EAA Chapter 1213


Chapter 1213– Kill All Part 3

‘If she dies, it will be the academy’s loss…’

“It must be the two of you!”

Qian Ye seemed to have thought of something and yelled frantically at Disciple Apprentice Xiao Yu, “The only people that can tweak with the magic array and want to take her life are the both of you! The person you want to deal with is me. What has it got to do with her? Why do you always want to implicate innocent people?”

Zhou Min’s expression became gloomy and coldly said, “Is she this year’s newcomer? She doesn’t know any etiquette. Is this the way you should talk to your seniors?”



Qian Ye was so angered that she wanted to rebuke further but she was interrupted once again.

“I really don’t know how such a person can enter our God Academy! She will still be a good-for-nothing even after leaving the academy! She had not only seduced a taken man but also keeps on wanting to harm my disciple.

“Do you think everyone will be as sinister and cunning as yourself to do whatever to achieve your goals? Do I need to do such a matter if I want to harm your friend? I can instantly expel her from the academy with just words!”

However, what Zhou Min wanted was Mu Ru Yue’s life and not just expelling her from the academy…

“Qian Ye.”

Yi Lian gradually calmed down and gripped tightly on Qian Ye’s hand. She cast a cold gaze at Zhou Min and coldly said, “I hope you are not involved with this matter. Otherwise, I will make you regret!”

Li Sha knew Yi Lian could definitely do what she had declared.

Although her family background wasn’t comparable to God Academy, it was still easy for her to deal with Zhou Min. If she was the mastermind of this matter, she would surely make her regret tremendously…

Zhou Min sniggered, thinking nothing of her threat. “I, as the academy’s elder, won’t do such a matter! Perhaps it may be someone that is trying to frame my disciple.”

Li Sha widened her eyes.

‘I’ve seen shameless people before but this was my first time seeing someone that could be shameless to such an extent.

‘There was an undeniable link between the issue of the magic array and Zhou Min. Yet, Zhou Min continued to try and pour the dirty water on them at this moment…’

Yi Lian no longer said further and looked worried at the large door…

Currently, she just hoped Mu Ru Yue could persevere for a month. They could successfully rescue her after a month…

Rustling sound could be heard within the sinister forest when a gale blew past.

Instantly, the scent of blood permeated the entire forest…

Mu Ru Yue wiped away the cold sweat from her forehead. She looked at the increasing amount of demon beasts in a tattered state. With a slight frown, she commented, “Didn’t he mention I can leave after killing twenty demon beasts? Why am I still within the magic array after already killing almost five thousand demon beasts? Can it be…”

‘Can it be something has gone wrong with the magic array?’

Mu Ru Yue shut her eyes slightly and felt the energy flowing in her surroundings. She opened her eyes abruptly and smirked slightly.

“So that’s the case!”

‘I was right. Something has gone wrong with the magic array.

‘I will be stuck within this magic array all my life and eternity unless I kill all of the demon beasts within the magic array.’

“I don’t have enough materials to fix the magic array now so I can only battle. But it won’t work at this rate. I must attract all of the demon beasts and kill them at a go!”

She opened her hand after she said that. A jade bottle appeared on her palm.

Countless demon beasts from a faraway hill came charging aggressively toward her the moment Mu Ru Yue poured out the powder contents from within the jade bottle.

“Xiao Bai! Xiao Yue! Yan Jin! All of you come out and battle as well! We have to use our fastest speed to eradicate all of them!”

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  1. I cannot wait for Zhou Min’s face slap. If she survives by killing all the magical beast, she has strength that surpasses you. So what if you are an elder, you can still die by her hands.

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