DEMG Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Shocking Body Refining

The one talking was a sports student in seniors’ 6th class. His name was Cheng Zhi Ye, a skinny and tall person. He was good at 3000 Long Distance. Since he came to High School, he held the school’s long distance champion. Last year he even broke the city’s high school sports council’s record. Rumor had it that he had been accepted by Yan Jing Sports University.

Although he did not think much of Lingyun, he had his pride, so he normally wouldn’t bully Lingyun. He though that bullying someone who was a pig would make him stoop to the pig’s level.

His attitude towards Lingyun was like Sha Guo Xing. He would occasionally laugh at him to excite his dull high school life.

“I’m here to find Teacher Ma. Is he here?” Lingyun straight up asked him a question.


“Teacher Ma? I’m not hearing correctly, am I? In the PE lessons, when you saw him you hid, now you actually want to take the initiative to find him? Do you have a fever from being naked last night?” Cheng Zhi Ye said in wonder, and acted like a caring person by feeling Lingyun’s forehead.

Lingyun slightly frowned, calmly peeled off Cheng Zhi Ye’s hand, and said: “I want to borrow a sandbag.”

“You want to borrow a sandbag?” Cheng Zhi Ye now was even more muddled. Since last night, after slightly tasting blood, now he wants to learn how to box? But he thought over it and chuckled. “You don’t need to ask Teacher Ma to borrow sandbags. I’ll get the for you now!”

“Wang Li! Come with me to get a sandbag for him!”

Cheng Zhi Ye’s curiousity fluttered, he wanted know what Lingyun was up to.

9:30 in the morning, nearing the end of the second class, the corridor downstairs was filled with a chorus of voices,followed by a loud noise.

The seniors were at the 4th floor, the 3rd floor was only sophomores. With this noise, they instantly disrupted the quietness of the senior classes.

“My god! Look, that idiot is holding the sandbag up!” A high-pitched female voice screamed out.

The students in the seniors’ 6th class listening to the lecture perked up their ears after hearing that voice.

In the whole of Clear Water’s First high, the only one fit to be called idiot was their class’s embarrassment, Lingyun. There hasn’t been a second one!

“F*ck! No way! That sandbag he’s holding, let me tell you, my brother used to box, at least weighs 50kg!”

“The way I see it; it looks like he doesn’t want to live. After raping our school beauty, he comes back to beat up his dorm mates. Now, instead of attending class, he runs around carrying a sandbag!”

Cao Shan Shan’s ears were good. She overheard this conversation word for word, and her long, shapely eyebrows stiffened and her almond eyes opened.

Zhang Ling sneaked glances at Cao Shan Shan, and full of hope, looked out the window. She really wanted to know what was happening on the sports grounds.

Cheng Zhi Ye was idiotically looking at this situation. His mouth was wide enough to fit an egg, and murmured to himself. “No way! This is impossible!? This kid wants to go against the heavens!”

It wasn’t only him! All the sports students around him all gave up their practice, and were mesmerised at Lingyun who was holding a sandbag and running around!

The whole sports field was shocked! Soccer players stopped kicking, the ball was lonely on the grass. Basket ball players stopped playing, all the males and females stared at the fatty lifting the sandbag, and their eyes were following his shadows.

The shadow’s right hand tightly clutched the sandbag on his shoulder. He wasn’t running especially fast, but his pace was steady. Step by step, it followed in accordance with a pattern as he ran.

Lingyun’s fat was trembling with each step he took. The fat was crazily being burnt. His expression was full of determination, while his belief was soaring!

“How do strong people get strong? Even geniuses need to cultivate crazily, find their weaknesses and fix them!”

“As long as I start running, only I can stop myself from running. Otherwise, all obstacles can’t trouble me!”

“Only with this can I break through my body’s limits, reaching body refining’s limits!”

Other people’s mockery, other people’s disdain, even other people’s surprise and shock, to Lingyun, they might as well have been clouds. He only had one goal, to become strong!

But it really was tiring! Just running tens of metres, Lingyun’s body sweated like rain, his breathing was like the huffs of a cow, his footsteps were heavy like mountains!

With his weight of 100 kg, even without any penalties, running would be difficult. Now Lingyun actually had a weight of 50 kg attached to him!

But, he knew his own potential. This body was washed by the saintly spiritual energy from the takeover. It was already rebirthed, with no hidden diseases. Last night, he even absorbed the Seven Glorious Grass’s large amount of spiritual energy!

As for that 60-70% healed Yang Heel Vessel, it actually was running fine. Even normal people had some sort of deficiency, right?

