EAA Chapter 1065


Chapter 1065  –The Decisive Battle Between Ye Wu Chen And Bei Jun Part 2

Bai Ze slowly walked toward Bei Jun. A gale arose, making his white robes danced wildly among the wind.

Yet, there was a peculiar change to the ground this instant…


Boom! Boom! Boom!


All of the pieces of land before him floated and suspended in mid-air, instantly piling up and forming into an extremely thick stone wall. The stone wall was emitting a white glow; the glow was very similar to the white glow emitted from the man’s body…

“Jing Er, Zi Shao! The two of you are to immediately follow Yan Jin in leaving this place! I can hold him back for a short moment. If you leave late, I won’t be able to hold him back…”

Zi Qian Jing’s heart shuddered a little.

‘I wasn’t as sensible in my previous life so I don’t understand how deep Bai Ze’s feelings toward Mu Ru Yue was.

‘But now, I know how deep Bai Ze’s infatuation is for Mother.

‘Perhaps, his feelings for Mother isn’t in the slightest lighter than Father…’

“Uncle Bai Ze, I…”

“Quickly leave!!”

Bai Ze’s expression chilled as he said heavily, “Currently, Bei Jun has already become so powerful that you all won’t be able to do anything to him. You are to immediately leave this place. If something was to happen to you all, Yue Er… will surely be devastated.”

“But Uncle Bai Ze, Mother similarly cares for you. If you use your life to protect us, she will also be sad…”

Bai Ze’s body jolted. He gradually closed his eyes. When he reopened his eyes, a resolute glow flashed past his eyes.

“It is enough for me. Jing Er, tell your Mother that I’ve never regretted meeting her in my life! It is destined for her life and my life to be tied to each other since our first meeting…”

‘That’s right, I’m satisfied.

‘It will just be like the time where I didn’t care about anything to enter Zi Feng’s trap in order to rescue Jing Er. I can similarly do the same thing again today to sacrifice my life for her son!’

“Let’s go!”

Yan Jin gripped firmly on Zi Qian Jing’s arm, wanting to forcefully bring him away from this place.

However, Zi Qian Jing released himself from his grip as he rebuked, “No, I can’t leave! I certainly can’t just leave him behind!”

“Zi Qian Jing!!”

Yan Jin pressed firmly on Zi Qian Jing’s shoulder as he yelled furiously, “Do you think I want to abandon my comrade and leave? Now, what is most important is your life. You can become your Mother’s weak point! If you were to die or is captured by Bei Jun, what do you think your Mother will do?”

Yan Jin’s voice was shaky as he said the last sentence.

Zi Qian Jing could clearly feel that Yan Jin’s hands were trembling intensely at this moment…

‘How can I not feel sorrow for leaving my partner behind? However, since Bai Zi is willing to sacrifice his life for Zi Qian Jing, I must definitely use all my might to protect Zi Qian Jing’s life…’

Zi Qian Jing’s body trembled slightly. His gravely pale lips shivered slightly. His eyes focused deeply on that resolute back as tears rolled down his cheeks uncontrollably…

“Quickly go!”

Yan Jin pulled tightly on Zi Qian Jing’s arm. He didn’t give a glance back since then…

“Shao Er, let’s go as well!”

Deity Yun Yi raised his arm to pull Zi Shao in his embrace. He glanced at the man under the gale with admiration before he moved in a flash to catch up with Yan Jin…

“What shall we do? Shall we leave as well?”

The rest looked at each other at a loss as to what they should do.

But they already did not have time to ponder…


Bei Jun’s punch landed on the stone wall. The initial sturdy stone wall was momentarily broken through by him. Following that, the wall toppled over. Dust and sand filled the entire area…

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