DEMG Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Ning Ling Yu

Through the misted pair of eyes, an unforgettable, warm memory was surfacing in Ning Ling Yu’s mind.

“How are you this clumsy? If you tore your clothes, when you go back, mum will have to stay awake the whole night to help you fix it!” A seven or eight-year-old boy with fine looks, and an expression of cleanliness and innocence excitedly tugged at the impeccable jade-like little Ling Yu, while patting the dust off her pants.

“This milk candy I’ll give to you; brother doesn’t like to eat candies!” Their mother gave them 1 piece of candy each. Lingyun licked his lips before gulping down saliva. When their mother was in the kitchen cooking, he reached out and gave it a content little Ling Yu.

“You dare to harass my little sister! I’ll fight to death with you!” A nine-year-old Lingyun stood bravely in front of Ling Yu, grasping his fists tightly towards a group of little kids who wanted to bully her.


“Sister, don’t be scared, don’t worry. With brother here protecting you…” After the fight, he was beaten up to the point his nose was green and face was swollen. He resisted the pain and smiled, comforting Ning Ling Yu.

Looking at Lingyun’s dimples that come out as he smiled, Ning Ling Yu felt a sense of safety, and fiercely nodded her little head.

The warm events came one after another, and the camera went to 6 years ago. That year they were both 12.

One sentence cruelly ripped apart the siblings’ understanding and emotional defence.

“Her surname’s Ning, your surname’s Ling, you’re not even actual siblings! You’re just some wild kid her mum picked up on the side of the street! You’re a wild kid that nobody wants!”

For the first time, Lingyun didn’t stand by her side. For the first time, he remained unresponsive. For the first time, he didn’t retaliate with a strong fist!

The youth was pure, brave, and compassionate, but was utterly shattered by one sentence.

Apparently, Ning Ling Yu was sick not even a month after she was born. Lingyun was picked up by her mother when she went to the mountains to pray for her.

He was wrapped in a simple quilt, inside was a slip of paper that only read Lingyun and nothing more. Obviously his parents left him to die there.

From when they were little, they knew they weren’t blood related, but their feelings were even closer than actual siblings! Ning Ling Yu always had treated Lingyun like her real brother.

Even after someone said that, she still followed after him. She even secretly hated her mum for not changing Lingyun’s name to Ning Ling Yun!

She naïvely thought that if this had happened, her brother wouldn’t have been attacked by those hateful people.

But her mother only faintly replied: “His name is Lingyun. Call him Lingyun, mum won’t change his name. In the future, if his parents wanted to find him, it would be easier.” Ning Ling Yu was angry, but she still accepted her thoughts.

But what was unexpected was that after Lingyun heard those words, he completely changed!

He became more silent, more self-hating, lonelier. He no longer protected her, no longer bravely standing by her side, waving his fists in the face of her bullies.

But Ning Ling Yu knew that Lingyun was still silently protecting her, but only in a different fashion.

As long as he found out someone had bullied her, he would offer himself up to be beaten up instead, as long as no one toucher her.

No one except for her knew that the only reason Lingyun ate so much was to not hurt as much when he gets beaten up.

What Ning Ling Yu didn’t know was that Lingyun chose this method because he found out that he was tall for his age, but his body was extremely weak.

He never told anyone about this and only silently accepted it. One bad kid’s poisonous words really targeted Lingyun’s sense of inferiority, causing him to change so much!

It didn’t matter if Ning Ling Yu tried to persuade her brother, it had no effect on him. She was completely discouraged, but she still kept a slier of hope, hope that her brother might be able to stand again, to stand by her and bravely protect her.

So, she wanted to ignore Lingyun to awaken his bravery and his morality!

This morning, of course she heard Lingyun’s news, but she didn’t care about what happened between her brother and Cao Shan Shan, because even idiots would know that they didn’t have any connections.

But last night her brother’s retaliation really increased her hope once more!

She really couldn’t believe it! 6 years, was it possible? His brother not being beaten up would’ve been good, could he have really hit someone?

But now, seeing that crazy boy running with a sandbag, she believed it! She was excited, she was lucky, how could she not cry?

