DEMG Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The Hero Saves the Beauty

It’s late March in the night of Jiangnan. The river water’s cold pierces bone deep.

Just as Lingyun’s whole body submerged into the water, the iron like determination was awakened by the ice cold water. It felt like half a day before he got used to the water’s temperature.

The dried blood on Lingyun’s head, face, body, and clothes immediately dyed the water surrounding him a dark crimson. The river flowed on and washed away the black impurities from his blood and his body.

His body slowly became clean and refreshing, and this made Lingyun satisfied and comfortable.


What made him more satisfied was the aura of the Seven Glorious Grass.

In a spiritual energy filled immortal world, the Seven Glorious Grass could only be graded as a low grade auxiliary medicine. Usually, it would only be useful to those below the peak of the 2nd Qi refining stage, but right now, in such a energy dry world, Lingyun treated it as a saintly elixir!

When Lingyun felt the faintly discernible wisps of Seven Glorious Grass energy, he couldn’t help but sigh. His fat face kept trembling, and he felt a wholeheartedly thanked the heavens he cursed just before.

Following the spiritual energy, Lingyun confirmed the grass was hidden at the opposite riverbank in the random patches of ordinary grass, but he didn’t immediately try to find it.

He was excited, but he wasn’t panicking. No one here even knew what the Seven Glorious Grass was, let alone fighting him for it. Towards the treasure-greedy Lingyun, he already recognised this treasure as his.

Water was on his glasses and he could not see in front of him. He casually threw the glasses to the shore and muttered to himself: “This thing is really uncomfortable.”

Lingyun lightly rubbed his own eyes and wiped off the water on his face. He looked around before thinking that no one would come here in midnight, so he took off all his clothes and scrubbed his fat body in the water.

As he was scrubbing himself, he cursed his body: “Ahh… this fat body of mine, I really don’t know how this exemplary trash can eat so much! I hope after I lose weight, I would at least look half as handsome as I used to be…”

Unfortunately, Lingyun had no choice in this matter, so he could only silently plan his grand weight loss plan.

“SCREECH!” the sound of a car emergency braking was heard, and scared the carefree Lingyun washing himself. He knew someone was here, and so he subconsciously squatted, only revealing his head to observe the shore.

The car door opened, and a seductive woman’s shadow came out. She stumbled around before finally arriving at the river. The car immediately pulled away and left.

“WTF’s happening? Is she coming to suicide in the middle of the night? Ahh, living such a beautiful life, yet just because of boredom, now she’s going to kill herself… She’s not here to steal my Seven Glorious Grass, is she?” Lingyun wondered in his heart. He manoeuvred towards the riverbank to escape the woman’s line of sight.

“Kacha…” The woman was clearly impatient and a bit confused, she did not even notice Lingyun’s clothes near the shore. She stumbled towards the shore and with a fierce kowtow, she loudly vomited.

Listening to that ‘kacha’, Lingyun’s fat face moves, and on his mouth were the words: “Oh no… My glasses that have suffered through many calamities, strong enough to take on a truck, but it was destroyed by this woman’s foot!”

Althought the glasses were uncomfortable, Grandpa here could’ve worn it, what’s the meaning of you breaking it?

He now saw the woman’s profile. She had a delicate little face that was more beautiful in this dim night. Her body was even more beautiful with the things supposed to be sticking out, sticking out and the things supposed to be raised, raised. This woman’s short skirt hid long gorgeous legs dazzling in the night.

For some reason, this woman’s clothes were messed up, and when she was vomiting, Lingyun’s angle allowed him to see the ups and downs below the collar. He swallowed his saliva.

“Big! White!”

Lingyun was an actual practitioner, but that didn’t mean he had to prevent himself. With such a beautiful creature in front of him, Lingyun felt he did not see enough and wanted to peek a few more times, but right at this time, an unusual situation suddenly happened!

This woman clearly drank too much, and couldn’t even stand straight. She slipped, and with a “plonk”, she fell right into the water!

Lingyun now was sweating heavily. Even though he was fat, he still was 180 cm tall. This water went up to his armpits, if this lady did not know how to swim, she would definitely drown!

He quickly got his answer. The lady really did not know how to swim! The ice cold water went down her throat and choked her, added with the suddenness of her fall, she started to scream for help messily!

Lingyun could tell that this lady had a story and he did not want to get involved, but if her screams attracted someone, he would be labelled a criminal!

In the middle of the night, with his clothes off at the shore, his naked body in the water with the lady, and her constant screams for help, what would others think?

When he thought to this point, Lingyun had to help her. He quickly arrived at the side of the lady, and with his left hand, he lifted her head out of the water and the right hand covered her screaming mouth.

Lingyun’s fingers felt slippery and he stared at chest of the lady. “Yes, I didn’t see wrong! Big and white!”

Those who don’t take advantage are bastards. Lingyun saved this lady’s life, and stared at her chest fiercely. This could count as her repayment for her saviour.

