EAA Chapter 1207


Chapter 1207 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 12

Qian Ye frowned slightly with slight worries.

“That North Wind Plains is too dangerous. She is also just a God-general martial practitioner to boot. Even though she has a Soaring Serpent that can instantly kill a God-king practitioner, it will still be difficult for her to make a position for herself in the North Wind plains. Can it be she meet with some dangers?”

Yi Lian didn’t say anything but worries were similarly expressed in her gaze. She commented after a long time had passed, “Yue Er is blessed by the heavens. Nothing will happen to her.”



Suddenly, a cold snort was heard from outside the room. When the three of them turned their heads, a refined yet sinister face appeared in their line of sight.

Qian Ye’s gaze darkened as she said snappily, “Why have you come here for again?”

“I have come to inform you that the exam commences tomorrow. If someone turns out absent, she will be expelled from the academy.”

Xiao Yu smirked and smiled coldly before she continued, “But I am not even sure if she is still alive…”


Qian Ye stood up fumingly and wanted to charge over to her.

Yi Lian’s became alarmed. She hastily held onto Qian Ye’s arm and advised, “Qian Ye, don’t be impulsive! Otherwise, you will fall for her trap.”

Qian Ye forcefully suppressed her anger upon listening to what Yi Lian had said. She glared at that detestable face.

Xiao Yu frowned slightly and shot a cold glance at Yi Lian.

‘Yi Lian is the most level-headed person among the three of them. If it wasn’t for her hinders, perhaps there will be several times that Qian Ye would have lashed out.

‘There will then be sufficient reason for me to kill her that way…’


Xiao Yu yelled out that word. She then glanced at the three people in the dormitory with a sneer. “I hope that four people from this dormitory will show up. It’s a pity that there may not even have a chance for that to happen. Hahaha!”

‘What kind of place is the North Wind Plains?

‘There’s no way she can stay alive after heading there!

‘There may be good news from Master in a couple of days since Master had already dispatched people to investigate her situation two days ago…’

Xiao Yu walked out without turning her head back after tossing out those words, disappearing from their sight…

“Forget it.”

Yi Lian shook her head and said, “We will see after Yue Er returns.”


Qian Ye could no longer bear with the stress accumulated during this year. She pounced into Yi Lian’s embrace and wailed.

“Yi Lian, she will return, right? It’s all my fault. If it wasn’t for me, Apprentice Disciple Xiao Yu wouldn’t have targeted her. There will only a slim chance for her to return alive after going to a place such as the North Wind Plains.”

Yi Lian had mixed feelings as she looked at Li Sha who had teary eyes. Her heart sank but she said in a resolute tone, “She will surely be back!”

‘Mu Ru Yue isn’t here so I am the backbone of this team. If I believe that woman has already died, what should the other two do?

‘Therefore, I must persevere no matter what…’

“Hmm? Has something happened here?”

Suddenly, a nostalgic voice was heard outside the door. The three of their bodies stiffened instantly after hearing that familiar voice. They raised their heads in disbelief as they stared at the woman that walked in from outside.

“What is it…”

When Mu Ru Yue received their gazes, she subconsciously rubbed her face. She then asked curiously, “Is there something on my face? Why are you all looking at me like that?”

That kind of gaze was giving me a goosebump…

Qian Ye stared at Mu Ru Yue with tears that had not dried up yet on her face. She didn’t even dare to blink her eyes.

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