EAA Chapter 1175


Chapter 1175 – Entering The Tomb! Danger! Part 7

Despair arose in everyone’s heart at that moment. They looked dreadful at the Black Dragon that appeared above their heads…

“Foolish humans, this isn’t a place you should come!”

The Black Dragon looked arrogantly at the humans below it. It laughed peculiarly before it said in a tone as though it was talking to ants, “But I haven’t even for such a long time already. I shall make all of you foolish humans to be my delicacies and excrete you from my body via faeces! The faeces of our Dragon Race can be counted as a precious treasure to you humans as it could be used to chase away some weak demon beasts! Therefore, you should be honoured to become my faeces…”



A roar shook heaven and earth. Everyone could feel the ground shaking as they looked in terror at the enormous Black Dragon with eyes glimmering with a ruthless glow.

“I didn’t expect for us to meet with such a ferocious demon beast when we haven’t even reached the end!”

Lin Tian’s expression turned grim. With his gaze darkened, he said, “It is too late to escape now. What we have to do now is to kill the dragon!”

‘Killing the dragon?’


The crowd gasped as they looked at Lin Tian in disbelief.

If the top expert of the Ling family came here, he might be able to kill the dragon. But the strongest member of Lin family during this expedition was only at the God-king Mid Realm!

Furthermore, this was a God-king High realm enormous dragon; its strength was equivalent to a God-king Peak realm! Who would be able to subdue it?

“Doomed! Doomed! We are all finished this time!”

“I’ve not lived enough. I don’t want to die at this place…”

The crowd’s expression turned pale with sorrow filling their hearts.

They thought about their wives and mothers waiting for them at home at this instant, thinking about their amazing life outside this tomb…

But they were going to die in this place today!

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

A person could no longer bear with the horror. He raised his weapon and charged toward the enormous Black Dragon. He shouted, “I will kill you. Die!”

The dragon just glanced gloomily at him when he tried to near the black-coloured dragon.

His body was sent flying with jus that glance. He spat out a mouthful of blood. Following that, black flames ignited his body.

That person released an alarming shriek under the black flames…

“Is there anyone else that wants to challenge my dignity?”

The Black Dragon raised its head and threatened gloomily, “Anyone that dares to challenge my dignity… His outcome is already the easiest punishment!”


A grandeur spread out from the Black Dragon’s body, enveloping the entire pathway.

Pressure could be felt from the air before them under the grandeur of the dragon. It was like a rock was pressing against their heart, unable to breathe…

Currently, they could feel the aura of death. With just a thought, the enormous black dragon would be able to kill them.

But the enormous black dragon didn’t do that.

He had finally found some entertainment after such a long time. How could it give them up easily?

“How do you think I should eat all of you?” The enormous black-coloured dragon’s eyes were sinister and gloomy as it suggested coldly, “Will it be steaming, simmering, roasting, or deep-frying? Don’t worry, I will let all of you see how your comrade dies. You will also meet the same fate after that!”

The enormous black-coloured dragon was basking in the terrified gazes shot toward it. His expression was one with slight complacent.

However, when it swept a gaze at the humans beneath it, his eyes suddenly met with eyes that were calm without ripples. That gaze made scorching flames burn in its heart. He asked gloomily, “Human, why aren’t you afraid of me?”

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