DEMG Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Rebirth of the World


Midnight, Jiangnan Province, Clear Water City.

With a deafening bang, the heavy Steyr truck full of rocks hidden behind the corner scared Lingyun silly, and knocked him off his bike. He flew high into the dim night sky in a beautiful long arc, and following the previous deafening bang, came another one, in which his fat body landed heavily on the hard road.

He had no time to even shriek before the Steyr knocked him flying. There he lay, motionless, pouring out blood endlessly. Anyone who saw him would reckon that there was no hope in saving him.


The strange thing was, even though the truck driver knew he hit someone, there was no reaction. The truck did not stop nor slow down. In fact, it ran over the crushed bike and left without a trace.

It was a quiet, secluded place. No pedestrians walking by, no cars coming and going, only a dead man and his equally broken bicycle.

200 meters away, in a black Audi Q7, a pair of falcon-like eyes flashed, and a youthful face filled with malicious intent savoured the entirety of the car crash. After the Steyr had left, his thin lips wavered a bit, before revealing a cruel, mocking sneer. “Tell the Ling family head the business is done. He needs to immediately pay up the remaining ten million!”

The shady falcon youth casually piked up the high tech infrared telescope, and stared at the motionless, bloody Lingyun, before commanding the drivers.

“Heh, I really don’t know why the Ling family head paid 20 million just for this trash’s life!”

“Also, that idiotic Steyr driver, I don’t want him to see another day…I told him ages ago to that run over fat pig.”

“I understand!” The middle aged driver was shocked and quickly replied out of fear.

Too cruel! Too absolute! 2 lives in front of this falcon-youth really meant nothing to him.

The Audi Q7 started, turned a corner quickly, and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Lingyun suddenly awoke. He did not immediately open his eyes, but habitually silently shouted ‘stealth!’ in his heart. He found out that his 10 thousand tries, 10 thousand souls camouflage technique did not hide him. His stealth failed! Lingyun felt inexplicable panic.

But Lingyun’s panic and fear did not last over a second, as he felt pain all over his body, and it was an incomparable type of pain. It did not make him shout, but the pain almost caused him to scream. The pain was so much that he did not have the time to analyse the large amounts of strange memories and information that flooded his brain!

In desperation, Lingyun could only use his last amount of soul energy, and forcefully use his divine sense to check his insides. His body’s awful state made him speechless.

Before talking about this fat, pig-like body, the most devastating fact was that his body’s key internal organs have all been displaced and are all spewing blood. The bones in his elbows, thighs and especially his chest were all broken, and his some of his joints completely shattered into dust.

“Oh, God! Do you really want me to die?!” In Linyun’s heart, he cursed the heavens once, but he still had to face reality.

Now, the only thing he could do was take advantage of this wisp of his soul and escape this terrible tragic soul energy. Because he had already tried countless times, he wanted to use his innate devouring power to suck in the energy between the heaven and earth, and inhale the surrounding’s heaven and earth energy, but sadly, he was reminded that this damn place had too little energy! He could not absorb a hair’s amount!

Whatever! It’s not important! Right now, all he needed to do was fix his shitty body first, or he could not even move!

He forcefully activated a low grade healing technique and the saintly soul energy in his body started to slowly start working. Lingyun’s misplaced organs magically returned to their rightful place, and he quickly stopped the internal bleeding, and started to mend his broken bones. The strong pain reduced and even began to disappear.

“What? This kid’s Yang Heel Vessel (A meridian) was crippled not long after his birth! This must’ve been a large grudge! Fortunately, he seems to be a cultivation genius or a XingLin (medicine) expert, or don’t even talk about cultivation, even living to 20 would be hard!

His thoughts were easy and nonchalant, but in healing, Lingyun is incomparably careful, after all, this was related to his future in being able to cultivate or not, of course he couldn’t afford to be sloppy.

With the nonstop healing, Lingyun could barely manage to move, and with his hands, he propped himself up on the floor. At the same time, he opened his eyes which were stained with fresh blood.

“F*ck your grand mother’s tragedy, I @#¥%…” After he could clearly see his surroundings, Lingyun could no longer maintain his determined Dao heart and completely lost the demeanour of a martial expert, and could not avoid cursing.

After madly cursing for half a day, he came to a realisation- this wasn’t the world of immortals he was familiar with!

Even though he cursed, after his swearing, he still had to face this reality- just then for the sake of healing this shitty body, recovering the Yang Heel Vessel, his last strand of saintly soul energy was used!