He was tired, but not to the point of collapsing. His goal was to use up all the Seven Glorious Grass’s energy he had absorbed last night!

Only with this can he use his ability to absorb the overflowing spiritual energy from the Seven Glorious Grass tonight!

“If only I could continuously absorb the spiritual energy. I wouldn’t need 2 months, even 1 month would be enough to reach the peak of body refining!”

The only problem was that this stupid place had no spiritual energy to satiate his needs.

So he could only use the most idiotic method, one step at a time advancing through this kind of limit training to break the body’s restraints and strengthen the body’s various parts, reaching the peak!

Morning, the second class of the day was over. There was a 20-minute break.

The seniors were so impatient, just as the teacher announced the class had ended, they rushed out, forgetting to respect their teachers by waiting for them. They all wanted to know what happened in the sports field!

The seniors’ 6th class were the fiercest, because they knew that the one with the sandbag could only be their very own Lingyun!

Chai Han Lin was short, so he sat at the front row. He was the fastest to get out after class!

“What! It really is Lingyun!” Chai Han Lin was stunned!

“What the f*ck! It really is Lingyun! This kid’s gone crazy!” The students tightly following Chai Han Lin shouted.

“My god! (The text says 卖糕的, a phonetic translation of ‘My god!’) Did the sun come from the west today? I’m not dreaming am I?” The female students were shouting!

“If it isn’t I’m that’s crazy, then it must be this world! That fat pig, how could he do something so shocking?!”

Cao Shan Shan was holding in her anger, wanting to confront Lingyun, but since he wasn’t in class she couldn’t do anything. Now she heard that he was hoisting a sandbag acting crazy, she wanted to see him in shame in front of so many people. She was about to stand, but with a twist of her waist, sat back down again.

“Shan Shan, it really is that idiot. Let’s go out and see…” Zhang Ling surveyed the classroom and only they were there. She wanted to agitate Cao Shan Shan.

“If you want to go, you go. I don’t want to see that idiot embarrassing himself!” Cao Shan Shan actually really wanted to see him make a fool of himself, even seeing him fall down would be good, but her attitude was still stubborn.

“Don’t you want to know what caused Lingyun to have such a change? Don’t you want to see how long that idiot who brought you such disasters can last?” Zhang Ling did not believe that Cao Shan Shan could resist.

“Alright, my lady Cao, just treat it as if you’re keeping me company!” Seeing that Cao Shan Shan was moved after hearing her talk, Zhang Ling dragged her towards the exit.

“It’s nearly half a lap! That’s 200 metres! He still can run?!” As the 2 walked out, they heard shouts from downstairs.

“That idiot can’t run anymore! Although his speed hasn’t changed, look at his waist! It isn’t even straight anymore!” A student from seniors’ 6th class noticed.

When Cao Shan Shan and Zhang Ling found spots, the 2 people saw Lingyun who was about to collapse still mechanically stepping, and they were thoroughly shocked.

Cao Shan Shan only felt a tug at her heartstrings.

With that weak body, and being that fat, he still kept holding that sandbag running crazily for a while. She really didn’t know what happened to cause such a heaven bending change!
The whole of Clear Water First high was in an uproar, only because a single male was running while holding a sandbag. There was the cynical, the mocking, the ones watching all the commotion. They were all waiting to see when Lingyun would trip.

Only one person, only one was quietly standing, leaning against the corridor. She could even be described as laying on the railings. Her eyes were tightly following that tired, yet still stepping, tall and grand figure. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t resist crying. Her face was full of tears!

She was very beautiful! Beautiful enough that she shouldn’t be compared to ordinary people, she was dreamy. Her height was at least 170 cm, and when compared to the girls in the corridors, she was a crane in a flock of chickens. Needless to say, her face was exquisite beyond words, with a white and delicate neck like swans. Unlike Cao Shan Shan’s peony-like beauty, her beauty was a serene valley of orchids, unique and independent.

Her loftiness was engraved in the bones as if heaven had made it so, her manners were spiritual and elusive. The human’s sense of beauty was just that when in front of her.

A simple piece of string tied her long ponytail. Her skin was white and glistened like a crystal. She has a slender and long neck, a tapered chin. The tears misted her eyes, it made one want to comfort her.

Ning Yu Ling was the seniors’ 1st class. She was the first to rush out of her classroom, and when she saw the crazily running fatty, her tears instantly came out.

“Brother Lingyun! I know you wouldn’t disappoint me! I just knew you could do it! Mother said you wouldn’t disappoint us, and you really didn’t! Oh brother!”

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