EAA Chapter 1197


Chapter 1197 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 2

South Peace Town

The usually tranquil small town was currently bustling with life. Experts could be frequently seen soaring through the sky. However, even if there were two influential power with bad grudges with each other met each other within this town, nobody dared to make a move.

They didn’t have a choice as this place was Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s territory.

Who would have the guts to dare rampage in this place?


It had to be known that there was a previous incident where someone didn’t care about the rule Honoured Sir Hui Yi had set in place. He massacred his enemies in South Peace Town. Yet, he was obliterated without a trace by Honoured Sir Hui Yi in the end!

“So this place should be South Peace Town?”

At this moment, the two people walking side by side on the main street had garnered everyone’s gazes…

White robes fluttered slightly. The woman had a slight smile on her face. On the other hand, the man by her side was charming and handsome. Gentleness could only be seen in his Asura-like eyes when he focused his gaze on the woman beside him.

The two of them were compatible with each other no matter if it was appearance and grandeur. They quickly became the center of attraction on the main street…

“Let’s go and find an inn to rest first.”

Mu Ru Yue rubbed her chin gently as she turned her head to the man beside her and asked.

Honoured Sir Hui Yi had already booked the accommodations for his guests prior to their arrival! Hence, they just needed to hand the invitation over to the innkeeper to be able to live in the inn…

Dragon Auspicious Inn.

The innkeeper was busy entertaining guests. They saw the four people that entered. With a slight frown, he said apologetically, “To the four guests, you have my deepest apologies but our inn has already been fully booked. We can only entertain important people so can you please find somewhere else to reside?”

Among the four of them, the two people in the forefront looked like a couple while the two others behind them were their subordinates. Nonetheless, it was undeniable that these people were too young. They didn’t remotely look like experts that had come to attend the gathering.

“Stop belittling people!”

Wang Shu glared and rebuked snappily, “Our chief wants to stay at this inn. What can you do about that?”

The innkeeper’s expression was slightly unpleasant as he rebuked coldly, “You can ask Honoured Sir Hui Yi about that. Our inn only entertains his guests now. Therefore, can all of you head out?!”

In the innkeeper’s point of view, there shouldn’t be people within North Wind Plains that hadn’t heard Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s name. Thus, he would definitely be able to make them tremble in fright after he said that.

But nothing happened…

The four of them remained standing in the inn, not even barging a step.

This made the innkeeper’s expression to become increasingly unpleasant.

Honoured Sir Hui Yi was a god to them within the small town. How could he let anyone disrespect him? When he was about to teach this group of people a lesson, the white-robed woman in the forefront took out an invitation. With a slight smirk, she asked, “Will this be enough?”

The innkeeper widened his eyes in astonishment as he stared at Mu Ru Yue’s flawless face.

“A-are you also a person invited by Honoured Sir Hui Yi?”

‘These people are too youthful. They don’t look like God-emperor experts.

‘I am doomed.

‘I had rejected the guests of Honoured Sir Hui Yi from entering the inn. If Honoured Sir Hui Yi found out about this, there won’t be a good outcome…’

“Region Head manor of the Nanyang Region?”

An exclaim was suddenly heard from a side.

“So you all are the greatly rumoured people of the Region Head Manor. Tsk! I don’t think you live up to the rumours. It was rumoured that the Region Head is still a young woman. You should be her. You should just serve your husband and nurture children as a woman. Why have you chosen to show your face in public? Perhaps your chastity may be gone at any moment. Haha!”

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