EAA Chapter 1172


Chapter 1172 – Entering The Tomb! Danger! Part 4

“Oh my god, these are spiritual stones. There are so many spiritual stones. Moreover, there are so large. It should be the most precious High Rank Spiritual Stones!”

“I-is that sword the Legendary Subduing Dragon Sword? It was rumoured that the initial Legendary Subduing Dragon Sword had vanished. Who would have thought it has appeared at this place…” 

The crowd became excited. They had never seen so many treasures, immediately pouncing over to them.

“Hmm? Is that?”


Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue’s gaze landed on a golden lotus base. Her heart shuddered as she said, “Is that the Gold Divine Lotus?”

If people were to cultivate on the lotus base, they would do half the work and twice the effect. But what Mu Ru Yue cared about more was the lotus seed that had grown from the lotus base.

The lotus seed could improve a martial expert’s innate talent.

It was said that if an ordinary person was to consume a Gold Lotus Seed, they could become a peerless talent!

“It is the Gold Divine Lotus. It’s really the Legendary Gold Divine Lotus!”

An exclaim was heard from behind at this moment.

Yin Hua’s breath tightened as he focused on the Gold Divine Lotus before Mu Ru Yue. He became stirred up.

Perhaps the only use for the Gold Divine Lotus to others was only for help in cultivation. But for Yin Hua, it was his most precious treasure.

The reason was none other than him losing his ability to carry on his ancestral line after his daughter was born.

He also had a son. But his son was useless. He didn’t have any cultivation innate talent, making him sigh endlessly. Yet, the Yin family only him as his successor.

Therefore, if he could obtain the Gold Divine Lotus, it could change his son’s innate talent making him be a peerless talent.

How could Yin Hua not be excited at this moment…


His body formed into a wind, quickly charging toward the lotus base that emitted gold rays of light. However, the Gold Divine Lotus entered the woman’s dimensional ring as a ray of light before he could keep it.

Yin Hua’s body shuddered, turning his head to face Mu Ru Yue. He shouted fumingly, “Give that Gold Divine Lotus back to me!”

“I’m sorry.” Mu Ru Yue smirked as she continued, “I’ve seen it first so it is mine…”

To Mu Ru Yue, it was a waste to use the lotus seed of the Gold Divine Lotus to change innate talent. It was due to it being a medicinal ingredient in refining the King Stage High Rank Pill Construct Spiritual Pill.

The Construct Spiritual Pill could improve a person’s physique, completely changing their body and soul. It was equivalent was an Essence Purification Pill after God realm.

Therefore, it was more worth it for it to be used in that fashion…

“You…” Yin Hua was so furious that his body shuddered. He threatened, “Who said it will be yours if you found it first? I must get that Gold Divine Lotus! Immediately give it to me. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”


Suddenly, a tyrannical power rose from Yin Hua’s body. His power pressured over to Mu Ru Yue.

Yin Hua believed that with his pressure as a God-king Low realm practitioner, Mu Ru Yue would not be able to resist against him dying without a doubt.

Nonetheless, Yin Hua was stupefied after seeing what happened next. He couldn’t believe his eyes for a moment…

Mu Ru Yue had made her move!

“A Sword That Pierces The Heaven!”


A red enormous sword floated behind her. Raging flames filled the entire room. Instantly, the large sword slashed down from the sky. The heaven fell and earth rendered at that moment. Flames intensified, momentarily spreading out…

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