EAA Chapter 1170


Chapter 1170 – Entering The Tomb! Danger! Part 2


Yin Hua snorted coldly in disdain as he commented, “Mister Wen, this tomb is tremendously dangerous. Yet, you still want to protect her. You probably will struggle to survive yourself. But nobody should be blamed for this as she was the one too gutsy to come to this tomb by herself. Even the powerful Lin family had brought a few God-king experts with them!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t comment on his remark, as if she could hear the mockery within Yin Hua’s words. This made Yin Hua felt he was courting rebuff.

“Let’s go.”


Lin Tiao looked coldly at Yin Hua and said coldly.

“Understood, Young Master Lin.”

Yin Hua smirked slightly with contempt.

‘You can be as brazen as you want now. You will know what a foolish mistake you have done later! There will be a day where you will pay the price of being brazen!’

Yin Hua no longer looked at Mu Ru Yue upon thinking about that. He followed closely behind Lin Tian…

“Mister Wen and Region Head, let’s hurry on. If we are late, all of the treasure within here will be snatched by them.”

Qiu Yu’s tone was obviously displeased when she said that.

‘If Yin Hua had found an influential power with similar power as them to join this expedition, perhaps I wouldn’t have said anything. But what is the Lin family? Can we even get any treasure with his addition?’


Mu Ru Yue’s brow rose as she said, “We don’t need to rush on. Since they want to check out the place for us, why don’t we give them a chance?”

Mu Ru Yue had a good impression of Qiu Mei and Wen Hao.

Thus, she gave them a piece of advice.

‘This tomb is severely dangerous. Since people are willing to take the risk for them, why not?’


Suddenly, an explosion was heard in front of them. Yin Hua’s ash-covered head could be seen before Qiu Mei and the rest were still shocked.

“Goddammit! Who has placed explosives on the road and used Transparency Powder to camouflage it?!”

He commented viciously.

His gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue who was standing behind him.


Fury blazed in his heart as he remarked with hatred, “Were you aware of it? You knew there were explosives in front. You must be trying to harm us intentionally!”

Mu Ru Yue smiled indifferently and replied, “Do you think I have X-ray eyes to be able to see something so far in front of me? Moreover, you said that it is covered with Transparency Powder. How can I be able to detect the explosives?”

If Fire Phoenix and the rest were there, they would surely snort at Mu Ru Yue’s words.

How could she not discover the scent of the Transparency Powder with her sensitive smelling sense? Therefore, she did it on purpose!


Yin Hua’s expression turned ashen.

‘My mind must have been muddled with anger to say such brainless words. Now that I think about it, it is impossible. She isn’t a powerful alchemist so how can she be able to detect the existence of the explosives from such a distance?

‘Furthermore, I wasn’t able to discover it so it will be even more impossible for this woman to know about it.’

Lin Tian frowned as he swept a casual gaze at Yin Hua before he said, “Let’s continue onward and have people from the three large influential power lead the way!”

Yin Hua swore within his heart but he couldn’t defy him. He could only dispatch some people to find a path in front of them.

Even though Qiu Mei and Wen Hao were displeased, they could only act accordingly due to the influential power the Lin family possesses.

Lin Tian’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue after making arrangements. “We need someone to lead the scouting team! Yin Hua, Qiu Mei, and Wen Hao are at the God-king realm. They will be useful as we advance. How about you lead this team?!”

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