EAA Chapter 1174


Chapter 1174 – Entering The Tomb! Danger! Part 6

The glow from the candles of the walkway swayed. Everyone was following behind the scout squad, keeping a distance.


Suddenly, Yin Hua seemed to have stepped on something. The ground beneath his feet sunk. He was shocked. When he raised his head, he saw countless fire arrows shot at him…

“Not good!”


Yin Hua’s expression changed drastically, hastily retreating.

Even so, the flames of the fire arrow set his hair ablaze.


His originally glossy black hair became burnt by the flames, giving off a charred stench…


Yin Hua dashed into the team. He complained fumingly, “Why nothing happened to you when you were leading? Why all the traps appeared when I led? Why on earth this happens? The heavens are too unfair!”

“I’ve asked you before if you are sure you want to lead the scout team.”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled as she replied.

‘It wasn’t that there weren’t any traps when I led. It was only due to my experiences in exploring tombs in my past life so I am knowledgeable in this area.

‘In addition to Flame Phoenix, who had lived for an unknown amount of years, I’ve been able to easily see through several traps…’

Hehe!” Qiu Mei chuckled lovably. She suddenly felt satisfied. “It is due to the Region Head’s luck. She isn’t like you. Tsk! Tsk! Even the Fortune God isn’t willing to shine on you.”

When she said luck, it was just an excuse!

Actually, there wasn’t such a thing as luck in God realm. The genuine opportunity was left only for prepared people. For a reckless and rash person like Yin Hua, it would be abnormal if he could see through traps…

A heavy fist seemed to have landed on Yin Hua’s chest. He almost felt suffocated from his anger. He glared at Mu Ru Yue and said, “I don’t want to be the leader! I want to see if your luck will always be good!”

Mu Ru Yue smirked but she didn’t say anything. She continued to advance.

Reality had proved that her luck had been great. The team didn’t suffer any traps under her leadership.

Therefore, everyone glanced at Yin Hua with contempt.

If they weren’t aware of his might, they would have suspected if he was the one that purposely set up those traps…

“Master, be careful. There is a mighty demon beast ahead!”

Suddenly, Fire Phoenix warned Mu Ru Yue from within her soul.

Mu Ru Yue halted her steps and her expression became serious. Her gaze was staring ahead at the indistinct powerful grandeur…

“Region Head?”

Qiu Mei was stunned for a moment, looking toward Mu Ru Yue with curiosity in her eyes.

Just when she was about to ask her, an alarming roar was heard in front. The entire tomb shook a couple of times.

Quickly, an enormous body slowly appeared in the crowd’s eyes under its silhouette…

Everyone’s expression changed when they saw the roaming demon beast.

“It… it’s the Black Dragon!”

“It is the Black Dragon that got expelled from the Dragon Race!”

The crowd gasped momentarily.

Even though the Black Dragon was a dragon, its attribute was darkness. It was known to be aggressive and ruthless. It was, more importantly, expelled from the Dragon Race due to it cannibalizing its race; it was forever banished by the Dragon Race.

However, the Black Dragon was horrifyingly dangerous!

The Black Dragon’s might seemed to be suppressed. It was only at the God-king High Realm now. But the strongest member in their group was only at the God-king Mid Realm. How could they resist the formidable Black Dragon?

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