DEMG Chapter 3


Chapter 3: A Burst of Anger Means a Kick to a Door

Lingyun’s basin sized butt was raised high, and his fat body was sprawled completely across the floor. The fine sharp grass itched at his stomach yet he remained unaware. His face was so low it almost touched the stalk of Seven Glorious Grass!

In the immortal world, Lingyun had never fretted about treasures, but at this moment, he was so excited, tears filled his face.

He really did not think that at such an energy dry world would be a spiritual plant!

He contentedly absorbed the Seven Glorious Grass’s overflowing strands of spiritual energy. Lingyun felt refreshed. He did not bother to count the clumps of Seven Glorious Glass, as he knew there must be 7.


Seven Glorious Grass unless it was not grown at all, then once it has grown, there has to be 7 plants appearing at once. Each plant has 7 leaves. The grass absorbs sunlight during the day until every leaf appeared 7 yellow dry dots. Then this becomes fully grown and it means it can be refined into a Seven Glorious Pill.

Of course, refining pills needed one to be at the 1st Qi refining stage. With his current level of power, he hadn’t even reached the 1st stage of Body refining, refining the Seven Glorious Pill might as well be a mental man’s ramblings!

Lingyun, from the thickness of the spiritual energy determined that this Seven Glorious Grass still wasn’t fully matured. It needed around 2 months to grow.

When the Seven Glorious Grass was fully mature, its spiritual energy’s richness would increase fivefold or sevenfold. This state would only last a week, and if it wasn’t picked at the time, it would die, and its energy would be like normal plants.

This didn’t trouble Lingyun, because he could directly absorb the grass’s energy. Even though a lot of the spiritual energy was lost, Lingyun only needed a small amount for great affect due to his immediate crazy body refining.

After a while, Lingyun’s original weakness due to blood loss completely recovered. His white face now had a tinge of red and he felt full of energy.

It’s just that these actions are a bit inappropriate. (IDK what this means)

“It’s too bad that this body’s root bones are too awful, it can only hold this tiny amount of spiritual energy…” Half an hour later, Lingyun sat up a bit uncomfortably, and his 2 eyes were staring at the Seven Glorious Grass unwillingly.

This made him more determined to crazily refine his body!

“Before the Seven Glorious Grass matures, I must reach the pinnacle of the body refining stage!” Lingyun stroked the Seven Glorious Grass’s jade leaves carefully, like he would a newborn baby, and made up his mind!

He believed with the spiritual energy he absorbed, he can definitely raise his level to the 9th Body refining stage in 2 months, and only this will allow him to protect himself in front of the expert who crippled his Yang Heel Vessel!

With fully recovering the Yang Heel Vessel, Lingyun already had a plan. As long as he broke through to the 1st Qi refining stage with the energy released by the Seven Glorious Grass, he could refine it into pills. With a few pills, he could heal himself with his unique healing technique, and the meridian could be intact again.

Since he could not absorb the energy anymore, Lingyun stood up and patted his buttocks. He said softly: “Baby, brother won’t stay with you tonight. Tomorrow, when I deplete my spiritual energy, we’ll have a rendezvous!”

To those who do not understand, they would’ve thought that he was talking to a lover.

Lingyun felt the absorbed energy in his body. He felt that his body strength increased by twice since the car crash.

As he swaggered forward, he forcefully raised his fist and said in his heart: “This is the strength a normal 18-year-old should have!”

Following the lake for a few hundred metres, Lingyun saw a small bridge. He crossed the bridge, and arrived at the original road he was on. From here it only took a few minutes to get to school.

Lingyun arrived at the school gates quickly. Clear Water City’s 1st high school’s gated were locked like normal. He did not even consider going through the front door so he glanced at the gates and walked forward again.

Through the fence, he saw the spacious school grounds. The whole school grounds were silent, with not one person. It was the best place to get over the fence.

Thinking how the Lingyun before could not cross the fence a few days ago and even hurt his butt, Lingyun dejectedly shook his head. He cleanly flipped over the fence and walked straight towards the male dorms.

The male dorm’s front door was already closed, so Lingyun turned to the iron fence, and with a ringing sound, he jumped over.

The old man guarding the dorms was already asleep, so he did not mind him. Even if he was awake, Lingyun would not have cared. In high school, don’t even talk about men, even the women would jump over the steel fence in the middle of the night. It was a common sight.

Lingyun steadied himself. He looked up at his dorm rooms. A few rooms let out a faint light. He knows that exams were coming up, so the high school students were reading at midnight!

When he thought about this, Lingyun’s expression became one of determination. He exaggeratedly crossed the male dorms. The doors usually weren’t closed, so he went into the dorm building and walked up the stairs right up to the the 3rd floor.

He heard faint snoring, sleep talking, and teeth grinding. Lingyun walked straight to room 305 and pushed.

