EAA Chapter 1212


Chapter 1212– Kill All Part 2

If she wasn’t lucky and encountered those demon beasts, perhaps she wouldn’t have a chance to fight for her life…

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything. She just walked two steps forth and with her eyes focused on Lu Zhen, she asked, “May I begin?”

“Alright.” Lu Zhen glanced at Mu Ru Yue with appraisal. If others were to hear that there were ten God King Mid realm demon beasts within it, their expressions would change drastically. Yet, she was the only one that had a calm and collected expression. It was as if it was the norm. “That door is the entrance to the Demon Beast Cage. It will be up to your luck to encounter weak demon beasts. You just need to kill twenty demon beasts to leave.”

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly and cast her gaze at a nearby door. She was a little startled and commented, “Magic array?”


‘The Demon Beast Cage is a magic array?’

She no longer thought much and entered the magic array, quickly vanishing from the crowd’s gaze…

Mu Ru Yue was currently in a forest. She was in complete darkness. Her surroundings from all directions were filled with countless sinister-looking demon beasts, tightly encircling her at the center…

“Twenty demon beasts?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly and said, “It seems to be two thousand demon beasts to me instead!”



A ray of flames shot out from Mu Ru Yue’s body. Scorching Flame Phoenix had already stood before Mu Ru Yue. Similarly, the Ancient Soaring Serpent also raised its tiny head, glancing at the demon beasts that had encircled them with his large eyes…

“Fire Phoenix! Soaring Serpent! Kill all of them!”

“Understood, master.”

Scorching Flame Phoenix let out a loud soar, rapidly charging within the group of demon beasts…

At the same time, Zhou Min had a smirk on her face at the plaza. She chuckled sinisterly.


Xiao Yu turned her head to look at Zhou Min and asked, “Did you tweak with the magic array?”

“That’s right! Xiao Yu, just wait and see. Your master will avenge for you soon…”

She sniggered and her smirk became increasingly sinister and horrifying.

An alarmed voice reported at this moment, “Lord Lu Zhen, something had majorly gone wrong!”

Lu Zhen frowned and glanced at the stumbling person heading toward him. He asked, “What happened?”

“Lo-Lord, there’s something wrong with the magic array.”


The crowd’s heart shuddered and they shot their gazes to the reporting person.

“Grandmaster Tian Zhen (heaven spell) had sent me over to inform Lord Lu Zhen that the magic array has been tampered with. It is set that she will not be able to leave the magic array unless she kills all of the demon beasts within the magic array.”


It was like a bolt out of the blue that landed on Qian Ye and the rest’s hearts. Their complexion turned gravely pale momentarily.

Even the complexion of Yi Lian, who was usually level-headed, had similarly become terrifying pale…

‘Mu Ru Yue has to kill the demon beasts before she can exit the magic array. In other words, Mu Ru Yue only have two scenario routes. One will be she will die under the hands of those demon beasts. The other will be she will be stuck within the magic array until she kills all of the demon beasts…

‘However, it was obvious it will be extremely difficult for Mu Ru Yue to survive under the hands of that many demon beasts. Her outcome can only be one…’

Cold sweat emitted from Lu Zhen’s forehead and he asked hastily, “Why aren’t you requesting Grandmaster Tian Zhen to fix the magic array?”

“Grandmaster Tian Zhen is already fixing it. But he will at least need a month…”

‘A month?’

Lu Zhen staggered a couple of steps and shook his head with a bitter smile.

‘A month? How can she sustain for a month? I didn’t expect such a matter to occur during an examination. If it was another disciple, I wouldn’t have minded as much. Yet, she is such a talent…’

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