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Chapter 235 Bedroom

Shangguan Fa owned countless women, so many that he couldn’t even number them all. Thus, he was disdainful about recalling and missing those unimportant women.

The temptation of women to the Unique King was like the stimulation of land to an emperor. The mountains and rivers in the world were almost all the same, but the land is boundless as far as one could see, and so was the conquering heart of an emperor.

The Unique King was also a conqueror, and every woman he conquered was like the territory he had trodden. He rarely looked back, and just looked ahead, climbing over the mountains and crossing the rivers. He was pushed to move on by an inexpressible desire. The joy of sex? He had lost interest in it long ago. Boasting and showing off? That had never been his pursuit.

It was not until he had reached adulthood and all his sons had grown up that Shangguan Fa gradually understood what the desire was in his heart. He was born to be king, a real king, even if it was only a king of a tiny country. He was confident of his ability to fight, to conquer the neighboring countries, to compete with the Central Plains and the Northern Tribe, and even to dominate the whole world.     

Unfortunately, he was only the Unique King, a title in Jianghu. Although he had the most powerful force in the Central Plains, he had no place to use it, so he could only transfer his desire of conquering land as an emperor towards conquering women.  

There was a reason why Shangguan Fa was uninterested in his eighth son’s wife. Although Luo Ningcha’s fame of beauty was known far and wide, she had never revealed her face in public. But then, where did the fame come from? Only those who feared the Iron Mountain boasted of it, and anyone who had ever seen the Big Head God would not have a high expectation for his daughter.

Therefore, when Luo Ningcha’s appearance shook the whole Jade City, for the first time in many years Shangguan Fa felt the allure of women. It was like a king who had warred for many years and suddenly discovered a paradise behind him, which had surprisingly not been incorporated into the empire due to some accident.

The old killer didn’t give his name. After exchanging a few words with the eighth young mistress, he left and looked around the backyard before banishing all the maids and killers to the front yard on his own command. “The eighth young mistress needs to be alone,” he said. Thus everyone understood what was going to happen tonight.

Gu Shenwei’s anxious heart finally settled down. This was his long-sought opportunity, and tonight everything would come to fruition.

Zhang Ji was right, and none of the Unique King’s sons were capable. As long as Shangguan Fa was dead, Golden Roc Castle would quickly decline. For the first time, Gu Shenwei felt that he was close to completing his goal of revenge; it was like a fruit hanging on a tree, just waiting for him to pick it.

Luo Ningcha would also die. Once the King Lord died in her room, Avengers would kill her first no matter if she was involved in the assassination or not.

Gu Shenwei searched in his heart and was glad that he could not find the least bit of jealousy or regret. He never loved her just like how she had never loved him. The two didn’t share any feelings of love between each other even when they were on their climax.

They were all people who couldn’t feel love.

The killer only wanted to kill. Love and any other desires were considered hidden dangers to be restrained, and then either hidden away or severed completely. He satisfied his own desires like a beast tamer rewarding food to his beast, with the sole purpose of calming them down.

Luo Ningcha only loved herself. Countless people were mesmerized by her looks and treated her as a celestial being. But in fact, she had one more impenetrable mask after removing the veil, and only the ones closest to her could see the selfishness and cruelty in her bones. Gu Shenwei was one of them.

Before the Unique King himself came, Gu Shenwei enjoyed three days of secluded life with Luo Ningcha and for both of them, it was physically cathartic and satisfying, enough to forget each other.

The front yard was so overcrowded that the many servants could only huddle into one room. Gu Shenwei stayed in his single, small bedroom and began to prepare for the assassination that night.

The sword and saber couldn’t be wiped any brighter and the night clothes had already been neatly folded. Although he had a servant now, he did much of the work on his own.

The route of retreat was the first thing one had to consider when aiming for a perfect plan. After the assassination, Gu Shenwei hoped that the castle could turn into a mess, the more chaotic, the better.

So, that afternoon, Gu Shenwei paid a visit to the teacher Zhang Ji on his own initiative. After a long talk, Gu Shenwei left after saying, “I feel that the situation in the castle is not stable. The young lords are fighting with each other and chaos is coming. Hong Gongzi may as well make some preparations first.”

“Chaos coming? When?” Zhang Ji immediately asked.

“Maybe tonight, or tomorrow night, or maybe the night after tomorrow.”

Gu Shenwei couldn’t say any more. It would be a huge mistake to trust anyone in the castle.

Although the Unique King had solved the crisis brought by the Central Plains, his sons hadn’t left the castle and were trying to win their father’s favor. Gu Shenwei thought that this was the best situation to create chaos, so he deliberately spoke ambiguously to make Zhang Ji believe that the chaos would be started by one of the young lords.

It turned dark quite late, and everything was ready but Gu Shenwei was feeling more and more nervous. He hadn’t had such feelings for a long time ever since he had entered the East Castle and became a killer disciple. It seemed that he had gone back three years, to when the teenager with poor kung fu skills was plotting the assassination of Han Shiqi with two partners who had the same humble martial arts skills.

He laid the saber and sword before him and wiped them down again. At the last moment before he moved out, he decided to only bring the saber with him. The key point of the assassination revolved around the Unique King having lost all of his power, not how good Gu Shenwei’s kung fu was. The sword wound might reveal the identity of the killer and ruin his escape plan.

At last, it was dark outside. The servants in the front yard all figured out that there would be a distinguished guest this evening. So for fear of being regarded as a peeper, even the most inquisitive person could only wonder in their heart, go to bed early, and snore a few times even if they couldn’t fall asleep.     

