EAA Chapter 1208


Chapter 1208 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 13

She feared that Mu Ru Yue would disappear from her sight if she was to blink…

“Ar-are you still alive?”

‘Is this woman really alive?’

“It isn’t like I go there to die. Why do you think that way?”


The three of them leaped toward Mu Ru Yue upon hearing that. Mu Ru Yue was so scared by their wolf or tiger-like eyes that she retreated a few steps back.

“Yue Er.”

Li Sha hugged Mu Ru Yue. She had an impulse to kiss her but it was only just a thought…

“It’s great that you’ve returned. We thought you have died.”

“It should be the two of you thinking about that.” Yi Lian rolled her eyes and said, “I’ve always believed that she is alive. It is you all that believed what Xiao Yu said without seeing her corpse or hearing news about her death…”

Li Sha stuck out her tongue, feeling a little bad. “I’ve heard that disciples that went to the North Wind Plains will come back in a tattered state or doesn’t even return. Yue Er has gone there for a year. I thought those people had really killed Yue Er. On another note, Yue Er, what have you done there? Why do I feel that your cultivation seems to be much greater?”

“About that…” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders and explained, “It will be a long story but I’ve gifts for you.”


Li Sha widened her eyes as she tilted her head slighted and asked.

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly. With a raise of her palm, three High Rank Spiritual Stones appeared on it and she placed the stones before them.

“These are three High Rank Spiritual Stones. It can help improve your cultivation to the God-king Low realm. It will be the exam tomorrow. All of you must get stronger in order to pass the exam.”

“Hi-high Rank Spiritual Stones?”

Qian Ye widened her eyes as she looked at Mu Ru Yue surprised.

‘Even I, as a princess of the empire, haven’t got the chance to see such a prestigious item. Yet, has she gave them the spiritual stones without blinking?’

Qian Ye had mixed feelings momentarily. She didn’t know how to repay Mu Ru Yue…

Li Sha took the spiritual stone unceremoniously, giving Mu Ru Yue a bear hug.

“Yue Er, you treat me too well. I will sell my body to you from now on, forever being your maid-servant.”

Even though Yi Lian wasn’t as direct as Li Sha, she said with an elegant smile, “Yue Er, I’ve owed you too much. I will never be able to return your favours in my entire life and eternity. But you just have to say the word and I, Yi Lian, will do anything for you!”

“It will suffice with those words.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled and patted Yi Lian’s shoulder and continued, “I certainly won’t hold back asking your help if I need in the future. Now, all of you should absorb the High Rank Spiritual Stones first, increasing your cultivation.”


Yi Lian and Li Sha looked at each other before returning to their respective rooms.

Nonetheless, Qian Ye didn’t make any movement from the start…

“Aren’t you going?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she looked at Qian Ye.

“The first exam tomorrow will be to check the disciple’s cultivation to see if you have made how much improvement during this year. If there wasn’t any improvement within this year, that person will be expelled from the academy.”

Qian Ye gripped tightly onto the High Rank Spiritual Stones in her hand. WIth a ray of light that flickered past her eyes, she sniggered and said, “I was at the God-general Mid Realm when I first joined the academy. I have broken through to the God-general High realm. It is already enough to pass the first round of tests. Therefore, I will absorb the spiritual stone after the end of tomorrow’s exam.”

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