EAA Chapter 1210


Chapter 1210 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 15

Hence, Zhou Min had dispatched people to head to the North Wind Plains to investigate her situation. It was a pity that they had not returned yet.

But Zhou Min’s guess was the same as what the academy was discussing…

While the crowd was discussing, a lofty figure walked onto the stage. With a stern expression on his handsome face, he said with a cold and gloomy tone, “I will be your examiner this time, Lu Zhen (land quake). I will be hosting the following examinations. Following this, it will be our first round of examinations. People I will be calling out in a bit are to head up here to have a cultivation test. It will be to check if you all have made some progress in your cultivation. People that didn’t improve at all don’t have to participate in the rest of the examinations.”

He paused for a moment before he continued, “If you failed to improve after a year, it proves your innate talent is too terrible or that you aren’t hard-working enough. Our God Academy doesn’t need such disciples!”


Everyone became nervous momentarily.

If they were expelled by the God Academy, they would dishonour their family clan. That kind of failure wasn’t something they could bear…

Zhen Lu had unknowingly took out a jade token. He glanced at the jade token before he said strictly, “Alright! The first disciple will be Zhang Zheng (spread upright). You will be tested first.”

Disciples that were called out by him walked forth, one after the other. Some people had an excitement that could not be concealed on their faces while they were similarly some people that dejectedly lowered their heads and stood silently behind the group…

Quickly, almost half of the disciples had been undergone the test. Everyone’s gaze couldn’t help but look at the stage after Lu Zhen mentioned the next name.

“Qian Ye!”

Qian Ye was jolted a little. She gradually walked up under the crowd’s gaze. She greeted respectfully, “Lord Lu Zhen…”



Qian Ye used all her might to gather her power to her fist before striking her fist on the Testing Stone.


She withdrew her fist.

“God-general High realm! You break through once so you pass!”

A person generally couldn’t breakthrough from the God-general Mid realm to the High realm within a year unless she was a talent. Nonetheless, Xiao Yu didn’t place any importance on her anyway.

In her point of view, the might of a God-general High realm was too weak…

“Next, Li Sha!”

Li Sha walked briskly toward the Testing Stone under the crowd’s gaze. When her small fist landed on the Testing Stone, a ray of light flickered. The crowd was subconsciously stunned.

“God King?”


She had broken through to the God King realm! It got to be known that Li Sha was just a God-general Mid realm practitioner when she first joined God Academy. Had she reached God King realm within the year?

Yi Lian was after Li Sha. The result was the same as Li Sha. The cultivation rank similarly stopped at the God-king Low Realm after Yi Lian’s test.

But they were already a little numb as they dazedly looked at the elegant woman walking down the stage. It was as if they were still numb from her result…

“Last, Mu Ru Yue!”

Everyone came back to their senses after hearing that name, staring at Mu Ru Yue.

If they hadn’t remembered wrong, she was just the weakest God-general Low realm practitioner when she first entered the academy. They wondered how much improvement she had made within this year…

But no matter how talented she was, she could at most breakthrough to the God-general Peak realm. She shouldn’t be able to break through to the God King realm. Otherwise, her innate talent would be too abnormal…

Mu Ru Yue slowly walked toward the center of the plaza under the crowd’s gaze. She cast an indifferent gaze at Zhen Lu, who was standing beside the Testing Stone and asked, “Can I begin?”

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