EAA Chapter 1171


Chapter 1171 – Entering The Tomb! Danger! Part 3

Lin Tian raised his chin when he said that. His attitude clearly meant that Mu Ru Yue should feel honoured to be given such a task.

“Young Master Lin!”

Qiu Mei’s expression changed slightly. She laughed dryly before she persuaded, “I don’t think that will be a good idea. The Region Head is a person of God Academy. If something were to happen to her…”

“God Academy?” Lin Tian sniggered as he commented, “The influential power of God Academy is indeed mighty. However, it isn’t as if there weren’t cases of disciples dispatched from the academy be killed in the North Wind Plains. The academy also didn’t investigate it! Furthermore…”


His voice paused for a moment before he continued, “There is the existence of Honoured Sir Hui Yi within the North Wind Plains. Those old men still don’t have the guts to raid our North Wind Plains!”

It was precisely due to Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s tyrannical might that made God Academy fearful of him. It resulted in the academy being unable to take over the North Wind Plains after so many years…

Hence, they didn’t need to fear the North Wind Plains.

Qiu Mei’s expression turned increasingly unpleasant. Just when she wanted to say something, Mu Ru Yue walked forth.

Nobody could see the slight smile on her face at this instant.

“You at least know what’s best for you!”

Yin Hua sniggered. His gloomy gaze was locked on Mu Ru Yue’s departing figure as he said sinisterly.

‘If it wasn’t for her to know what was best for her, Young Master Lin would certainly have not let her off following that…’

“Head of Yin family, you are too much in this matter!”

Qiu Mei’s expression turned extremely unpleasant as she looked coldly at Yin Hua and remarked, “You really shouldn’t have included a person that has influential power more than the three of our influential power! You have made us statusless during this expedition.”

“Hur!” Yin Hua sniggered as he continued sinisterly, “You are getting increasingly closer to the Wen family so I need to protect myself. Thus, I need to seek assistance from other influential power. If it wasn’t for the two of you to betray our Nanyang Region to curry favours with that dumbass Region Head, I wouldn’t have done such a matter!”

‘That’s right, I am certainly faultless.

‘The wrong ones are these two fellows!

‘Since they are influential power of Nanyang Region, we should have allied together to fight off invaders. But what did they do? They betrayed me to be on good terms with her due to her having a King Stage Alchemist!

‘How can I stand that?’

“Qiu Mei,” Wen Hao creased his eyebrows and interrupted Qiu Mei, “Let’s not talk further to him. It will be meaningless. How can we waste much time? Let’s go!”

He swept a gaze at Yin Hua after he tossed out those words. He then paused his gaze at Lin Tian for a moment before he walked forth without turning his head back after…


Yin Hua snorted coldly. He shook his sleeves before raising his leg to walk forth. Yet, his eyes were becoming more gloomy…

“Master, I feel a mighty force at this place.”

Fire Phoenix’s alluring voice was heard from within her soul, “That power is a little similar to Xiao Bai’s…”

‘Xiao Bai?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment. She frowned tightly and asked, “Fire Phoenix, can you tell where the power is coming from?”

“It should be right inside.”

‘Right inside?’

Mu Ru Yue rubbed her chin and stayed silent for a moment before she commented, “Perhaps it won’t be a wasted trip for this tomb’s exploration…”

A large door appeared within Mu Ru Yue’s eyes shortly while she advanced. But people from the three influential people had charged into it before she could react.


The door was barged open. Dazzling golden light spread out from the room. The glow was as astonishing as the boundless radiance of the sun…

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