EAA Chapter 1209


Chapter 1209 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 14

Qian Ye had a plan for doing that.

She would make Xiao Yu, who was at the God-king Low realm, think she was just a God-general practitioner. It would make Xiao Yu personally battle with her.

She wanted to use that battle to avenge all of her previous humiliations!

She would let Xiao Yu understand that she wasn’t just a Royal Clan Princess that only knew how to depend on the Royal family!


Mu Ru Yue had seen through Qian Ye’s plan. With a slight smile, she said, “I support your decision so I won’t help you deal with Xiao Yu. It is better that you deal with your enemy yourself.”

Qian Ye pursed her thin lips slightly, but she didn’t remark.

‘If it is just due to Qi Mo, I won’t deal with Xiao Yu as I’ve already given up on that man.

‘However, Xiao Yu mustn’t have constantly sought trouble with me and even make moves on my dormitory friends. All three of them suffered under her hands during this year. But they didn’t have sufficient might so they could only bear with it…’

“What did you say?”

Zhou Min stood up abruptly within the Elders’ Courtyard. A glint flashed past her eyes as she said, “Did you say Mu Ru Yue have returned? Have the people of the North Wind Plains spared her life?”

‘Can it be she didn’t accomplish her task but just randomly find a place to hide?’

Zhou Min felt that thought was plausible as she pondered.

A God-general High realm practitioner had been sent by her to take over the North Wind Plains. The influential powers at that place surely wouldn’t let her off…

“Master, what shall we do next?”

Xiao Yu creased her refined brows tightly. Her heart was filled with resentment but she couldn’t do anything about that.

“Don’t worry. It will be the examinations next. There definitely be a competition during the test. I can find someone to kill her then!”

A cold ray of light flickered past Zhou Min’s eyes. But when she looked at Xiao Yu, she had a trace of a benevolent ray of light in her eyes. That gaze was as if she was looking at her biological daughter…

Nonetheless, Xiao Yu didn’t notice that as she was just cracking her brain on how to deal with those four damnable women.

It had to be known that Qi Mo had been frequently courting Qian Ye. This made Xiao Yu incredibly displeased as she saw her boyfriend courting other girls. She had an impulse to kill Qian Ye!

Xiao Yu bit down on her lip hard.

‘I mustn’t let that woman obtain Qi Mo no matter what!’

The next day.

People were packed like sardines at the academy’s plaza at dawn.

Everyone was discussing among themselves, constantly glancing at Mu Ru Yue who was near them…

“Is she Mu Ru Yue that is in the same dormitory as Qian Ye and the rest?”

“That’s right, I had seen her during the entrance exam last year. But wasn’t she sent to the North Wind Plains by Elder Zhou Min? Can it be she knew those influential powers are too powerful so she was chased out?”

“Hur! Hur! I had heard a rumour that said that she didn’t head to the Nanyang Region after Elder Zhou Min passed that task to her. She just found a place to hide and return when the exam is near.”

“Is that news credible? Won’t she be deceiving Elder Zhou Min? Aren’t she afraid Elder Zhou Min will settle the debts with her?”

“It is, of course, the truth. The rumour was spread out by the subordinates of Elder Zhou Min. Since Elder Zhou Min had sent her out to accomplish that task, it is unfeasible that she wouldn’t keep an eye on her so what she said shouldn’t be fabricated.”

Truthfully, Zhou Min didn’t send people to inspect her.

In her point of view, Mu Ru Yue wouldn’t have a good time there. She would just be bullied miserably even if she didn’t die.

Why would she waste her manpower on her then?

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