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Chapter 067 Disciple

Everyone had his or her own sore spot that would make them wary when others mentioned it. They could imagine the entire tree from one leaf they caught.

Big Head God’s daughter was like this.


Faced with her threats, Gu Shenwei said just one sentence. This helped rid him of his life’s worries, at least for now.

“About Miss’s secret, little servant only dares say it in front of Big Head God.”

Gu Shenwei caused a storm just by mentioning the three words Big Head God. Behind the screen, Miss was dumbfounded for a while, then she rushed out to grab every nearby object she could throw at Servant Huan and spouted curses at him.

Miss’s throwing skills were very poor, Gu Shenwei was kneeling on the floor and easily dodged most of the objects she threw. Occasionally an object hit him, but it didn’t hurt him at all. In fact, he was more focused on finding clues from what Miss said.

This could be considered the first time they ‘met’ each other, Gu Shenwei only saw a furious woman in a black veil. Even when she was enraged, she still remembered to protect her face so only her husband had the pleasure of seeing it.

Accompanied by the most venomous curses, Servant Huan was driven out and Lotus was not called in. The two therefore came to a conclusion that Miss would not lay her hand on them for some time.

After the tension of yesterday, Gu Shenwei felt today’s events were more like a comedy. If he had to think of a plan for Miss, he would create a chance to let Servant Huan see Miss’s real face, then used this as an excuse to kill him. Although they didn’t understand Luo Ningcha’s rule of not exposing her face, Golden Roc Castle would still respect her choice.

As for Lotus, it was easy enough to frame her by saying she kept openly talking about Miss’s appearance. It was always easy to find a witness.

It was just a thought, Gu Shenwei would never scheme for Miss. That woman would only become smarter and act wiser when faced with her husband’s hidden anger. For the rest of the time, she was just a stupid, ferocious, and venomous woman. The only reason she could survive at the killer’s castle was because of the support of Big Head God’s fame.

In fact, the one who caused Gu Shenwei a headache was Lotus. She seemed to believe Servant Huan had gotten the secret out of Miss but didn’t want to share it, so her attitude became cold again.

They would probably never became confidential friends, or even normal friends. For some people, they are wary of others since the first time they met, and they don’t even know why.

The two had been locked up for three days. In the end, Gu Shenwei couldn’t help but fall asleep on the brick bed a few times. Lotus, however, didn’t even shut her eyes. She didn’t seem sleepy at all other than her face becoming paler.

She only moved when Servant Huan was snoring like thunder to secretly use the chamberpot. Gu Shenwei, therefore, often tried to snore louder.

Shangguan Nu finally decided how to dispose of these two servants, he couldn’t help but become a bit stunned when he met them. He never intended to imprison them together.

“Follow me,” Shangguan Nu ordered, emotionless as usual.

Those two exhausted servants obediently followed their lord out of the courtyard, they meandered their way through the castle and finally reached a separated yard at east castle.

There were already seven men-in-black at the yard. Amongst them were killers in red belts and assistants in yellow belts. Upon seeing the eighth young lord, they all bowed to show their respect.

A pillar stood in the West of the yard, a ragged, strong man with a curly beard was tied to it. His eyes were wide open and his muscles were taut. Not far from was a broad sword stabbed into the ground.

Shangguan Nu ordered someone to present two narrow sabres of Golden Roc Castle, and said to the two confused servants, “Kill him.”

Lotus decisively snatched one of the narrow sabres, Gu Shenwei picked up the other.

A killer-in-black ran over to untie the curly-bearded man and quickly retreated to his original position.

The first thing that curly-bearded man did was grab the broad sword. He roared and dashed towards the 10 or so enemies standing opposite him. His steps were uneven, obviously one of his legs was lame.  

This was the first official time Gu Shenwei held a narrow sabre of Golden Roc Castle. Feeling how disproportionately heavier the sabre was compared to its slim body, his Murderous heart itched to kill.   

The teenage boy and girl moved and attacked the curly-bearded man at the same time, but their moves were completely different. Servant Huan leaped straight at the enemy and targeted his vital parts in the chest and abdomen, Lotus jumped swiftly past the enemy and stabbed his heart from behind. Although it was a slightly farther distance for her, she stabbed the target at the same time as Servant Huan.

The curly-bearded man seemed to have wasted all his strength in his roar. Faced with two teenagers who were much younger than him, he was too weak to take the blow and kneeled heavily, his hands still holding the broad sword.

Another swordsman from Big Snow Mountain, Gu Shenwei didn’t even care about his name this time. Compared to the killers of Golden Roc Castle, they were like big, clumsy bears cornered by bees with stingers, nowhere to escape at all.

These two future killers struck down the enemy in one move and retreated safely, their firm expressions suggested they had experienced countless fights and were already used to blood and death.

This was a test, not for their kung fu level, but the most basic quality a killer should have: cold blood.

There were many people who had high-level kung fu skills and could easily fight 10 opponents, but always hesitated at the last moment. There were others at the other extreme who were obsessed with spilling blood. They killed for fun, and completely disregarded any consequences.

All the killers-in-black nodded, very satisfied with those two teenagers’ performance, only Shangguan Nu didn’t express anything.