Gu Shenwei quietly left his room. He had to enter the ambush spot before the green-faced assassins surrounded the backyard.  

The hiding-place he had chosen was the reception room in the backyard which had a wooden lattice wall in the middle. On the inner side of the lattice wall was a door leading to Luo Ningcha’s bedroom.   

Hiding on the roof beam, Gu Shenwei could easily cross the wooden wall.

He arrived a bit early and vaguely heard the restless pacing sound in the bedroom. The wonderful time he had spent in that room suddenly appeared in front of him. Just last night, they had stayed up almost all night, trying their techniques on each other like martial maniacs without a trace of weariness. In the past day alone, they had played at being the killer and the victim.

His hesitation only lasted a moment, if he couldn’t see past purely carnal desire, how could he be qualified as a killer? Although he had never been trained at the Carving Wood Yard, Gu Shenwei had heard that all male and female killers would lose their virginity there, so that they could get used to such things. Just like Lotus, she could seduce and assassinate the target without hesitation when necessary.  

Gu Shenwei became calmer, and even his initial sense of tension was gone. He patiently waited, his breathing barely audible.

Someone came inside. Gu Shenwei felt it without seeing or hearing it.

It was a green-faced assassin, sniffing around like an invisible hound in the dark room.

Gu Shenwei held his breath. A gentle breeze passed by him, and he saw the green-faced a few feet away, who suddenly appeared and disappeared like a wandering ghost.

The green-faced assassin stayed in the room and for most of the time, he was hiding in the corner. Gu Shenwei focused all his attention on guarding against this hidden enemy. He even breathed at the same rate with him and therefore, didn’t even notice what was going on in the next bedroom at all.  

The Unique King came and left. Gu Shenwei didn’t make a move the first night.

He could kill the green-faced assassin first, but it might alert the enemy, and Shangguan Fa would definitely not bring just one guard.

He couldn’t miss the opportunity, but he also couldn’t afford to squander it.

The Unique King would come again for sure. Gu Shenwei believed in Luo Ningcha’s charm.

Sure enough, the next day, except for several necessary maids such as Tsui Nü, the others were still forbidden from entering the backyard. Gu Shenwei spent a whole day thinking about ways to deal with that green-faced assassin.

Killing him was the simplest choice. And the best time to do it was the moment he leaped over the beam to check around. Gu Shenwei dwelled on the plan for a long time but decided to give it up in the end. It was still the same problem; he didn’t want to alert the enemy before he approached the assassination target.

Then there was only one choice left, sneaking into the bedroom in advance without letting Luo Ningcha know.

Gu Shenwei had originally planned to perform the assassination on his own, but now he had to seek some help.  

That night, Xu Yanwei appeared in the backyard and called the Miss to the door, and then left after whispering a few important reminders. She was the Miss’s most trusted and favored maidservant now, and only she had the nerve to meet Luo Ningcha without being summoned.  

Xu Yanwei didn’t know why she had to do so, but since it was Yang Huan’s request, she would do it. She had made up her mind long ago that she would do whatever Lord Huan asked her to do.

Gu Shenwei successfully entered the bedroom and slipped under the bed just like how he had assassinated Han Shiqi for the first time.

The result was that the opportunity he had gained with difficulty was wasted, as the Unique King didn’t come that night.

The Miss in the bed was even more agitated than the killer under the bed. She murmured curses on all men, including the Unique King and Servant Huan, as if the whole world had betrayed her. She tossed and turned and finally fell asleep late in the night. Gu Shenwei then sneaked out without being noticed.

The same trick couldn’t be used anymore. Gu Shenwei decided to take risks to kill the green-faced assassin first. So on the third night, he brought both his saber and sword with him.

His patient waiting finally paid off. That night the green-faced assassin didn’t show up in the reception room. The Unique King seemed more sure of his safety and didn’t want someone eavesdropping while he was busy.

The sound of Shangguan Fa’s footsteps was very light. From across the wooden wall, Gu Shenwei could only hear Luo Ningcha’s excited voice. She has learned well from Xu Yanwei, Gu Shenwei thought to himself. Then he left the sword on the beam, crossed the wooden wall with his saber, quietly climbed down the wooden lattice, gently pushed open the door a crack, and flashed inside as half-squat.

Close to the head of the bed was a lit lamp, illuminating the scene of a man and woman entwined on the bed in ecstasy.

The Unique King has lost all of his internal energy. Gu Shenwei encouraged himself for the last time before taking a step forward. Next, he would leap over and stab his enemy in one shot.

All of a sudden, he felt a fit of agitation as if something was standing in the way to stop him from moving forward, warning him of the imminent danger.

But he still jumped in the air, with the narrow saber in his hand.

The woman on the bed was still moaning but the man pressing on her was suddenly gone as if what they had experienced was merely a dream and they had just awakened at the most inopportune moment.

Luo Ningcha turned her head and happened to see a man in black appearing in the light, masked. This was another dream, a nightmare.

The naked Unique King stretched out his palm and hit the assassin right in the chest. This assassin was not only daring but also good in martial arts. To his surprise, the assassin didn’t die at once, but leaped backward with the rebounding force and stormed out of the room.

Shangguan Fa had lied. He hadn’t told the truth even to his son Shangguan Yun. His power had been restored a few days ago.

Luo Ningcha finally broke free from two successive ‘dreams’ and screamed desperately.


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