EAA Chapter 1177


Chapter 1177 – Facing Danger Part 1

‘This human isn’t in the slightest afraid of me!’

The black-coloured dragon narrowed its ruthless eyes. It was immensely displeased. It snorted coldly, making the entire ground quivered a couple of times…


The crowd looked at each other once. They no longer cared about the treasures within the tomb at this moment. It was more important that they tried to escape with their lives again. Thus, everyone dashed in the opposite direction without care now.


“Trying to escape?”

The black-coloured enormous dragon chuckled peculiarly. Its deafening laughs entered everyone’s ears, making them feel pain as though their heads were being split apart.

“Do you think you can escape? I’ve been living solitarily here for such a long time. How can I give up on prey that has reached my hands?”


Intense flames shot out from its mouth. Those few people that were running away at the forefront of the escaping team were momentarily enveloped in flames.

However, the black flames didn’t take their lives. But it slowly burned their bodies…

It could be imagined how painful that was.

When the crowd heard the agonizing shriek from people that were being burned, they couldn’t help but shiver. Dread filled their eyes.

It was undeniable that nobody dared to escape now!


The enormous black-coloured dragon looked arrogantly at Mu Ru Yue. It said gloomily, “You are really gutsy! Everyone would have trembled in fear when I previously at my peak form. Yet, you dared to look at me in the eyes!”

She had made it feel as though it was being belittled.

Mu Ru Yue smiled indifferently and said, “You had already mentioned it was when you were at your peak cultivation. However, your cultivation had degraded to the God-king. Do you think I will still need to fear you?”

The crowd was stunned, looking at Mu Ru Yue in disbelief.

Did she think she could do anything she liked for being at the God-king Low realm? Even if the black-coloured dragon wasn’t at its peak form, it still had the might of a God-king High realm!

But what did she say?

Did she say she didn’t need to fear it?

Damn! Could this woman dare to be more brazen?


The enormous black-coloured dragon laughed with madness. His eyes were filled with flames of fury. He shouted furiously, “Human, you’re too arrogant. I’ve never seen such a human that is as brazen as you are after so many years! Therefore, you must pay a painful price for your arrogance this time!”


The black-coloured dragon pressured all of its might toward Mu Ru Yue momentarily, carrying a sinister cold killing intent. It made it feel as though the whole pathway had turned into hell…

“Since you are so brazen, this lord will make you be the first to become my nourishment!”

The enormous dragon opened its mouth. Black flames shot out from his mouth at lightning speed toward Mu Ru Yue…

‘This woman won’t have any might to resist against me under the black flames!’

The crowd felt slight pity at that moment. Mu Ru Yue was too talented no matter what. It was a pity that such a talent was going to fall now…


Intense flames surged forth from Mu Ru Yue’s body at this moment. Flames instantly burst outward. A Scorching Flame Phoenix quickly appeared before her…

“You’re just a worm. Yet, are you daring to harm this Scorching Flame Phoenix’s master?”

The Scorching Flame Phoenix was a demon beast that followed beside Wu Wang previously. She had lots of experience. Previously, even the most honorable enormous gold dragon was captured by Wu Wang to be his mount, not to mention a black dragon that was banished by the dragon race.

Thus, she didn’t place any importance on the enormous black dragon.

The flames gradually dissipated. A gigantic phoenix appeared within the crowd’s eyes…

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