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Chapter 237 The Seventh Chapter

Gu Shenwei used his Qi deviation to prove that he couldn’t have anything to do with the assassination.

Two nights ago, Gu Shenwei hadn’t thought that the Unique King had recovered his internal energy and had been hit unexpectedly by his palm. He had had no choice but to use all of his internal energy to take the blow.

His dantian had almost been shattered. Fortunately, the Unique King obviously hadn’t regained his full power and everything had happened so fast that he could not exert all of his strength. Gu Shenwei, therefore, wasn’t seriously injured, but his internal energy was greatly damaged. Like water breaking through a dike, the Desolate Finger Energy in his baihui and xuanji acupoints slowly seeped out at first, but soon grew stronger. On the noon after the assassination attempt, Gu Shenwei could no longer control the outbreak and fell into Qi deviation.

Kang Wenhui, the Master Commander of the Great Desolate Sect, had once warned Gu Shenwei that he would certainly die if the two strands of Desolate Finger Energy broke out at the same time. So Gu Shenwei could only disperse all of his internal energy and started practicing the Daoless Divine Power.

Lotus was the only person who knew the truth. On the surface, it was the two killers protecting Luo Ningcha, but in fact, it was Lotus who protected the two of them alone.

Dispersing the internal energy was an independent passage of the Daoless Scroll. The internal energy Shangguan Ru and Lotus had practiced was exactly the internal energy of Golden Roc Castle, so they didn’t need this step and didn’t have to experience the extreme pain.  

Dispersing the internal energy felt like pulling all of one’s bones out of the body, and the only difference was that one had to endure this alive.

For two nights in a row, Gu Shenwei had been dispersing his internal energy alone in a room in the backyard. Lotus guarded outside the room to prevent any interruptions. What they feared most was that the Miss would suddenly summon them to do something because dispersing the internal energy couldn’t be stopped at any time.

Fortunately, Luo Ningcha slept very well with the ten killers and twenty sabremen guarding outside. Because of her scruple about people’s gossip, she also didn’t let the killer guard inside her room now.

It took three days to disperse the internal energy. Gu Shenwei had already dispersed most of it before Shen Liang came to the door, so he appeared to be rather weak in the hands of the Sabrelord of Washing Heart Yard.

Shen Liang used too much strength and almost broke Servant Huan’s bone. His original plan was completely disrupted. He let go of Servant Huan and asked, “How long has it been?”

“About ten days.”

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?”

“I didn’t want to add trouble to the castle.”

“Just the two of you are trying to cure the Qi deviation?”

“Treat the dead horse as if it were still alive. Maybe I’ll be fine in a few days without even being cured.”

Shen Liang believed that Servant Huan was lying, but it was true that he had lost his internal energy. Actually, it wasn’t worth it for the Sabrelord to make a fuss for a killer. Shen Liang hoped that he could crack down Madam Meng’s power with Servant Huan as a breakthrough point, so he had to make sure that the evidence was irrefutable, but now the evidence he mastered had a clear loophole.

“Very good,” Shen Liang said. “Take good care of yourself. I think you’ll get better soon.”

Shen Liang left without throwing out all the information he had. He was determined to have a thorough investigation into the matter.  

Gu Shenwei had just breathed a sigh of relief before a series of trouble ensued.

The news that Servant Huan had lost of his internal energy because of Qi deviation was soon spread out, and the first one to react was Luo Ningcha. “Oh my God, I even asked him to protect me. Qi deviation, is it like being possessed by evil?”

She still remembered the scene when Servant Yao had the Qi deviation a long time ago. She was so scared that she directly ordered Lotus to tell Servant Huan to move out without even meeting him.

For Luo Ningcha, this could be considered as an act of great mercy. She still remembered the friendly sentiments of several days ago, or she would have directly transferred Servant Huan to Adding Wood Yard to wait for death.  

Gu Shenwei followed the order and moved to East Castle, where there were many small courtyards specially for killers. He had never had any expectations of love, so he would not be disappointed.

Servant Xin was surprisingly willing to follow to go with the killer lord. “Miss asked me to serve Lord Yang, so I can’t just give up like this, right?”

