EAA Chapter 1169


Chapter 1169 – Entering The Tomb! Danger! Part 1

“Little sister.” Qiu Mei giggled lovably. But her gaze swept a look behind Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Where are your people?”

“I didn’t bring them.”

Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders as she continued, “It will suffice with just me.”



Yin Hua burst into waves of laughter before the rest could react. He mocked, “Are you an idiot or overly confident to not bring anyone when you plan to explore the tomb?! Can it be you are unaware of the danger of the tomb? Even God-king expert won’t be able to survive in there, not to mention yourself. You will only be a burden to us coming here. When we face danger, nobody will protect you!”

He snorted coldly as he swept a gaze at Mu Ru Yue’s face with disdain. The smirk on his face intensified.

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say further. Her gaze landed on Wen Hao’s face and asked, “Can we set out?”

“Alright.” Wen Hao chuckled.

‘I don’t know why but I am influenced by her indifferent and calm expression…

‘It is precisely due to that indifferent expression that it makes people unable to develop doubt in her decision.’

“This is the place.”

The team halted their steps as they reached the empty valley. Yin Hua turned his head to look respectfully at the man behind him. “Young Master Lin, this is the place we discovered the historical remains.”


Lin Tian nodded arrogantly. His gaze landed on the enormous historical remains before him. He said coldly, “We shall now activate the large door of the historical remains.”

“Alright.” Yin Hua replied respectfully. Following that, his gaze turned to the other two and said, “Lady Qiu Mei and Mister Wen, isn’t it time for you to take out the two other kets?”

Wen Hao and Qiu Mei looked at each other before taking out the keys from their respective families.

The three keys must be gathered together to open the large doors of historical remains…


An extremely loud sound was heard. When the crowd raised their head to look at the source, the door gradually opened. Instantly, a tomb that had gold and jade in glorious splendor appeared within everyone’s eyes…

The crowd’s breath tightened as they looked at the historical remains before them with scorching gazes. Even Wen Hao that was known to be calm and collected was subconsciously stirred up.

Only Mu Ru Yue remained emotionless as she seriously sized up the tomb before her.

“Let’s go and head inside.”

Lin Tian withdrew his gaze and walked into the historical remains.

“The historical remains seemed to have some generations.” Qiu Mei raised her long, shapely eyebrows and with a smile in her eyes, she commented, “It should at least be from a few thousand years ago. I don’t know which expert has left this historical remains.”

‘It’s undeniable that their harvest definitely won’t be small this time…’

“Master, it is really dangerous in here.”

When Mu Ru Yue was surveying the historical remains, Fire Phoenix’s voice was heard from within her soul, “I can feel a mighty force in here. You must be extra careful.”

“Mighty force? Alright, I understand.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly and replied calmly.

“Region head,” Wen Hao nodded at Mu Ru Yue. With a trace of a smile on his feeble, gravely pale face, he said, “You just need to follow us later.”

‘Currently, Mu Ru Yue has sufficient potential. Therefore, we will protect her no matter what. If we can have a relationship with the Region Head Manor, perhaps it will be extremely advantageous to the Wen family in the future…’

Since Wen Hao was the current governor of the Wen family, he clearly understood this logic…

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