EAA Chapter 1059


Chapter 1059  – Danger! Bei Jun Appears Part 2


A powerful might infiltrated Mu Ru Yue’s mind, making her frown abruptly. The Scorching Flame Phoenix’s voice was heard shortly after.

“Master, my name is Fire Phoenix. I am willing to serve Master wholeheartedly from now on!”

Actually, what the Scorching Flame Phoenix was more interested in the Alchemy Book in Mu Ru Yue’s possession.


‘Why is the Alchemy Book that should only be that person’s possession be in Mu Ru Yue’s hands? What is her relationship to him?

‘Only people of his bloodline excluding himself can be able to contract the Alchemy Book… Can it be she is the daughter that the previous Master had left behind before he went missing?

‘However, if Master really has his bloodline, she shouldn’t just be at the Supreme Realm. She can be even stronger…

‘I still don’t get it though. If Master has that person’s bloodline, I should be able to feel it… Why can’t I feel it then?’

“Master, may I ask you something?” The Scorching Flame Phoenix’s expression was startled for a moment before she asked, “I heard previously that you mentioned about an Alchemy Book. I wonder how you managed to obtain that Alchemy Book.”

Mu Ru Yue looked curiously at the Scorching Flame Phoenix as she replied, “I had coincidentally obtained it and then contracted it. Is there a problem with that?”

“No.” The Scorching Flame Phoenix shook her head as she explained, “I have some understandings regarding the Alchemy Book. I wonder if Master can take out the Alchemy Book for me to have a look at it.”

Mu Ru Yue creased her brows tightly before replying indifferently, “The Alchemy Book has already become a dimensional space so I can’t take it out. However, I had obtained another Alchemy Book from within the purgatory. Can you help me see if it is a genuine Alchemy Book?”


With a raise of her palm, an ancient book appeared in her palm from thin air.

The Scorching Flame Phoenix instantly became stirred up uncontrollably the moment she saw the Alchemy Book. It carefully took the Alchemy Book. Tears nearly rolled out from her eyes…

“This is indeed an Alchemy Book! But this is the second part of the Alchemy Book! If I haven’t guessed wrong, the Alchemy Book that has become a dimensional space should be the first half of the Alchemy Book.”

Mu Ru Yue was startled as she asked, “You say that this is an Alchemy Book? But then why can’t I contract it?”

“Unable to contract it?” The Scorching Flame Phoenix caressed the Alchemy Book carefully as she continued curiously, “That shouldn’t have happened. Since you have already contracted the first half component of the Alchemy Book, you should certainly be able to contract the second half no matter what! I’m unsure why you failed to contract it. Perhaps you can only contract it under certain circumstances. But Master, what I can tell you for sure is that this is a genuine Alchemy Book!”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly before keeping the Alchemy Book.

“Since it is real, I will keep it. Fire Phoenix, we should depart…”

Eastern Island.

All of the residents of the entire Eastern Island looked up to the sky, looking at the densely packed people in the sky in astonishment.

Every single person in mid-air was at the Supreme Realm!

The crowd gasped, unable to believe their eyes.

Generally, it should be really difficult to meet a Supreme Realm expert on the continent. Why had so many of them appeared then? The grandeur of those Supreme Realm experts made them have difficulty in even breathing…

“It seems they have appeared faster than I expected.”

A cold glow flickered past Murong Qing Chu’s eyes. He looked at the densely packed crowd in mid-air, sighing a little.

“No matter what, I must persist until he comes out from cultivating in seclusion. Fortunately, their family members had already been sent away. They shouldn’t have any family worries during this battle then…”

A crescent moon-coloured long robes soared through the sky upon saying that, instantly landing within the courtyard…

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