EAA Chapter 1058


Chapter 1058 – Danger! Bei Jun Appears Part 1

Eastern Island, Dou family.

There was a man with his hands behind his back within a room. He looked with a cold gaze at the dusky sky.

“Qing Chu, what have you discovered?” Murong Qin turned his head to look at Murong Qing Chu’s face. A trace of astonishment flashed past his eyes.

Murong Qing Chu’s eyebrows were creased tightly as he looked at the sky before him. He muttered softly, “The world annihilation crisis has come prematurely. Father, where is Ye Wu Chen now?”


Murong Qin was startled for a moment before he asked, “He is cultivating in seclusion. Shall I go and find him?”

“Cultivating in seclusion?” A glint flashed past Murong Qing Chu’s eyes. He shook his head lightly as he continued, “Don’t need. This is the best chance for him to make a breakthrough. It is better that we don’t disrupt his concentration. No matter what happens next, we must persevere until he appears. On another note…”

Murong Qing Chu paused before he said, “Father, immediately hide all of the family members of the Dou family, Zi family, and Xiao family.”

“Hide? Where can we hide them?” Murong Qin frowned tightly.

Murong Qing Chu, who was known as god’s son from several years ago, had already become Murong Qin’s pillar…

“Realmless! They must quickly head to Realmless. Otherwise, it will be too late!”

‘The world annihilation crisis is imminent. If they don’t migrate from the continent, they will most likely lose their lives…’


Murong Qin thought about something and asked, “Then, what about yourself…”

“I will wait here for her return. Father, I will have to leave her family members in your care…” Murong Qing Chu turned his head to look at Murong Qin with a faint glow in his eyes.

Murong Qin’s heart shuddered as he chuckled bitterly and rebuked, “Chu Er, you shouldn’t need to do this. The person that stays behind should be me instead. I am her disciple in name after all…”

“It is precisely due to that you need to leave!”

Murong Qing Chu shifted his head slightly with a slight smirk.

He had a captivating smile on his face this instant. His smile was like divine glow shining upon all living things…

“She had one told me previously that my life should be controlled by myself and not by destiny. I am willing to give my all for a friend like herself in my life!”

‘If it wasn’t for what she said, I would have still been in fetters. Not to mention becoming my current self…’

Murong Qin knew that he was adamant with his decision. He sighed helplessly. He patted Murong Qing Chu’s shoulder before bidding farewell, “Chu Er, farewell! I will be waiting in Realmless for all of you.”

Murong Qing Chu didn’t say anything as he focused his gaze at the sky before him…

When Murong Qin saw that Murong Qing Chu didn’t plan on saying further, he made preparations for their migration to Realmless. When everyone knew about the imminent world annihilation crisis, they were reluctant to leave. Yet, they understood that they would be a burden if they stayed. They would also make that couple be unable to fight with all their might due to needing to worry and protect them.

Hence, Madam Sheng Yue and the rest followed Murong Qin to leave no matter how unwilling they were…

In comparison, Zi Qian Jing had already broken through to the Supreme Realm. Hence, he decided to stay. But he made Murong Qin take Shu Ning along with him.

With Shu Ning’s might, she would be be able to do anything during the future battle…


Currently, the door of the purgatory opened. A man and woman briskly walked out from the purgatory door…


When the Scorching Flame Phoenix saw Mu Ru Yue walked out from the purgatory, her eyes instantly lit up as she said, “I’ve already waited respectfully for you for ages already.”

“Mhm.” Mu Ru Yue nodded as she continued, “Let’s form the contract.”

“Understood, Master!”

The Scorching Flame Phoenix bowed her head as she replied respectfully. Following that, a drop of blood shot out from the space between the phoenix’s eyebrows, entering the space between Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrows…

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