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Chapter 246 Together

There were three killers in total, all of whom felt that the mission wouldn’t work out. Servant Huan and Lotus had either committed suicide by jumping off the cliff or were hiding in a secret place in Jade City. They would definitely not stay in the castle, because there were people watching day and night and those two young killers had nowhere to hide.

They had searched all of East Castle for a whole night just for a killer named Liuhua. The Afterlife Cliff was the last area, and then they would go to be reprimanded because Liuhua had also probably committed suicide by jumping off the cliff, resulting in no results for the search.

They first checked the Afterlife Cliff and the Giant Boulder Cliff and searched all the places where people might hide. Even if it was a boring and tedious task, they would not perform it in a perfunctory way.

Finally, it was the arrow tower.

Everything went according to the rules. One killer guarded outside the door while the other two went inside the tower. The first floor was dust-free, so they went up the stairs to the second floor one after the other.

Servant Huan was sitting right under the window facing the road and smiling at them.

The killers were taken aback and immediately drew their narrow sabers. “Where’s Lotus?” One of them asked.

“Right behind you.”

One of the killers’ expression already froze before Gu Shenwei finished his words. The other killer also turned stiff just when he was about to turn his head.   

Lotus disappeared and was back at the top floor by the time the two killers had fallen and rolled down to the base of the tower.

Lotus had always hidden better than Gu Shenwei. In the eyes of the public, she was only an outstanding female killer; few people knew that her swordsmanship was superb and the killers had been assassinated by surprise.  

“We have to go somewhere else.”

Lotus carried Gu Shenwei on her back, but before they left she saw the single saber and two swords leaning against the wall. She took away the sword with the character ‘Yun’, which had been given to Servant Huan by her, and left the other weapons on the spot. Since the three killers died, they would be completely exposed soon, so there was no need to destroy their traces.

Gu Shenwei glanced at his saber and sword for the last time.

It was daytime, and it was impossible for them to escape from the guards of the castle no matter how good their lightness skills were. So Lotus chose a dangerous path. She walked south along the edge of the mountain peak and even climbed over the cliff for some parts of the path. Gu Shenwei thought about dragging her off the cliff to die together, but it was merely a thought, for he still had to rely on Lotus to avenge him.

The southeast area of the castle was relatively desolate, and most of the places were in ruins. Lotus turned to the west here. The southwest area was a crowded compound of servants. More people meant more eyes, so Lotus put Servant Huan down and the two walked side by side. As they were wearing the killers’ black robes, no one dared to question them, and neither did anyone know them.  

When they arrived at the western cliff, Lotus carried Gu Shenwei again and turned north. Gu Shenwei finally figured out her destination.

The two went around in a large semicircle, from the easternmost Afterlife Cliff to the westernmost Groaning Ghost Cliff.

This place had a deep symbolic meaning for the both of them. On the other side of the wall was the Adding Wood Yard, where Servant Yao had died of Qi deviation and his corpse had then subsequently been dropped off the Groaning Ghost Cliff.

Gu Shenwei had taken great pains to remove the Desolate Finger Energy in his body. He was afraid of death, but when death was finally within reach, he became indifferent instead and even felt relieved.  

Lotus appeared a bit tired after moving incessantly fast for a while, and a thin layer of sweat oozed from her neck. Gu Shenwei saw it and suddenly had an impulse to prank her by gently kissing her on the neck just as she was setting foot on the Groaning Ghost Cliff.  

Lotus acted as if she was the one who had the Qi deviation. As if she had been sneakily attacked by a lightning-quick poisonous snake, she directly threw the teenager off her back and reached out to draw her sword. “You …”

“I just couldn’t help it. But you don’t have to spare my life for it.”

Lotus’s face was icy cold, “It’s useless even if I want to. I don’t have the ability to resolve your Qi deviation.”

Gu Shenwei walked to the edge of the cliff and smiled at the clouds both far away and nearby with his back towards Lotus. Lotus had been specially trained in the Carving Wood Yard and shouldn’t have been sensitive to the touch of the opposite sex, but her response just now had revealed her true feelings.

Lotus kept silent behind him. When she spoke again, her voice was full of anger, which was quite different from her usual calm and cool manner. “I’m going to kill Luo Ningcha.”

Gu Shenwei turned around with surprise, not understanding where Lotus’s sudden anger had come from.

“She killed Tsui Nü. I can’t just let her go.”

Lotus added an unnecessary explanation, and without waiting for Gu Shenwei to speak again, she turned and ran away, leaping onto the roof of the Adding Wood Yard and heading towards the courtyard of the eighth young lord for the kill in broad daylight.

Gu Shenwei vaguely understood what Lotus was thinking in her mind, but he didn’t have time to dwell on it. As soon as Lotus disappeared, he took out the Daoless Scroll from his robe. The seventh chapter sent by Shangguan Ru was still there. He carefully read it once and memorized most of it.

He had only practiced it for less than a month, so maybe there was still a chance to save himself. Gu Shenwei’ heart became restless. He could calmly take it when he didn’t have a choice, but now that he had a chance to escape, he did not want to sit idly by and wait for death.

Lotus knew that he dared not ask for help from the castle and he also couldn’t run away because of his loss of internal energy, so she felt assured leaving him alone at the Groaning Ghost Cliff.  

Gu Shenwei hesitated for a while between practicing kung fu and searching for an escape route, and finally decided to choose the former. If the Qi deviation couldn’t be resolved, escape was meaningless. No one was trustworthy, and he still had to rely on himself.

Meanwhile, the Unique King Shangguan Fa was looking at the corpses of the three killers in anger and bewilderment.

Servant Huan and Lotus, two unfamiliar names, two trivial teenagers, had actually hidden in the castle. A large number of killers had turned Jade City at the mountain foot upside down. Golden Roc Castle was suddenly reduced to a laughingstock.

