EAA Chapter 1204


Chapter 1204 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 9

The Wang family’s brothers were stupefied.

It was no wonder why their chief dared to talk with Honoured Sir Hui Yi solitarily. Moreover, Mister Wu Chen wasn’t in the slightest worried. It turned out that she had such a relationship with Honoured Sir Hui Yi.

Oh heavens, with Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s protection, who would dare to touch them in the future?

The Wang family’s brother felt an unprecedented gratified at this instant.


If it wasn’t for them to try and kidnap Mu Ru Yue that day, they wouldn’t be subdued by her. Perhaps they might still just be failure bandits that couldn’t occupy the entire mountain…

“Honoured Sir Hui Yi, I still have some matters so I want to bid my farewell first.”

It was Fang Tian Ming who couldn’t continue to remain here. He looked at Mu Ru Yue with a fake smile before cupping his hands and said, “Congratulations Lord Region Head. If you need anything, feel free to voice them.”

“Honoured Sir Hui Yi and Lord Region Head, we will also be bidding our farewells…”

Everyone stood up from their seats, wanting to leave. But an indifferent voice halted their steps…

“If you swear your loyalty and devotion to me, I will give you all the best profits.”

Fang Tian Ming was stunned as he turned to look at Mu Ru Yue’s gloomy face and queried, “I wonder what can Lord Region Head give us.”

“A hundred King Spiritual Pill that can enable a King Stage High realm practitioner to break through to the Peak realm. I can also provide a thousand King Stage pills, two thousand General Spiritual Pill, five thousand Breaking General Pill…”


Fang Tian Ming had already used his greatest speed to hurried back to his seat before the rest could react.

The others looked toward each other. They couldn’t resist the temptations of the pills, hastily rushing back to their seats.

It wasn’t that those influential power didn’t have alchemists. However, only Lord Region Head could provide a hundred King Spiritual Pills…

A hundred King Spiritual Pills was equivalent to creating a hundred God-king Peak realm practitioners. It would be quite a formidable influential power to the four large families.

“Lord Region Head, our Fang family will follow you as our leader from now on.”

“Our Dong family as well.”

“Our Lin family will also…”

The crowd swore their loyalty. They had already forgotten their original plan. They even tossed all of their insults toward Mu Ru Yue to the back of their minds.

These pills were enough to buy the people’s hearts, not to mention Honoured Sir Hui Yi was her grandmaster…

Chen Yi’s face flushed red as he watched three large influential power became betrayers. He could only sigh in the end and said sheepishly, “Lor-lord Region Head, sorry for gathering others to chase you out due to you being an external influential power. Now, I know how big of a mistake I had done s-so can I also join in?”

As the proverb said, people that knew what to do best was smart.

Only a fool would give up such a wonderful opportunity due to pride.

If the Chen family continued to rest on their laurels while watching on as the other three influential power increases in might, wouldn’t it mean that the equilibrium with the other three large influential power will break?

“Alright.” Mu Ru Yue nodded. She turned her head to look at Honoured Sir Hui Yi and asked, “Grandmaster, can I please trouble you to collect their Soul Writ Tablets? I don’t trust them.”

Every member of the four large families was cunning and malicious. She couldn’t help but leave a hand.

Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s heart melted when Mu Ru Yue called him Grandmaster. He immediately nodded and said, “Don’t worry I will pass all of their Soul Writ Tablets to you. They must give them to me even if they are unwilling!”

Soul Writ Tablet was Writ Tablet created with a fragment of their soul. Mu Ru Yue could drip her blood on the Writ Tablet to be the master of their souls after they passed their Soul Writ Tablet to her.

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