But, Servant Huan and Lotus’s imprisonment was dissolved. That afternoon, they were sent to Diao Mu Yuan of east castle. Lotus regained her identity as a killer’s disciple. And Gu Shenwei, who went around in a large circle, finally realized his dream after almost a year.

Shangguan Nu had a reason to forgive these two snitches. “Someone told me you’re exceptional candidates for becoming killers. So, I spared your lives. Go become a killer, come see me after you leave east castle alive.”

Eighth young lord didn’t say who spoke up for them. Gu Shenwei immediately ruled out Miss, it was already good enough that she stopped trying to kill them, she definitely wouldn’t do them any good deeds.

This time, they weren’t allowed to sleep in the courtyard. Shangguan Nu ordered them to stay at east castle like the other killer’s disciples.

Before they left, Gu Shenwei boldly asked to say goodbye to Tenth Gongzi Shangguan Ru. He just heard that Shangguan Ru had formally entered Liu Sha Dian and been acknowledged as Unique King’s tenth son.

Shangguan Nu didn’t agree, “Not necessary.” This was his only answer.

Gu Shenwei had been inside east castle countless times before to play games with Shangguan Ru, but this time was different, he felt like it was his first time entering the place. His heart was full of excitement and anxiety, emotions a killer shouldn’t have at all. He would become the best killer here, and would sneak a peek at the key secret of Golden Roc Castle. Green-faced assassins became his most valued opponents. Only once he was more powerful than those assassins who were good at decapitating heads from behind could he talk about assassinating his enemies, the Shangguan family.

Lotus went back to Diao Mu Yuan directly, Servant Huan had to register again. It was still that same scholar recording names who reluctantly documented his information. Gu Shenwei could only regain his name Yang Huan when he became a killer, he continued to be called Servant Huan during his time as a disciple.

To the left of his name, the six words ‘Learnt internal energy from outer sect’ was circled. Gu Shenwei didn’t expect that this would continue to cause him so much trouble, even destroying his dream to be a killer again.

Gu Shenwei entered east castle at a very unlucky time. The 10 months of training at Diao Mu Yuan was ending soon, all the disciples would enter the more advanced Lian Huo Yuan. Those teenagers would have a real killer as a master there. They would eat and live with their masters, and learn more advanced techniques. More importantly, they would have a fight every month with real sabres as a test. Rumor had it out of more than 600 disciples, less than half would survive this stage.1

But most of people were only excited about it.

Gu Shenwei soon discovered that most killer’s disciples were not servants at the castle, people like Lotus and him were extremely rare. Most of them had poor language skills of the Central Plains, and they came from different countries in the Western Regions. They had volunteered to be killers and would rather die than give up.

Hu Shining, one of Diao Mu Yuan‘s kung fu instructors, met Servant Huan once and had a very good impression of him. On the second day since Servant Huan entered the yard, he went to talk with him and suggested he stay at Diao Mu Yuan for 10 months’ initial training with the next wave of disciples. “You have some fatal shortcomings, it’s better to be safe than sorry and fix them here instead of at Lian Huo Yuan.

Gu Shenwei coldly declined Hu Shining’s good will. He didn’t have 10 months to learn killer’s techniques step by step, he also didn’t think he had any ‘fatal shortcomings’. His balanced power had reached the third level of both yin and yang energy so his internal energy was much higher than all the teenagers in Diao Mu Yuan, which was enough to make up for the incompetence of his technique.  

Hu Shining left disappointed. Gu Shenwei would regret his choice later. He had been in Golden Roc Castle for too long and was instinctively wary of everyone to the point where he treated goodwill as hidden evil intentions.

Hu Shining was right. Compared to a strictly trained killer’s disciple, Servant Huan’s kung fu had serious, if not fatal flaws. Especially his internal energy, Gu Shenwei thought it was his advantage, but in those killer master’s eyes, it was an irreversible mistake.

Several days later, those disciples arrived at Lian Huo Yuan which was located in the South of east castle and was much smaller than Diao Mu Yuan. More than 100 killer masters were already waiting there. After selecting their disciples, they would bring them to where they lived and would come back for the test each month where the disciples fought to the death.

Gu Shenwei soon understood that the kung fu instructor, Hu Shining, was right. Those killer masters already had a general idea of the 600 or so teenagers, so they chose their disciples very quickly. Everything ended by late morning.

In the end, more than 30 disciples were left unselected because of all kinds of reasons, and Gu Shenwei was one of them.

Fate had played a joke on him, then played an even bigger joke. An overseer wearing black clothes and a yellow belt was in charge of these killer disciples who were on the verge of elimination.

“Don’t worry, there are still several killer masters who didn’t come today, they will come and select you in a couple days.”

He comforted him at first, then said, “Since you have nothing to do, you can stay here and work, like carry the corpses.”

Gu Shenwei found the circle he went in was too big, surprisingly, he returned to the state he was in when he first entered the castle.

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  1. Translator’s note: Lian (refine) Huo (fire) Yuan (yard) is a place to draft the best killer candidates. As the old saying says, true gold does not fear fire.

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