Shangguan Fa doubted whether there were still any capable subordinates in the castle. For such a simple manhunt, It was not until the seventh day that they found a little clue by accident. In the recent years, he had shared his power amongst many people. Now it seemed that that was a huge mistake. Instead of strengthening the power of Golden Roc Castle, the people he had trusted had used their share of power to struggle and contend with each other.

It’s time to end it. No one is trustworthy, he thought. He clearly saw the tricks of Shen Liang and the Madam. It was not too late. His weak sons had all died, but so what? There was nothing to regret. The prophecy that he would become a king if he had ten sons would still come true sooner or later.

About the deadly wounds on the three corpses, Shangguan Fa carefully looked at them for quite a while and even touched them with his finger. The swordsmanship of the two escaped killers was not what he had expected and he felt that it was a bit like the legendary Grand Enlightenment Sword Sutra.

“I want to see the two of them in two hours, alive,” the Unique King ordered.

A crowd of terrified killers and counselors bowed and retreated out of the hall, and passed the order along as quickly as possible. Many people had not yet broken free of the habit of internal strife and thought that this was just another contest, and tried to find the two defectors before their opponents.

This was the moment to cut the knot. The forces of Shen Liang and the Madam could be dealt with later. Shangguan Fa had to take care of the most direct culprit first.

The freshness of Luo Ningcha had disappeared. Her arrogance, brashness, and folly now bored the Unique King. Besides, the two killers had been brought into the castle by her, and Shangguan Fa had been targeted in an assassination attempt in her room. According to Shen Liang, the assassin must be one of the two killers.  

It was just a woman. Without the Big Head God, Old Eighth would not care about his wife. The Unique King decided to solve this matter personally, as a special treatment for the beauty.

At the same time, to the north of Gu Shenwei and the south of the Unique King, Luo Ningcha was restlessly pacing back and forth in the eighth young lord’s courtyard. Since Servant Huan and Lotus had fled three days ago, she had cursed the two for being ‘ungrateful.’ All the servants in the yard had been punished for this by being ordered to slap each other until they bled.

The anger finally subsided, and fear welled up within her.

The servants she had brought as dowry had betrayed her and escaped, and the Unique King hadn’t ‘favored’ her for seven days now. These were all ominous signs. She had sent someone to the inner chamber for information, but couldn’t even get through the door. Those women who had once fallen on her side would rather sit on the fence at this delicate moment than offer help to the eighth young mistress.

Luo Ningcha was terrified at the impending crisis. She feared death, she feared not being pampered, she feared being despised, and she feared the cold eyes of the lowliest. She had once had a powerful father and layers of veils, and she missed them like a baby longing for its mother’s arms.

If only Servant Huan were here. He always gives me good ideas. Luo Ningcha’s mind drifted a bit, and then she recalled that Servant Huan was the culprit behind all this.  

She forced herself to calm down. No one was trustworthy, and she could only rely on herself. “What would Servant Huan do?” Luo Ningcha reminded herself to think like that servant.

Servant Huan would say, “Miss, you have not yet lost. The baby in your stomach is the son of the Unique King. It has come at the right time, King Lord has lost several sons, so what better gift or allegiance could there be than this?”

Even Luo Ningcha felt that she was stupid. It had taken her seven days to figure out such a simple matter, as the rest of the time had wasted in anger and terror.  

Right, I have the King Lord’s son. Luo Ningcha suddenly became relaxed. It will be a boy, definitely a boy. She would tell King Lord the good news, protect the baby with her life, and never let the women of the inner chamber touch her. Every meal had to be tested, and the killers guarding the yard had to be doubled. Except for the close maidservants and King Lord, no one would be allowed to enter the backyard. Even the doctor had to sign a life-and-death agreement.

Her son would be the future Unique King.

Luo Ningcha was high-spirited, but another person, however, was anxiously praying to the Heavens.

Shangguan Ru had been counting the days. Seven days were enough for Servant Huan and Lotus to run away from the territory of Golden Roc Castle, but she didn’t expect that the two of them were still in the castle. It was a risky plan but also a smart one. It must have been Servant Huan’s idea.

She tightened her clothes and grabbed the narrow saber. Instead of praying to the Heavens for the two killers to escape safely, she prayed that she could have the strength to protect them.

Turning around, she saw her mother standing at the door, whose mournful expression made her heart quiver.

“Don’t you care about your own life?”

“Mother,” Shangguan Ru cried out with pain. She walked over, hoping that her words could influence her. “This is what I have to do.”

“We all have something we have to do.”

Madam Meng’s pain was no less than that of her daughter. Years of painstaking effort and expectation had ended up with nothing. The twins, who were supposed to be her assistants and shield, had now become a burden and a threat. No one was trustworthy after all.  

Shangguan Ru had already been poked at the flank before she could understand her mother’s meaning. The image of her mother gradually merged with the darkness, and the Heavens responded to the prayer in an unexpected way.

Shangguan Ru fell into the arms of a black-robed killer. Her narrow saber was removed and handed over to Madam Meng.

It was the first time that Madam Meng had held the standard weapon of the castle, heavy and icy cold like her heart.

This had been her ‘Tenth Gongzi’, but not anymore.


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  1. On a side note, there’s a lot of point of view in this chapter and four of them (Shenwei, Fa, Ningcha, Meng) thinks that no one is trustworthy. What’s up with that? And i also wonder why the chapter title is “together”, is it just because Shenwei and Lotus are hiding together?

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      Shenwei, Fa, Ningcha, and Meng were all disappointed with the situation and felt that the people around them were not trustworthy. All of these incidents happened at the same time, so the title of the chapter was named as ‘Together’.

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