EAA Chapter 1012


Chapter 1012 –The Gathering Part 4

“Head leader Mo Fei, do you know how our North Devil Palace has become so powerful? It is due to our palace master being backed by a person where all of you will not be able to defeat him. That person just needs to use a little of his might to wipe out all of you. It’s a pity that Lord can’t personally make his move so he can only make use of our palace master’s power…”

‘That person is so powerful that he is incomparable to these puny ordinary people.’

The crowd’s hearts skipped a beat.

‘Won’t it mean that person is a Martial God if he is stronger than Supreme Realm practitioners?



‘This is impossible. How can there really be a god in this world? Even if there is, they shouldn’t be appearing at this kind of place…’

Murong Qing Chu remained silent as he looked downward with his cold gaze landing on Yan Tai’s sinister old face. A ray of light flickered past his eyes.

“It really seems to be the calm before the storm. Perhaps the day where the world faces an annihilation crisis is imminent. There will be only a person that will be the key on deciding whether we will survive the world annihilation crisis…”

Murong Qin looked at the side of the man’s handsome face and asked with creased brows, “Qing Chu, did you foresee something?”

Murong Qing Chu nodded slightly, gradually shutting his eyes.

When the light sunlight shone on his palm-leaf fan-like eyelashes, it gave off a captivating radiance.

‘I’ve indeed foreseen something.

‘Countless Martial Gods will descend from the sky. The entire continent will be in a terrible state. It will be like the Martial God battle from the ancient time, where everywhere would be filled with smokes and conflagration. However, snow-white robes that were eye-catching to the eyes will be seen within those sand and dust that filled the air. It seems to be a ray of light that pierce through the darkness, dissipating all of the sinister clouds.

‘Perhaps she will be the sole key in deciding whether the continent will survive the world annihilation crisis…’

“The continent will really be undergoing massive changes.” Murong Qin didn’t ask further. He sighed subconsciously.

‘I wonder if those changes to the continent will be a blessing or a disaster…’

“Yan Tai, stop the alarmist talk!” Yao Sheng smiled coldly as he mocked, “You say that he just need to use a hand to wipe out all of us? Do you think I will believe what you say? Since you’ve come here, there won’t be a need for you to leave. How about  leaving your soul here forever?”


A mighty force surged out from Yao Sheng’s body. Following that, he seemed to have transformed into a sharp sword, piercing toward Yan Tai.

Wu Xu and Yu Yan wanted to come for Yan Tai’s help, but their paths were blocked by Tian Mo and Mo Fei.

Ever since Dou Yi Jun started governing the Dou family, they had garnered a lot of attention. Everyone thought that it would only be a matter of time before the Dou family would be destroyed from the attacks by the North Devil Palace.

Who knew that so many Supreme Realm experts had come to help them, not even caring if they were offending the North Devil Palace…

“Qing Chu, let’s join in the battle to end this battle as quickly as we can.”

Murong Qin’s body moved in a flash, his lofty body landed on the ground. He then started to commence his attacks toward Yan Tai, teaming up with Yao Sheng…

Dou Yi Jun was stunned as he watched the battle between the Supreme Realm experts; he was immensely shocked.

‘How can I not know that these people are helping the Dou family all due to Mu Ru Yue…

‘If it wasn’t for her, how could so many experts come over to help out?’

Yan Tai and the rest were quickly in the disadvantage under the crowd’s attacks. Some people even tried to escape from this place, but to no avail as the entire Dou family was being sieged by two large power. Yan Tai rapidly exhausted his power under the harmonious attack from the crowd.


His body was sent flying, crashing hard on the ground.

“Yao Sheng! Mo Fei! There will surely be a day where you will regret doing this! Hahaha!”

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