EAA Chapter 1206


Chapter 1206 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 11

Bai Ze looked silently at the man.

The man finally came back to his senses at this moment. He had a sinister glint on his handsome face with a smile in his purple eyes.

“She can be the ruler of God world while I can be the king of hell. There’s no demerit in that. Moreover, that day may not even come…”

Bai Ze’s heart shuddered slightly.


‘I have known since past life that the two of them love each other as their lives. He had placed himself in danger for her several times, using his life to protect her. On the other hand, she had undergone Heaven Calamity to save his family losing her life.’

It was precisely due to Ye Wu Chen’s affections that Bai Ze chose to give up, protecting by her side as a friend…

“Wu Chen! Bai Ze! What are you two talking about?”

Yet, the woman’s indifferent voice was heard at this moment.

Ye Wu Chen smiled before he used his slender fingers to gently dust his purple robes. He walked toward the woman under the moonlight…

Bai Ze had mixed feelings when he focused on the man’s back.

‘I didn’t expect Ye Wu Chen will coincidentally obtain a blood seed. But such a thing as the blood seed is too dangerous. He had formed a contract with the blood seed. The blood seed will help him once but he will have to give up his life in return…’

Everything that happened in the South Peace Town was quickly spread out by people.

When the Lin family’s grandfather and grandson, who were crippled, heard about that, they nearly fainted from fright. They finally understood how lucky they were to keep their lives, not to mention seeking revenge.

Currently, they not only didn’t have the might but they also had lost the guts.

It had to be known the Honoured Sir Hui Yi was her grandmaster. Four of the large influential power had fallen into her hands. If they tried to seek revenge, weren’t they seeking death?

It was especially so for Lin Tian. He was so regretful that he wanted to kill himself.

‘If I knew that fellow has such a big status, how could I bloody dare to offend her?

‘I can only run as far away from her as possible, never wanting to see her again…’

However, when people were discussing Mu Ru Yue, she entered seclusion training. She had passed the task of refining pill to Hai Wei who had returned from God Sect…

Time passed like water… 

It had already been almost a year since Mu Ru Yue came to Nanyang region…

Currently, there was a valiant aura that appeared at the top of a mountain valley. A dragon roar was momentarily heard.


A white-coloured dragon hovered in the sky…

Quickly, that white dragon formed into a ray of light, shooting down from the sky. He landed before a young girl at the top of the mountain valley. He had a smile on his handsome face.

“Mother, I have finally broken through. I will have the might to help you from now on.”

Xiao Bai had a trace of a valiant grandeur in comparison to his initial youthfulness. His face appearance had also matured. He no longer looked like an immature youth.

Moreover, Yan Jin and Xiao Yue also walked out from within the tomb now.

It was obvious that their cultivation had also improved by leaps and bounds within this half a year. Yan Jin had already reached the God-king High realm and Xiao Yue had entered the Mid realm…

“Are you ready? Let’s head back now. The academy’s final exam is commencing. We must head back to the academy before the exam begins…”

Mu Ru Yue smirked with slight absent-mindedness.

‘It has been a year since our separation. I wonder how Li Sha and the rest are…’

God Academy.

Li Sha had cupped her cheeks within the dormitory. She blinked her bright eyes and looked at her two dormitory friends. She asked, “It has already been a year.  The academy’s exam is commencing soon. Why do you think Yue Er isn’t back yet?”

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