On the surface, Gu Shenwei quietly accepted this servant but was very wary of him at heart.

The East Castle wasn’t a good place to practice kung fu, as a new batch of disciples were vigorously preparing themselves for the annual slaughter. Servant Huan had a reputation outside the castle, so quite a few disciples weren’t convinced and took him as a challenging target.   

Lotus was kept by Luo Ningcha and unable to come over to protect him. Gu Shenwei delayed practicing the divine power for two days because of this until Shangguan Ru came to help.

Shangguan Ru went to see her eighth sister-in-law and tried to get Servant Huan back in a roundabout way. “Lotus will still be with you.”

It should have been easy. Luo Ningcha was eager to send out the servant ‘possessed by evil’ and almost agreed but politely refused at the last moment. “It’s just a killer, and others will laugh at us if they know we are competing for him. Just let him stay with me, and if sister Ru is shorthanded, I can lend him to you.”

Being in a desperate situation and learning those new skills had once made it hard for Luo Ningcha to control her feelings. When she was favored by the Unique King and became more and more confident, her past deeds had become an unspoken secret, and she didn’t rest assured in giving Servant Huan back to Shangguan Ru.

Shangguan Ru ‘borrowed’ Servant Huan right away. Only she and Lotus knew what the so-called Qi deviation was in the castle.

Gu Shenwei moved to Transforming Kun Yard, which was a living place of Tenth Gongzi’s outside the inner chamber. It was very quiet and far away from those disciples with vigorous killing auras at East Castle.

The place was big enough for Gu Shenwei to send Servant Xin to another courtyard while he himself lived alone. He finally finished dispersing his internal energy for the third time and then formally began to practice the Daoless Divine Power.

He had planned to kill the Unique King and escape from Golden Roc Castle when it was in chaos, but the Unique King hadn’t died and the riot had been put down in half a night, so his plan for escape was useless now. Although the castle was full of danger, it was still safer than being hunted outside.

The Daoless Scroll had seven chapters in total. Gu Shenwei immediately noticed the relationship between the number ‘seven’ and Immortal Peng. Shangguan Fa must have revealed a lot about the divine power to the dwarf.

Since his last attempt that was interrupted by his daughter, the Unique King hadn’t summoned Servant Huan again. It seemed that with the restoration of his power, he had become cold-hearted again and no longer felt sad about Immortal Peng’s death, and his desire for revenge had also disappeared.

Dispersing the internal energy had an additional unexpected benefit. The Desolate Finger Energy occupying his baihui and xuanji acupoints had surprisingly been removed. The hidden danger which had troubled him for over two years was solved without even practicing the Daoless Divine Power.

Gu Shenwei couldn’t even believe it at first. Lotus, who came over to visit, heard about it and helped check his acupoints with her own internal energy. Those two acupoints were really empty and there was no hidden internal energy. She couldn’t help but be surprised. “Even I haven’t completely removed the finger energy in my body.”

Though amazed, Lotus didn’t want to disperse her internal energy to cure the Qi deviation in such a drastic way. She would rather practice the Daoless Divine Power to slowly remove it.

The two inspired each other just like how they had practiced the swordsmanship before. Lotus practiced it a few days earlier than Gu Shenwei, so she offered a lot of useful suggestions.

The training method of the Daoless Divine Power was quite unique. Unlike the other martial arts which usually required the practitioner to reach a specific level before moving to the next level, the practitioner of the Daoless Divine Power had to practice a chapter a day and repeat the cycle after finishing the seven chapters, which was endless. Every practitioner’s progress differed based on one’s talent and diligence, and there was no such thing as the highest level.   

The most peculiar part was that it didn’t matter whether a few chapters were missing or not. As long as one started with the first chapter as a basis, even two chapters could form a cycle. Naturally, it would be much slower by practicing only two chapters, but as long as one practiced it long enough, one could still become very powerful.  

For Gu Shenwei, it was equal to starting from scratch. He felt his body become a little bit lighter after more than ten days of training, but he wasn’t able to keep any internal energy in his dantian. There was no other way out, as he could only do it slowly.

