DEMG Chapter 5


Chapter 5: A Small Punishment

The students watching the commotion saw Lingyun’s tyranny and audacity. Although they did not know why Lingyun had such a massive change, they did not want to provoke the tiger, and could only go back to their own dorms and gossip.

It was a case of a sheep turning to a tiger. After entering high school, he was bullied and laughed at for 2 years, and with one burst of anger, he stomped on Wei Tian Gan, slapped Jia Meng. This news would shake the school!

Jia Meng saw that no one was around him and was even more scared in his heart. He walked forward with hesitation, and with no confidence whatsoever, said: “Chai Han Lin, at any rate, we are still classmates, y-y-you and Lingyun’s relationship is good, you can stop him, you can’t let him hit me again…”

Even if Jia Meng was worse, he still was just a teen in school, if he bullied other people, it was fine, but when it came to himself being beat up, how could he not be scared?


This kid would definitely find someone to help, and the only one he knew that could save him was Chai Han Lin.

Lingyun, with disdain, gave him a glance before laughing. “You don’t have to beg Chai Han Lin. If I want to beat you up, no one will be able to stop me! Even if you beg, it’s no use! Quick! Close the door. Come!”

After saying this, he raised his leg and moved it away from Wei Tian Gan’s chest. He slowly said to Jia Meng: “Lift him up!”

Anyhow, they still lived together in a dorm for 3 years, and it was nearing finals. Lingyun did not want to go too far. Just a shock to them would be fine.

“You two stop acting like you’re sleeping. Do you want me to ask you to come down?” Lingyun looked up at Gu Yuan Long and Sha Guo Xing in the top bunks.

Gu Yuan Long was now in regret. In his heart, he wanted to kill Wei Tian Gan with his words. Wei Tian Gan made fun of him already, why did he have to come up with this damn idea and not open the door?

Ah! What did this kid eat? Why is he so fierce tonight?!

His thoughts are but his thoughts. Since Lingyun called him, he really didn’t dare to act deaf. So, with a sense of urgency, he quickly climbed down the ladder. With an awkward smile, he flatteringly said: “Hey, Brother Ling, you called me? I’m coming down now.”

On the other side, Sha Guo Xing listened to this interaction and rolled his eyes. Gu Yuan Long this kid, really knows how to take advantage of the situation. Lingyun’s nicknames “Fat pig” and “Trash” were all came up by him, and now, in a flash, he called him brother.

He wasn’t as worried, because he would only occasionally laugh at Lingyun, and not intentionally trouble him. He only harassed him in the dorm, to show his manliness, so he went with the flow.

Tonight, although he had a part in this, it was only minor. Looking at Lingyun’s tone, it wasn’t like he wanted to kill them, so he did not say anything and leapt off the bed. Jia Meng was scared after Lingyun’s slap. He knows that after tonight, he should never provoke Lingyun anymore!

Lingyun walked to his bedside, and lifted up the mattress and blanket, before sitting directly on the bed. It immediately sank under his heavy weight and creaked nonstop.

His eyes casually swept over the four people trembling with fear, and also saw the terror in their eyes. He knew that the shock he instilled had met his goal, so he lightly chuckled: “Don’t dally, sit down anywhere, let’s have a talk!”

“Gu Yuan Long, I seem to remember that when we enrolled into this school, I was top bunk, right?”

From the conversation they just had, Lingyun remembered their names.

Gu Yuan Long did not think that Lingyun would mention him first, before he even sat stably, he stood up with a face full of smiles. “Brother Ling, it’s my bad. If you want, how about we switch them back. I’ll clean up for you now.” When he said that, he actually went up to his bed.

“You sit down now!” Lingyun though it was funny. For his ancestors (respect to his elders, not losing face for them?), nothing wasn’t worth it. If he rebelled once, maybe he would not have to deal with these bullies.

“My point isn’t that I want to change with you, in fact, I’m scared I’ll crush you when sleeping! I’m only telling you this- I have not brought up a lot of issues with you people. Just because I don’t, it does not mean you can ride on me and shit on my head! Do you understand?!”

Lingyun wanted to crazily refine his body in the upcoming days, he certainly would not fight with him for the top bunk. He only said this so Gu Yuan Long would remember this.

Who wasn’t bullied as a teen? Who hasn’t bullied someone? Lingyun’s path was clear. He had no planned to retaliate against these schoolmates.

