EAA Chapter 1211


Chapter 1211 – Kill All Part 1

Lu Zhen glanced at Mu Ru Yue and nodded slightly before he agreed, “You may.”

A layer of surging flames coated Mu Ru Yue’s fist upon obtaining his confirmation. She struck her fist hard on the Testing Stone.


An intense radiance shot out from the Testing Stone. The radiance spread outwards, blinding the crowd’s eyes…


“I-is that the God King Mid realm?”


Had she broken through to the God King Mid realm?

Mu Ru Yue was just a God-general Low realm practitioner when she first joined the academy. She had managed to break through to such an extent within a year. Was this woman an abnormal being?

The crowd gasped. They couldn’t believe what they saw…

“Yue Er.”

Li Sha hastily ran over when she saw Mu Ru Yue walking down the stage. She exclaimed jubilantly, “You have broken through to the God King Mid Realm!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything and merely smiled slightly to her remark. She glanced at the three people surrounding her side and with a slight raise of her eyebrow, she said, “Let’s go.”

Following that, they left the plaza under the gazes of shock or jealousy…

Xiao Yu clenched her fists tightly. She took in a deep breath to suppress the raging flames of fury within her chest. She commented with gritted teeth, “I must chase them out of God Academy no matter what!”


‘How can I not hate?

‘If it wasn’t for Mu Ru Yue, she could have killed Yi Lian and Qian Ye within the secret boundary. But that woman had foiled her plans in the end…’

Suddenly, a hand landed on Xiao Yu’s shoulder. She jolted and turned her head to face the woman by her side. She pursed her lips and called out, “Master…” 

A sinister cold ray of light flashed past Zhou Min’s eyes as she said, heavily on every word, “Xiao Yu, Master will surely help you. I… will definitely make her vanish from here since you don’t wish to see her here.”

Xiao Yu looked stunned at Zhou Min. A trace of warmth surged in her heart.

‘Master has been helping me since the day I stepped into the academy. Otherwise, I won’t have become who I am today…’

The next day.


The plaza was filled with people once again.

Lu Zhen was at a high platform. He cleared his throat before he announced, “It seems there are a few more talents that appeared within the academy after yesterday’s examination. Following this, it will be the next examination. This exam will be to massacre demon beasts! You must kill a set amount of demon beasts before you can leave.”

Lu Zhen smiled slightly before he continued, “If you are ready, I will be drawing lots to decide who will be the first to challenge the demon beasts! There are a total of a thousand demon beasts within the Demon Beast Cage. There was a hundred God King Low realm and ten God King Mid realm demon beasts. It will all be up to your luck as to what kinds of demon beasts you face…”


The crowd gasped.

There were ten God King Mid Realm demon beasts within this exam. If they were unlucky, they might not have the chance to even beg for their lives…

Instantly, everyone discussed among themselves.

“Alright, since no one voice an objection, I will start to draw lots now.”

Lu Zhen glanced at the disciples within the plaza. He reached his hand into the lot container. He quickly took out a piece of white paper.

He carefully unfolded the white paper and glanced at its content before he announced, “The first, Mu Ru Yue!”

“Yue Er!”

Li Sha and the rest’s expressions changed drastically. They hastily looked at Mu Ru Yue who was standing by their side.

Even though Mu Ru Yue was at the God King Mid realm, there were still ten God King Mid realm demon beasts within the Demon Beast Cage.

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  1. I have faith in Mu Ru Yue. She is going to surprise all of them. Xiao Yu and Zhou Min thinks too much of themselves and their arrogance.

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