EAA Chapter 1201


Chapter 1201 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 6

“Mu Ru Yue, are you unwilling to leave our North Wind Plains?”

The one that said that was the head of the Fang family, Fang Tian Ming (upright daybreak). He looked coldly at Mu Ru Yue’s indifferent expression as he said coldly and gloomily.

“You will definitely regret not leaving! The influential power of God Academy won’t be able to protect you at that time. Even if you were able to take over the North Wind Plains, it still won’t be yours. It will be snatched by God Academy. Why will you want to sacrifice your life for God Academy!”

Mu Ru Yue smirked and with a light chuckle, she declared, “Nobody can snatch anything from me if I don’t feel like giving it up even if it is God Academy! Thus, I, Mu Ru Yue, is determined to take over this North Wind Plains!”



Clamours instantly arose from the crowd at that instant. They didn’t expect Mu Ru Yue to say such a brazen speech…

Yet, the sound of claps was heard outside the door at this moment.

“It is Honoured Sir Hui Yi!”

When the crowd raised their heads, grey robes entered their sight under the moonlight. Elation momentarily surged forth in their hearts. This woman was doomed this time.

Honored Sir Hui Yi would never let her snatch away the North Wind Plains.

Mu Ru Yue creased her brows tightly. Her gaze landed on a grey-robed man under the moonlight…

She initially thought Honored Sir Hui Yi should be an old man. But currently, he seemed too youthful.

He looked like a youthful man in his twenties from afar. His snow-white hair that was similar to Madam Hua exposed his age.

“Good! Really good!”

The man’s voice was low and hoarse, carrying an ominous vibe. The body being enveloped by grey robes was a little feeble. The man had a slight smile on his grave-pale face.

The man’s gaze was focused on Mu Ru Yue the moment he appeared. It was unknown to Mu Ru Yue why she always felt there was a story behind his gaze…

“Honored Sir Hui Yi, you must uphold justice for me!”

Chen Yi hastily stood up. He glared viciously at Mu Ru Yue and complained, “This woman sent someone to hurt my nephew before the banquet. She has already broken the rules. Can Honoured Sir please uphold justice for me?!”

“Who is the person that hurt him?”

Ye Wu Chen’s smile was sinister cold as he queried, “What is your evidence?”


Chen Yi was speechless from his anger.

‘Even Chen Xu himself wasn’t able to identify his assailant. How can there be evidence? But I must pour the dirty water on them no matter what…’

“Honoured Sir, please believe me. With my personality, I disdain to say lies!”

Chen Yi shifted his gaze toward Honoured Sir Hui Yi with a pitiful gaze.

Honored Sir Hui Yi remained silent. He raised his handsome face after some time had passed. He swept a gaze at Mu Ru Yue’s calm face. He then said with a hoarse voice, “Come with me. Moreover, you are to come alone.”


The Wang family’s brothers yelled out anxiously, “Don’t go!”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head. She then smiled at Honored Sir Hui Yi and agreed, “Alright, I will follow you.”


The Wang family’s brothers’ voice was filled with anxiety at this instant. 

‘If chief was to go with him, she will definitely be in trouble.’

Ye Wu Chen frowned and his purple eyes glanced at Honored Sir Hui Yi.

Honored Sir Hui Yi’s eyes received his gaze at that moment. His heart leaped when his eyes met with his purple eyes. A trace of shock flashed past in his eyes.

“Purple eyes? I-It can’t be possible.”

 He immediately shook his head, denying his thoughts. But he couldn’t help glancing at Ye Wu Chen again before he left…

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