“I understand, Brother Ling. It’s my mistake, I hope you as a superior will not bicker with this inferior, great man must have big hearts…”

“It’s fine, I don’t want to hear your flattery, as long as you have changed. I won’t bother you about the past subjects.” Lingyun waved his hands to stop Gu Yuan Long’s words.

“Jia Meng, my slap was a bit too hard, but in these 3 years, you know what degree you have bullied me into. This slap means we’re even. How do you see this?”

Although being hit like that by Lingyun was embarrassing, but in terms of fairness, this slap wasn’t unreasonable. The things he did to Lingyun, if it was another person, breaking a leg would still be light!

Right now Jia Meng was scared of Lingyun. Their positions were swapped completely from before. He could only silently nod.

After taking care of these 2 people, his line of sight finally landed on Wei Tian Gan’s face.

“Wei Tian Gan, I know you’re not satisfied. I really don’t care whether you’re content with this situation or not. There’s 2 months until the competit… uhh, finals. After finals, everyone will go their own way. I don’t want to stir up a situation, but I won’t be your servant, treating me however you want! Do you get my meaning?”

Lingyun looked at Wei Tian Gan’s humiliation and anger. He almost looked as if he was going to spit fire, but he did not care and said it frankly.

He honestly did not care about the minor characters in this dorm.

Wei Tian Gan’s face was of hatred, but he knew that he wasn’t Lingyun’s rival. So he heard Lingyun’s arrogant, untouchable words but did not retort and only kept it in his heart. He wanted to find a time to gain back his face.

Seeing Wei Tian Gan’s silence, Lingyun said: “I’m warning you, this is only a small punishment. I’m advising you to never test my bottom line, or it won’t be as simple next time!”

After saying this phrase, Lingyun did not look at Wei Tian Gan, and smiled at Chai Han Lin. “If anyone ever bullies you again, just tell me!”

Afterwards, he got up and found his towel and headed to the showers to clean up.

As for Sha Guo Xing, he had no recollection of him, so he left him out completely.

After Lingyun left, the 305 dorm room’s atmosphere reached its peak. No one spoke, no one moved. It was quiet enough to hear a needle drop.

What’s shocking? What’s overbearing? This is!

Finally, Gu Yuan Long looked at Wei Tian Gan and Jia Meng who suffered the most and awkwardly asked: “Dorm leader, Jia Meng, your bodies are fine, right?”

Jia Meng spat. No one knew whether he spat the remaining blood out or his disdain for Gu Yuan Long’s mockery. He didn’t say anything and only silently walked to his bedside and moved his pillow to the other side.

He knew himself. Stepping on Lingyun? It’s be good if Lingyun did not step on him!

Wei Tian Gan snorted. It might as well have been an answer to Gu Yuan Long. He found his towel, wiped off the dirt on his chest, and just went to bed.

Right now, Wei Tian Gan wanted to tear Lingyun into pieces. He was continuously thinking plots to take care of him, but he really did not have the bravery to one-on-one him.

He also didn’t say anything to Gu Yuan Long. It was his fault for stirring up trouble. Gu Yuan Long did not want to get beaten up along with him. With Lingyun’s tyranny, the four of them wouldn’t be able to take him on.

Sha Guo Xing looked at the other 3, but didn’t say anything at last. He also went to bed.

When everyone went to bed, Chai Han Lin who was stunned by Lingyun’s heavenly change, felt his heart recover from the shock. “No one cares about ten years of strenuous study, only with one action can one be famous everywhere.” This sentence suddenly felt a bit inappropriate.

Therefore, he changed it to: “Ten years is not too late for a nobleman to take revenge!”

Chai Han Lin thought for a bit and lightly said something to break dorm 305’s pressuring atmosphere. “We’re all schoolmates, and dorm mates. We’re going to graduate, let’s get along later.”

This was a comforting expression as well as a warning.

“Still not satisfied? If this was the immortal world, we would not give 2 shits if we were from the same sect. Now you have awakened my desire to extinguish you. You’ll never be reborn!”

“Count yourselves lucky! Grandpa here is happy, if there ever is a next time, see how I won’t beat you up until you can’t even cry!”

At this time, Lingyun, with a basin full of water, was only wearing shorts. He used his towel to wipe off his fat body.

Lingyun’s body was completely clean, so he washed his pants in the water, put his towel on his shoulder and walked to rest at the dorm.

After entering, he looked down at his waist and silently thought: “From tomorrow, I’m gonna say goodbye to you!”

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