“Ten years of hidden diseases can not be cured in one instance! If only I had more soul energy!” Lingyun frowned and sighed.

His body had suffered from sever injuries, although the takeover had required little soul energy, Lingyun used most of it in healing his body. Because of that, the Yang Heel Vessel could only be recovered to 60/70% of a normal person.

But Lingyun did not worry, just with his absolute medicinal skills, if he had time, he could definitely heal the Yang Heel Vessel perfectly. His body completely healed and the pain slowly went away, and he finally accessed the large amount of foreign memories.

It turns out that this soul energy dry planet was called Earth. The country he was in was called Hua Xia (Han clansmen’s name for themselves? I don’t really know.) It has a long history and was a brilliant civilisation with an ancient kingdom.

“Oh… So this is what is called a ‘streetlight’, these 2 buildings called ‘apartments’ are rectangular! So this is what is called a road, it’s very flat! These metal shells are cars, wow they’re slow. My flying sword is so much faster…”

In a moment, multiple cars passed the blood covered Lingyun, yet none stopped.

“Ah…Looks like everyone here is cold blooded and uncaring, Grandpa is sitting here covered in blood, and none of them even stop to ask!”

Lingyun did not care about his bloodied appearance. He held his body up with a hand, one leg was straight up, and the other one was curled. He was being lazy. As the corners of his mouth curled upwards, his expression became one of ridicule and contempt, yet also one of curiosity towards a foreign world. He relished this feeling.

“The guy who got crashed by the truck is also called Lingyun!”

He was now used to his surroundings, and started to think about his questions.

Following the deceased boy’s memories, Lingyun knows that himself- no the former owner of this body, was crashed by a truck filled to the brim with rocks. Now that he has such a fat body, he needed to get used to his new identity. This thing was not a problem to a rapid cultivator, a lawless, savage, kill before asking, treasure stealing, unscrupulous genius like him.

Not to mention the old Lingyun died in a car crash cleanly.

Lingyun- a Jiangnan province, Clear Water city’s first high school’s student, 18-year-old this year, tall but fat, but weak and cowardly, grades are a terrible mess.

“Last place in tests? With these grades he dares to covet the class beauty? And he wants to get into Hua Xia’s best university Zheng Jing Uni? Even with dreams, can he at least be more realistic?” Lingyun couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Even though he’s that large and threatening, oops, tall and fat, he was bullied almost daily for 6 years, does he this boy even know the word bravery? Brother, at my world, I was the one who stepped on others, even Late stage Dacheng Earth immortals (a cultivation stage probably) thought twice before challenging me!” Lingyun felt shame for the previous body owner.

“And you’re called Lingyun? Ah! You don’t deserve it, I’d rather call you something that suits you better…”

Although that is what he thought, Lingyun knew that after his birth his Yang Heel Vessel was damaged, so it couldn’t entirely be blamed on Lingyun. His energy and metabolism was messed up.

It’s a miracle he lived to his age.

When he thought about this, Linyun could only smile bitterly. It’s really sad, he actually crossed over to such a specimen!

“Wow! It’s pretty good! His study skills are shit, but his medicine skills are actually nice, he actually learned it in secret!”

He flipped over the memories, and Lingyun thanked the heavens that he found something in common with this boy.

His grades were always in the bottom 3, his eyesight is terrible… uhh…where are my glasses…”

Even though Lingyun fixed himself up with the healing techinique and his eyes were alright, he still had to return to his sect- no, his school to pretend, right?

He looked all around, and Lingyun finally found “his” glasses 3 meters away. He couldn’t help but sigh dejectedly: “I still have to put this thing on my nose… It’s so weird!”

He stood up from the blood puddle, and he rubbed the traces of blood onto his clothes, and walked towards his deformed glasses. He held it up to examine it, but found the lenses perfectly intact and couldn’t help but wonder: “It was crashed into so heavily, yet did not even shatter. It seems like what they call science is really impressive!”

“When I where these glasses, it makes my vision worsen until I can’t see anything…” Lingyun continuously took it on and off as he thought it was quite fun.

With Lingyun’s calculative and careful nature, right now his fooling around was only because of the lack of danger around him. Why else would he be marvelling at the black night around the road? If there was danger, he would have run away long ago!

His whole body was bloody, to this heartless, kill on sight Lingyun, it was a habit. As long as he felt held back by the dirt, he did not put it into his mind. He would just go back to school to wash it off.