That brother who could protect her and love her, to the point of sheltering her from the wind and blocking her from the rain, finally came back!

A handsome, elegant, graceful, name brand wearing male was standing close to Ning Ling Yu. A pair of slightly evil eyes filled with scorching desire greedily stared at Ning Ling Yu full of tears.

He was in the same class as Ning Ling Yu. His name was Xie Jun Yan, one of Clear Water First high’s 4 playboys, but unlike the other 3, his grades were outstanding.

To those who didn’t understand him, with his good looks, refined manners, elegant but proud smile, they would think he was a graceful and smart, good man.

By his side was also a brand name wearing girl. She wore high heels, her face was covered in makeup, her lips had a red, expensive lipstick. Her arm grasped his elbow and unblinkingly stared at Ning Ling Yu.

She seemed to be born with a sense of superiority. She looked at Ning Ling Yu with a despicable and disdainful expression, while her face showed undisguised hatred.

All of this made one thing clear- she was jealous of Ning Ling Yu.

She was the 3rd school beauty, Zhuang Mei Na, the richest person in Clear Water- the Village Medical Group’s beloved jewel, although her family background can’t be compared to Cao Shan Shan’s mysterious family, it was still influential.

In a nutshell, Zhuang Mei Na is the standard ‘Ms. Perfect’. (Good skin, rich, and beautiful)

By a coincidence, her and Ning Ling Yun were in the same class, and from then on, her nightmare started!

She was evaluated as Clear Water First high’s top 3 beauties, but she couldn’t beat Cao Shan Shan or NIng Ling Yu, forever only being called the number 3, no matter how she put on make up.

She was diligent in studying, but she could never beat Ning Ling Yu, who always sat at the top.

Cao Shan Shan’s mysterious background made her hesitate, but Ning Ling Yu’s family couldn’t even buy respectable clothes for her, how come she stood in the way of her spotlight?

This wasn’t all too. The one thing that made Zhuang Mei Na so crazily jealous was that since middle school, she secretly liked Xie Jun Yan, but he actually openly tried to date Ning Ling Yu! And even after being rejected multiple times all that did was increase his resolve! He already had persevered for 2 and a half years!

Until senior high, when faced under the pressure of finals, he gave up the hopelessness of chasing after Ning Ling Yu and accepted Zhuang Mei Na’s love.

This was Clear Water High’s love triangle, and was one of the most popular gossiping topics in these 3 years!

Right now, looking at the reluctant to be her boyfriend Xie Jun Yan, who didn’t even care for her feelings, in front of her face, he actually was staring at Ning Ling Yu! In Zhuang Mei Na’s heart, her jealousy and resentment grew without bounds!

Zhuang Mei Na couldn’t hold back her resentment, and looked at the slowly moving figure on the sports field. With an evil smile, she raised her voice to let Ning Ling Yu hear: “Jun Yan, look at that stupid pig, actually wanting to use such a method to lose weight! It’s so funny!”

In Clear Water High, these 3 years also had another popular gossip, that the whole school knew, the proud, dazzling beauty Ning Ling Yu had a brother of different parents, the loser Lingyun.

The little sister was always number one, while the brother already gave up studying, eating and waiting to die, a super trash!

“I really don’t know what purpose this trash has, he might as well kill himself!”

Seeing Ning Ling Yu’s body shaking, Zhuang Mei Na’s enticing face showed contentment, and added oil to the fire!

Xie Jun Yan knew Zhuang Mei Na’s goal was to thoroughly anger and embarrass Ning Ling Yu, buy only frowned and looked at her, but didn’t stop her.

Towards Zhuang Mei Na who constantly tried to provoke and find faults with Ning Ling Yu, she didn’t have any reaction, but this time, she wiped off her tears, glancing at Lingyun for the last time before slowly going back.

Her eyes were a bit red, and coldly stared at Zhuang Mei Na.

“I’m telling you, my brother isn’t a good for nothing!”

Her voice was like a cry of a bird, and although it was as cold as ice, it was filled with undeniable confidence!

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