. For Luo Ningcha, this new toy was her charm.

“Are you there?”


“Come here.”

There was something new in the Miss’s voice. She hadn’t been so gentle and lovely even when she was learning from Xu Yanwei, but now she suddenly mastered it without a teacher.

Gu Shenwei’s heart trembled and also felt something he had never felt before. He had seen and heard about those love affairs in Southern Jade City and occasionally he would have the impulse, but it was all easily suppressed by him. This time, however, it had grown into a roaring monster and was difficult to stop.  

Without realizing it, his feet had uncontrollably moved. Gu Shenwei walked around the screen and came to the Miss’s bed.

“Am I pretty?”

Hmm,” Gu Shenwei vaguely replied, still struggling with the monster in his heart. Although it was dark in the room, there was still a vision of her appearance in his mind, as clear as day.

“Then why aren’t you attracted to me?”

“I’m a killer.”

“He’s also a killer.”

This ‘he’ referred to the Unique King. Gu Shenwei immediately awakened. This was the wrong moment. Shangguan Fa might be too eager to wait and might come tonight, and then the one who died in the bed would be him, not the enemy who had slaughtered his family.

Gu Shenwei was just about to step back before his right palm that was used to holding a saber was held by a soft hand, which was as slippery as silk, as soft as cotton, slightly cool, and a little trembling.  

“If I can’t attract you, then how am I going to satisfy him?”

If it were another man, he would probably feel hurtful about the remark, but for the killer present, it was a reasonable excuse.

He accepted the hand’s guidance, took off his clothes and got on the bed. The fingers slid along his arm and slowly moved to his chest. Luo Ningcha gasped, “So many scars.”

Shangguan Nu was also a killer but he had no scars, only a broken palm.

Gu Shenwei didn’t answer, as he was still struggling with the monster inside his heart, who was cajoling and urging him to throw himself at this woman, strangling her, tearing her apart, and merging her into his body. He himself, however, wanted to stay awake and be a qualified killer, enjoying the passion without being controlled by the passion.

Luo Ningcha felt her body start to burn, from her hair to her most secret place, straight inside her body, as if there was a fire jumping in her belly. Not only did those rough scars not scare her, but they also aroused her deepest and most primitive desires.

The killer was so naive that she had to take the initiative. Half-excited and half ashamed, she tried all the techniques she had learned on him.  

The pair of man and woman clumsily tried to apply the theoretical knowledge they had learned. No one wanted to show their inexperience, but none of them could take it in stride either.   

Luo Ningcha had never experienced the joy of sex. Shangguan Nu’s hook had been deeply engraved in her heart, leaving her with only fear and disgust. She felt that even living with him in the same room was unbearable.

Her strained heart had no chance to relax until now. The tide was rapidly rising, but she felt no fear at all; she only wanted to shout out loud so that the tide would drown herself completely.

He, on the other hand, had given in to the monster in his heart. He had been angry at Tie Hanfeng raping women, but he had unwittingly become infected and accepted his Master’s rules. This woman was both the wife of an enemy and a dying tool. Conquering her would bring him double the pleasure: revenge and self-satisfaction.

But his first attempt was a great embarrassment to himself. Even the killer had some things that were beyond his control. He lost so quickly that he didn’t even have a sense of what he had done.

Instead of comforting him, Luo Ningcha burst out laughing. “Wan Nü is right, men are all like this for the first time. This is your first time, isn’t it? You have been in Southern Jade City for so long, but don’t you have a lover? What about Lotus? You two have been very intimate.”

“Shut up.” Gu Shenwei snapped.

“Don’t you dare be presumptuous!” Luo Ningcha lost control of herself and revealed the Miss’s temper.

“If I were the King Lord, I would shut you up.”

Gu Shenwei angrily worked himself up to try again. This time, instead of thinking about the hearsay techniques and tricks or worrying about whether the Unique King would come tonight or not, he entrusted himself to the monster in his heart, and wholeheartedly followed its will to do whatever it wanted.

In the face of desire, obedience was victory.

The two of them who had just appeared clumsy suddenly acted as smoothly as floating clouds and flowing water, and everything continued naturally. Together, they rose up to the clouds, fell into the abyss, flashed through the void like light, leaped like lightning, and swept away all obstacles like a gust of wind.

From then on, there was one more secret between the two.

The only thing Gu Shenwei was worried about was that the Unique King might suddenly show up, but it turned out that his worry was superfluous. His plan worked, as the Unique King had developed a keen interest in his daughter-in-law, but he would not meet her in secret like ordinary people.

A strange old killer came to comfort the eighth young mistress on behalf of the Unique King. And from this, Gu Shenwei knew that Shangguan Fa had swallowed the bait. Delight was ephemeral, and it couldn’t be retained nor was it worth remembering. He had to return to his role as a killer again and define his life with the sword and saber.


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