Lingyun decided to endure the fuzziness of the glasses, even though it felt very uncomfortable. He looked around and found his bike which was run over into a mess of shattered parts. He scratches his head.

“Whatever, I’m going back to the sect- I mean the school. It’s quite appropriate, it is a place to learn talents, after all.”

“I might as well take this chance to practice my 10 thousand Li Godly Steps, ah… Of course I had to be transported to here, what a soul energy drought place… I can’t even use my innate energy devouring ability…”

Although his mouth spewed anger, Lingyun still was careful and looked all around him and confirmed it was a car crash and not a murder before he hurriedly left the scene.

What he did not know was that this wasn’t just a car crash, it was a plan to murder him!

“Heh! Even if it isn’t a car crash, I would still go after you! Didn’t you know Grandpa here repays all grudges? That bastard company, just you wait, when I find you, you’re dead! Even if it was careless, you still are gonna have to pay me a pile of soul crystals!”

“Suffering losses? That’s not my style!”

Soul crystals are are the immortal world’s currency. Lingyun still has not fully adapted to this country’s language. Unconsciously, he still used words he was used to.

Lingyun never suffers losses from anyone. Even though he didn’t find tracs of murder, he still was crashed into. If he did not get repayment, it wouldn’t be Lingyun!

“And those who bullied, who laughed at me, those classmates and those bullies, you just wait!”

Lingyun’s adaptability towards new places and new identities were strong, in just a while, he though of how to take revenge.

There’s only one problem- the dream is up there, but the reality has to catch up.

The Earth’s soul energy was in a state of drought, so even if Lingyun had passed the takeover phase, there was no use! He knows himself. With this kind of body, just to cultivate to the 1st Qi refining stage, who know how long it would be!

But this wasn’t a problem towards Lingyun, he had his experience towards takeovers. And even if the soul energy was thin and rare, Lingyun could still feel the soul energy of the plants oozing out.

It’s just that the energy was too little, he couldn’t even absorb it!

I’m not scared of having too little, I’m only scared if you don’t have any!

Lingyun’s expertise was medicine, that was the reason why his cultivation would soar like a comet. He was a rarely seen cultivation genius, mainly because he had an innate talent for devouring soul energy, and could initiate the takeover in just 20 years.

Lingyun had no unattainable goals, no compassionate heart, no worries, no sense of responsibility towards the common people. Don’t even talk about the doctor’s benevolence, or the noble and moral way, or the admirable moral character. In his mind, these things are ridiculous!

In the immortal world, people use fists to talk sense. Whoever has the most means whoever could talk the most. He believes that this is a universal iron law!

Because of this, he only has one goal, and that is to become stronger!

Only with this, will he not be bullied!

Only with this can he protect who he wants to protect!

Only with this can he get everything he wants!

Following the direction of the school in his memory, he finally knew how ridiculous the notion of him training his 10 thousand Li Godly Steps was. He was so fat and weak, after 10 metres, he started to get shortness of breath. 10,000 Li? 100 metres would be good enough!

“It’s no good, Grandpa here needs to cultivate my body, immediately cultivate too. This body is too bad, if this continues, don’t even talk about returning to my original strength before the takeover, even building the base will take forever, the first 1st Qi refining stage is nowhere in sight!”

He felt that every step the fat on his body violently fluttered. He bit his teeth and swore.

Lingyun wasn’t only worried because he was dissatisfied with this body, but he knew that this brand new world wasn’t what he knew!

At least he should be able to recover his Yang Heel Vessel so he could live longer. Someone who couldn’t live after 20 at least should be in the 3rd Qi refining stage!

After birth he was crippled, and then this strange car crash…Maybe it is actually someone’s murder plan.

This is the reason why Lingyun needed to quickly cultivate! He needed self protection!

Right now his only regret was that his soul energy was depleted in healing his body, or using his cultivation technique, he could soar into the 1st Qi refining stage without problem.

Clear Water City did not lack water, after turning a corner, Lingyun found a seven or eight-metre-wide river. The river was calm and clear enough that you could see the bottom.

He frowned and smelled the blood and impurities from the soul energy’s cleansing on him. It was foul smelling. Lingyun was too lazy to take off his cloths and directly jumped in the river, cannonballing it.

Very quickly, Lingyun’s head was seen at the surface. His face was filled with joy.

“What? This is the aura of the Seven Glorious Grass!”


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