With no joy of being saved, he lady’s eyes dilated and she was filled with terror! “Mmmm! Mmmm!” She tried to shout, and she used all her strength and her legs to get out of Linyun’s embrace.

The 2 bodies were entwined. She did not know where this man came from, but she felt his naked body on her.

This woman’s clothes were transparent after her dip, and were clinging tightly on her frail body. Lingyun felt the heat from her exquisite body, and almost could not resist!

The voice in his head came up with this world’s words: “Wet, body, sexy!”

“Don’t move! I’m here to save you! If you move, I’ll throw you back in the river!” Lingyun did not understand the principle of relishing jade, and scared her.

Seeing the terror in her eyes, Lingyun felt misunderstood. He thought in his heart: “Is is my fault I look like a criminal?” He changed his facial expression to a smile of sincerity and whispered: “Chick, I’m not a bad person, I don’t have any evil intentions! I was here washing myself off before you came and disturbed my bath time! If you don’t shout, just don’t shout, I’ll let you talk, alright?”

This woman also found out he was here first, and wasn’t taking advantage of her fall. It’s just that their positions now were a bit… too dubious, she even felt Lingyun’s body’s various ‘changes’.

She nodded her head quickly, and her face heated up and desperately blinked, to indicate Lingyun to remove his hand.

Lingyun only slightly released his hand because he was scared the woman would go back on their deal and shout. Right now their positions really couldn’t be seen!

Out of his expectations, she only said: “I’m not some chick, you…first put me on the shore.”

Her volume was low, but it was like a saint, melodic to the ears.

“Not a chick? Then is she male?” Lingyun was puzzled. If it wasn’t for the dark of the night, he could see that the woman’s face was already red like fire. Lingyun was a bit hesitant to let go of her jade-like and warm body, but he immediately dropped her off at the shore carefully.

“Don’t come out!” The lady was scared he would come out with her, so she shouted.

Lingyun still had some common sense. Admiration was admiration, he could not control his bodily functions, but he really had no other intentions.

Right after sending the woman to the shore, he was obedient and stayed in the water. He even squatted so only his head was out of the water.

“Achoo!” The water was very cold and with the wind at the shore, the lady couldn’t help but sneeze.

“My jacket’s there, but it’s wet. You can wear it, but my pants I gotta use, so leave it there.”

Lingyun did not understand to relish the jade, but he still was a man, so he proactively gave her the jacket, especially after seeing her legs freezing in the cold night.

“How about you?” The lady wanted it, but still hesitantly asked him.

“I’m fine. I love the winter and the cold. This sort of cold won’t affect me! I’m already used to it!” Lingyun’s mouth was full of shit. “It’s just as well, I’m so fat, this fat is better than any clothes!”

Her drunkenness was refreshed by the cold water and knew that Linyun was spouting nonsense.

If he was a lover of the cold, how would he be so fat? And still swimming at midnight? Go lie to the ghosts!  But she saw that Lingyun really did not mind, so she considered it. She looked at him and asked: “My name is Lin Meng Han (Forest Dream Cold), thanks for saving me, what’s your name?”

Lingyun did not want to converse with this woman anymore, therefore his face was filled with moral righteousness and said: “Saving a life means more than building a seven-storey pagoda (idk), mercy needs no repayment, lady, just go, don’t get frozen…”

Since he gave away his jacket, he did not mention his glasses anymore. It isn’t easy to do something good, he might as well finish the good deed.

Lin Meng Han sneakily looked at his “moral” face and thought: “This fatty isn’t that bad looking, and his heart’s alright. It’s too bad he’s that fat… Ahh! What am I thinking?!”

A gust of wind flew past, disrupting Lin Hang Men’s messy thoughts. With the cold wind, she did not care about being polite anymore and took his jacket and put it on.

With this jacket on, she was more warm and comfortable.

Lingyun did not care about that jacket, right now he wanted Lin Meng Han to leave as quickly possible to find his Seven Glorious Grass.

He saw that Lin Meng Han still wanted to talk so he quickly blocked her: “Chick, I beg of you, my cold-surviving ability is good, but please, I’ve been here 2 hours, can you at least pity me? You leave first so I can put on my pants alright?”

“I’ll say it again! I’m not a chick!” (I guess she wants to be thought of as an adult?) Lin Meng Han thought that this fatty was ridiculing her, so she said coldly.

Thinking back on that event, Lin Meng Han’s slight anger subsided and instead came a sense of shame. She complicatedly looked at Lingyun in the water and quickly ran way.

Because of Lin Meng Han’s delay, Lingyun was anxious. He waited until she ran out of sight before he hurried to the shore to grab his clothes and his treasure, the Seven Glorious Grass.

Lingyun felt that faint energy and his whole body was focused on searching for it in the patches of grass. He looked through all the grass carefully, without mistake.

He found it!

Lingyun was filled with joy! Right now what he wanted most was power to protect himself. Beautiful women meant nothing to his beautiful Seven Glorious Glass!

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