EAA Chapter 1205


Chapter 1205 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 10

She would be their master from now on. The Soul Writ Tablet had the power to dissipate their souls once they developed the thought of betraying her.

Therefore, several influential power had such an item as the Soul Writ Tablet.

Moreover, possessing a Soul Writ Tablet could similarly mean having the power to control a person’s life and death.

For example, if Chen Yi’s Soul Writ Tablet was in Mu Ru Yue’s hands and if something was to happen to Chen Yi, his Soul Writ Tablet would become dark. Mu Ru Yue could tell that he had already died via the Soul Writ Tablet…


“Wu Chen, let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the sky with a gentle smile on her face…

The two of them were walking side-by-side under the moonlight. Ye We Wu Chen halted his steps after a long time as he looked affectionately at Mu Ru Yue.

“Mu Er, you’re progressively getting stronger. You have already managed to take over the entire North Wind Plains within half a year…”

Mu Ru Yue paused her steps as she turned to face the man by her side. With a gentle smile, she replied, “You may have done it better than me if it was you. But you will always hide your radiance whenever you are by my side, giving me the limelight…”

‘This man’s might is really strong. Yet, he always willingly hide his radiance. He will surely give the limelight to me unless I am faced with a crisis that I can’t deal with…’


Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes and asked, “Why did you say you can instantly teleport to my side when I am in danger? You will need to move a fair bit of distance no matter how fast you are.”

Ye Wu Chen’s finger trembled but he quickly recovered. With a charming smile, he pulled Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. He then explained with a smile, “It is due to me always by your side and our hearts are connected. I can feel your predicament whenever you’re in danger. Following that, I will use my fastest speed to rush to your side.”

“Is that so?”

Mu Ru Yu was a little suspicious as something didn’t fit right with her.

‘This fella must be hiding something from me.’

“Mu Er, you don’t need to think so much.” Ye Wu Chen tightly embraced his beloved woman. With a gentle smile, he continued, “Everything is fine.”

Mu Ru Yue no longer asked further when she saw he was reluctant to talk on this topic. With a slight frown of her long, shapely eyebrows, she said, “Wu Chen, I hope you aren’t hiding things from me nor do I want you to be in danger because of me. Otherwise, I will never forgive you in this life and eternity…”

Ye Wu Chen lowered his gaze as he inwardly chuckled bitterly.

‘She is as sensitive as ever. She had become suspicious due to that sentence…’

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue no longer say further as she turned her head to continue advancing…

When Ye Wu Chen looked at the woman’s gradually departing figure, his purple eyes turned gloomy as he said indifferently, “Bai Ze, come out.”

A divine god-like figure gradually appeared under the moonlight. His snow-white hair fluttered in the night wind. He looked divine at that moment.

“Why didn’t you tell her?”

Bai Ze looked at the man before him and asked.

“She will surely disagree if I tell her about this. But I can’t afford to let such a thing occur again! If it wasn’t for the power Huang Er left behind within the tomb, perhaps I won’t be able to see her again. Thus, I have placed a blood seed within her body. I can use it to appear at her side when she is in a life-crisis…”

“You will have to use your physical body as compensation for using this kind of secret technique! You will be trapped in hell on behalf of the blood seed and helping it endure everything. Are you sure you want to do this?”

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