EAA Chapter 1168


Chapter 1168 – Undermining Talent Part 5

“Moreover, I am not heading there myself as I have demon beasts by my side…’

When Hai Wei saw that she was already certain of her decision, he nodded and said, “Alright then. I will help you govern the Region Head Manor. Please come back as soon as possible.”

Mu Ru Yue no longer said further when she heard that. She shifted her gaze toward the indistinct aura within the back courtyard. She said inwardly, “Wu Chen, I will be back soon. I hope you will have come out from seclusion training by the day I return…”


The next day.

Yin Hua was looking around at the bottom of the mountain. Yet, he suddenly noticed white robes that were heading toward him. His expression changed instantly.

“Why has she appeared here?”

Wen Hao glanced at Yin Hua before he said, “She was invited by Qiu Mei and me.”

“You… the two of you…” Yin Hua’s expression turned ashen as he rebuked, “You have actually invited this woman! Are you trying to let her rip some profits?”

“Hehe.” Qiu Mei chuckled lovely as she continued, “Head of Yin family, that’s where you are wrong. We have invited her, hoping she can help us with some dangers. It will be safer to get an additional person during this expedition. With just three of our influential power, we are still unable to fully explore this tomb!”

“Hmph!” Head of Yin family snorted coldly. He swung his sleeves down and said, “We don’t need her in this matter. I have already invited a family that is even more powerful than our three influential power! They will gather here in a bit.”

A group of people walked briskly over as he was saying that.

The leader of the group was a man with a cold and stern expression. There was a bunch of people following behind him. The head of the Yin family’s eyes lit up when he saw the man that was walking at the forefront of the group.

“Young Master Lin, you are finally here!”

‘Lin family of the North Wind City?’

Qiu Mei and Wen Hao’s expression turned grim. Their expressions were incredibly unpleasant.

The Lin family was the strongest family within North Wind City. It was rumoured that the Lin family had a God-king Peak realm expert within the Lin family! It was something that nobody could afford to offend!

Furthermore, the Head of the Yin family had a connection with the Lin family. This was due to his daughter being the concubine of this Young Master of the Lin family, Lin Tian (approach sky)!

With the addition of the Lin family to this expedition, the treasure that would land into their hands would be pitifully miserable. The majority of the treasures would land into the Lin family…

Therefore, the two influential power were greatly dissatisfied with the action of the Yin family at this moment.

“I’ve heard you all have discovered a tomb. Thus, I’ve come here to explore it. I wonder if we can start now?”

Perhaps it was due to being backed by the Lin family that Yin Hua got confident. With puffed out chest, he said, “Young Master Lin, there is a slight commotion before you came. Wen Hao and Qiu Yu had allowed another person to join our expedition without my consent.”

Yin Hua ignored the two that had an increasingly unpleasant expression when he said that. He turned to look at Mu Ru Yue that was at the bottom of the mountain. He sneered and said, “This woman is the person they have just invited. She is also the new Region Head of Nanyang Region!”

“Is she the region head that is being discussed widely?” Lin Tian swept a gaze at Mu Ru Yue and continued indifferently, “I don’t think she is as worthy as what the rumours say. But since she wants to join, let’s let her. I also want to witness what capability this Region Head has!”

“Since Young Master Lin had said the words, I will let her stay.”

Yin Hua raised his chin and sniggered at Mu Ru Yue.

Nonetheless, Mu Ru Yue seemed to have not felt his ridicule in the slightest. Her flawless face was emotionless since the start.

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