After he finished practicing the second cycle of the seven chapters, Gu Shenwei had a question. “Don’t you think that the seven chapters of the Daoless Divine Power are still incomplete?”

Upon hearing this, Lotus’s eyes lit up. She had felt the same before and had been thinking about it for several days. “Yes, but I wrote it down word by word and the guardian of the temple didn’t recite it very quickly. Fifteen people in total also compared with him and there was no mistake. Could it be possible that there was another chapter hidden away by some other means?”

“Or maybe even Golden Roc Castle doesn’t have the complete version.”

The two discussed for a long time but failed to figure anything out. As it didn’t affect their practice for the time being, they could only temporarily leave it alone.

Gu Shenwei was seldom disturbed in the Transforming Kun Yard, because Shen Liang had lived up to expectations and finally put an end to the assassination and riot, and the castle had restored to the order and safety of the past.

The second young lord Shangguan Tian became the scapegoat for all the incidents. Many testimonial pieces of evidence showed that Shangguan Tian had an ulterior motive. He had bought over some experts outside and brought them back into the castle. But he would rather die than admit that he was the mastermind of the assassination. Several kung fu experts bought over by him, however, could no longer bear the torture and confessed that they were indeed planning an assassination, the targets of which included the King Lord and Madam Meng.

And that was enough. Shangguan Tian was put into a dungeon and most of his underlings were put to death. On the surface, another crisis had been quickly resolved.

Gu Shenwei knew that it was only an illusion. Shangguan Tian might have an intention to kill his father, but the assassination of the Unique King happened to have disturbed his plan. The sabrelord Shen Liang probably knew the inside story, but he still planned to take prompt action and imprison the second young lord. On one hand, he wanted to strike at his opponent, and on the other, he did it to maintain the reputation of Golden Roc Castle. It would be too embarrassing for the castle if they couldn’t find the mastermind of the riot.     

But the investigations had taken place in secret, and many people including Servant Huan were still under surveillance. Gu Shenwei had seen the trackers several times when he was hanging out with Shangguan Ru.

Shangguan Ru was concerned about Servant Huan’s safety so she visited him almost every day, usually when it was still light out. When Gu Shenwei was on the right track to practice kung fu and had more free time, the two of them started wandering around the castle as before.

They ‘invented’ a new game that took advantage of their familiarities of the surroundings and often ‘disappeared’, and then suddenly appeared behind the trackers to scare them. This game didn’t last long, because there were no more trackers left after a few days.  

Gu Shenwei was a little confused about Shangguan Ru’s intentions. They were not little kids anymore and had lost interest in strolling around a long ago. Gradually he found that Shangguan Ru was looking for the traces of Yu Gongzi. For each place she visited, she would recall a scene in which there was always Shangguan Yushi.

One day in August, Gu Shenwei followed Shangguan Ru to the Giant Boulder Cliff to reminisce about the past. They had been there a lot in the last few days. It used to be a very secluded place, but now one could almost clearly see what had happened behind the Giant Boulder on the high arrow tower built at the edge of the Afterlife Cliff nearby.

Fortunately, the arrow tower was rarely guarded, so they didn’t have to worry about being seen.

Gu Shenwei felt that Shangguan Ru was becoming more and more sorrowful recently. He thought it was related to Shangguan Yushi, so he seldom comforted her.

Today was no exception. Standing by the edge of the cliff, Shangguan Ru held the boulder and looked into the distance. After a long while of silence, she suddenly turned around and revealed a mysterious smile, with several pages in her hand. “This is for you.”

With only a glance, Gu Shenwei immediately knew that this was the seventh chapter of the Daoless Scroll. “How do you have it?”

After Luo Ningcha handed over the last board, Gu Shenwei and Lotus had kept it and hadn’t given it to Madam Meng.

“Don’t worry about it; it’s faster to practice with seven chapters than six. Well, you’d better keep it a secret.”

Mm, I will.”

Gu Shenwei felt a bit guilty but then was startled. Although he hadn’t read it carefully, after quickly looking through the first few lines, he found that the contents were quite different from those on the board.  


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