EAA Chapter 1014


Chapter 1014  –The Gathering Part 6

Two figures walked in from outside the manor before they could do anything…

White robes and hair fluttered gently in the wind. Madam Sheng Yue hastily covered her lips after seeing the girl’s flawless face. Her delicate body shuddered slightly.

The heavens knew how much nightmares she had experienced ever since Mu Ru Yue’s disappearance. She didn’t expect to finally see her most beloved daughter once again.

“Father! Mother! Uncle!”


Mu Ru Yue smilingly walked forth. With a gentle gaze, she said, “I’ve returned…”

‘That’s right, she had returned…’

“Yue Er, Wu Chen! Where did the two of you go during this period of time?” Xiao Tian Yu’s gaze was brimmed with concern as he continued, “We thought something had happened to you.

Ye Wu Chen smiled, pulling Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. He replied with a gentle and warm expression, “Don’t worry! Lord father-in-law, nothing will ever happen to Mu Er as long as I am by her side…”

Just when Mu Ru Yue wanted to explain something, she heard two voices calling her from behind.


One of the voices was so loud that the other youthful voice was totally stifled.

Not to mention Mu Ru Yue, the rest got a shock. It was especially so from the two large power. All of them had shifted their gazes to Murong Qin.

“Who are you…” Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as she asked in doubt.

“Hehe,” Murong Qin no longer had his previous arrogance as he chuckled and introduced himself, “Master, have you forgotten about me? I am Murong Qing Chu’s father. We previously had met each other once. I’ve recognised you as my Master after gaining the inheritance that you had left behind by chance.”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned as she finally remembered who he was.

‘This man is the bonafide governor of the Immortal Doctor Sect. He had appeared together with Murong Qing Chu after I had previously killed Nangong Zi Feng. He then kept on self-proclaiming himself as the disciple of Senior Yue.’

“I’m not your Master.”

“Master, it doesn’t matter if you admit being my Master or not. I will suffice in me being your disciple.” Murong Qin smiled flatteringly. If he had a tail, he would be wagging it to beg for Mu Ru Yue’s pity.

Murong Qing Chu felt so ashamed by Murong Qin that he retreated a couple of steps away from Murong Qin, keeping his distance from him.

He really wanted to say he didn’t know this man…

“Hehe,” Mo Fei chuckled and complimented, “It’s not a mystery why Xi Xi reveres you so much. You are extraordinary. You even refused a Supreme Realm practitioner to be your disciple. Not many people can have such a spirit.”

‘More importantly, this woman’s cultivation seems rather high…’

Yao Sheng sighed slightly. With a complex gaze, he commented, “You are indeed worthy to be Qian Cheng’s Master…”

‘It is reasonable for Qian Cheng to reject my offer in becoming my disciple after possessing such a Master.’

“Master.” Qian Cheng Yan scratched his head and smiled youthfully and said, “I finally get to see you again.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled as he looked at the man’s bright eyes. “If the two of you didn’t come here this time, perhaps I would have gone to the Medicine Sect and Martial Sect to look for you.”

“Really?” The light in Qian Chen Yan’s eyes intensified.

‘No matter if Master is being genuine or lying, it still proves that she hasn’t forgotten about me…’

“Shu Ning, you are with Yue Er.” An Xi looked at Shu Ning that was standing behind Mu Ru Yue. She complained with fake anger, “You’re really too cunning in not informing me. That’s right, who is this gentleman? Why do I feel that he looks rather familiar?”

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