He could not make it budge. Clearly, someone had locked the door. Lingyun’s expression became dark and he lightly knocked on the door.

After half a day, no one had responded. Lingyun frowned and heavily knocked the door.

At this moment, in the dorms, a male student was already awakened by the knocking. He was sitting up, and he knew it must be Lingyun who came back. He wanted to open the door for him, but he was hesitant to choose.

He was called Chai Han Lin.

Last night, before curfew, the boss of room 305 Wei Tian Gan already reminded him that to teach Lingyun a lesson, if he did not come back before curfew, then he can be locked there the whole night, don’t let him in.

This wicked proposal immediately agreed. They did not put the usually cowardly Lingyun in their eyes, they only feared that they could not see Lingyun embarrassed, so they strongly agreed.

Only Chai Han Lin weakly disagreed. “That’s not too good right? We’re all schoolmates, and exams are near…”

Wei Tian Gan looked down upon him and said: “Him? He still wants to take an exam? If he does not affect our exams, we’ll thank god!”

Lingyun’s top bunkmate Gu Yuan Long laughed in accordance. “Chai Han Ling, is something wrong with your head? With Linyun’s constant position in the bottom 3, and with only 2 months, do you really think he can study anything out?”

The four students agreed, with hints of unrestrained laughter, Chai Han Lin wanted to explain Lingyun, but he already knew that even if Lingyun studied with his life, he would not be able to get admitted into any uni.

Wei Tian Gan was extremely pleased with Gu Yuan Long’s reply. He denounced Lingyun. “Tonight after self-study, Lingyun that fat pig will try to chase Cao Shan Shan. With his stupid looks, he wants to date out class’s flower? I really don’t understand what that piss sees in himself!”

Everyone knew that Cao Shan Shan was one of Clear Water City’s first high school’s top 3 beauties. She was the Senior year’s 6th class’s number one most crushed on by the boys. She was their dream goddess.

Chai Han Lin thought about it and he knew that he must’ve pissed Wei Tian Gan because of this. Wei Tian Gan said before he also wanted to date Cao Shan Shan.

Although Wei Tian Gan came from the towns surrounding the city, he was from a well-off family. His academics was always top 5 in the class. These grades were in the top percentile in exams in the well off Clear Water City’s first high school. It was pretty impressive, plus he looked pretty good, so even though he wanted to chase after Cao Shan Shan, it was reasonable.

If he did not consider Cao Shan Shan’s family background as much, or was scared of offending the beauty, he would have already written a love letter to her.

Lingyun did not know the limits of the sky! He actually wanted to chase after his dream goddess! This, of course, made Wei Tian Gan angry as f*ck!

“Chai Han Lin, I’ll tell you now, I know you pity that weak-as-a-chicken, fat pig. But tonight we are closed. If you still dare to open that door, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Chai Han Lin saw that Wei Tian Gan was threatening him, and the other 3 students were full of excitement. He knew that even if he did rebel, nothing good will happen, so he stayed silent and sighed for Lingyun. He walked back to his bed and kept reading his book.

When one is nice, one gets bullied; when a horse is nice, it gets ridden! Lingyun just was too weak!

The knocks on the door were now increasing in volume. Wei Tian Gan and co. were obviously awake because of it. They all knew it was Lingyun behind the door, yet only sat on their beds, feeling satisfied with themselves.

Only Wei Tian Gan was wondering why the cowardly Lingyun was still knocking. Based on his personality, he should’ve given up long ago, rather than doing something that had no purpose.

Chai Han Lin heard that “dong, dong, dong” and his heart turned soft. He couldn’t watch anymore and flipped his body out of the bed.

“You dare open that door?!” Wei Tian Gan condescendingly stared at Chai Han Lin as he threatened him fiercely.

“Fck! It’s midnight! Stop knocking, it’s too fcking loud!” The neighbours were all awakened and discontentedly shouted.

Right now, even if Lingyun was stupid, he would know that his roommates were awake, but deliberately not help him open the door. He was angry, all the happiness he had from finding the Seven Glorious Grass disappeared.

“It seems like they’re too used to bullying me!” Lingyun laughed at himself and stopped knocking. He took 3 steps backwards.

He raised his anger, stormed forwards 2 steps, lifted up his right leg and “BOOM!” one kick and the door crashed open!

“Who locked the damn door!” Lingyun walked in the dorm. His aura was of a fierce tiger leaving his mountain. His sharp eyes swept across the room in a circle and locked onto the body of Wei Tian Gan.

Although his memories left out these peoples’ names, in the dorm, he felt that the one with the most hatred for him was this man with the condescending attitude and the one looking for a good show to watch.

The dorm was silent. Wei Tian Gan, Gu Long Yuan, and the rest plus Chai Han Lin were all shocked by Lingyun’s actions!

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