EAA Chapter 1203


Chapter 1203 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 8

Honoured Sir Hui Yi had an expectant look on his face with anticipation expressed in his eyes.

Momentarily, three black lines appeared on Mu Ru Yue’s forehead. She coughed dryly before she said, “I have already settled my matter with you. Following this, let’s talk about your matter instead.”

“My matter?”

Honoured Sir Hui Yi was stunned for a moment before he asked, not understanding.


“That’s right,” Mu Ru Yue nodded and explained, “If I am not wrong, your body is already reaching its limit. It is really too difficult for your body to last until now.”

Honoured Sir Hui Yi chuckled bitterly when he heard that. “I was depressed due to longing for her all these years. My body was also implicated. If I don’t make a breakthrough, I’m afraid my life won’t last much longer…”

Life wouldn’t be limitless unless they reached the final cultivation.

Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s cultivation was tyrannical so he managed to live for that long. But his vitality was still limited. It would be impossible for him to continue living if he couldn’t break through soon…

“I only have three years of life span left. But it is obviously not feasible for me to make a breakthrough within three years.”

Honoured Sir Hui Yi shook his head and sighed before he commented, “What I thought of as pity is that I couldn’t reunite with her…”

“Three years?” Mu Ru Yue frowned before she relaxed them shortly after. She declared, “I will be able to refine a pill for you to breakthrough within these three years.”

“Come again?”

Honoured Sir Hui Yi widened his eyes as he stared at Mu Ru Yue’s indifferent face in astonishment. “Did you say you can help me breakthrough within these three years?”

“I can’t guarantee that I can but I will do my utmost best!”

To cultivators, three years was an extremely short period. It would be like a blink of an eye. Moreover, she only had three years. Thus, she needed to improve her cultivation as soon as possible.

The crowd was looking at Mu Ru Yue, who had returned to the banquet hall unharmed, surprised. Shock brimmed in their hearts…

H-has she managed to survive?

Had Honored Sir Hui Yi forgave her?

How was this possible?

Grey robes appeared before the crowd’s eyes when the crowd was in shock…

“Honoured Sir Hui Yi, wh-what’s the meaning of this?” Chen Yi suppressed his displease as he asked, “She had broken the rules. Why is Honoured Sir Hui Yi harbouring her?”


Honoured Sir Hui Yi smiled coldly and rebuked, “What evidence do you have to prove she was the one that hurt the people of your Chen family? Furthermore, the rules had been set by this old man. Does this old man need to ask for your opinion on how to do things now? On another note, this old man wants to announce a matter during this gathering!”

He paused for a moment before he continued, “This old man wants to give this North Wind Plains to little girl Yue as a meeting gift. This matter isn’t up for discussion.”

He didn’t say to return the North Wind Plains to the academy. It was to Mu Ru Yue instead.

In other words, God Academy couldn’t forcefully snatch the North Wind Plains away from her hands!

“Little girl, are you satisfied with your grandmaster’s decision?” Honored Sir Hui Yi shifted his head to look at Mu Ru Yue. With a flattery smile, he asked, “If you’re satisfied, then… can you call me your grandmaster?”


A bolt out of the blue descended from the sky and erupted in the crowd’s heart.

They suspected that something had gone wrong with their ears at this moment. 

Had they heard it wrong?

Was Honoured Sir Hui Yi going to gift Mu Ru Yue the North Wind Plains and even self-proclaimed himself as Mu Ru Yue’s grandmaster?

Chen Yi’s complexion turned gravely pale. His body swayed, almost toppling to the ground…

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